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7th Heaven

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    Welcome to the 7th Heaven guide at TV Tome.

    Season 6 Outline: This season, the Camden family is going through major changes. Mary (Biel), Eric (Collins) and Annie's (Hicks) oldest daughter is still living with Eric's parents in Buffalo, working at a homeless shelter and considering a more serious commitment to her future, such as a career in public service. Of course, her parents just wish she would move from her soul searching and enroll in college. The oldest, Matt (Watson), meanwhile, continues his pre-med studies while working at the local free clinic.

    Back at home, Lucy (Mitchell) tries to put her life back in order after she breaks her engagement and decides not to attend college in New York. Struggling more than Eric and Annie anticipated with his passage from boyhood into adulthood, a usually well-behaved Simon (Gallagher) rebels against his parents and authority figures, while Ruthie (Rosman) begins her prepubescent drama and the twins exhaust the remaining energy of the family. Robbie (LaVorgna), Mary's ex-boyfriend who joined the Camden fold last season, has become a big brother to Lucy, Simon and Ruthie while he's living under the Camden family roof.

    With seven children ranging in age from early twenties to toddlers, parents Eric and Annie are constantly trying to keep up with all of life's changes. As a minister in a fictional suburban town of Glen Oak, California, Eric has his hands full juggling his own family crises and helping members of the community. Adding to Eric's balancing act, Annie questions her role as a wife and mother and attempts to redefine who she is by pursuing a career. They have little time for themselves, but they still have time to keep the romance alive. Together, they're ready to face any challenge that comes their way on the roller coaster ride known as parenting. As we watch Season 6 progress we get to see the Camden's prepare for Matt's wedding with Sarah Glass.

    7th Heaven was created by Brenda Hampton (Mad About You, Blossom) who also serves as executive producer along with Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent. Spelling and Vincent are also executive producers of The WB's Charmed, produced by Spelling Television, Inc., Paramount/Viacom company.

    Enjoy!- The guide is still being updated everyday and will be fully up-to-date in fall 2001.

    Please rate the episodes so we can have a detailed episode rank.

    Current Contract: Signed through the 2002-2003 season (7th Season) with the WB, with a production order of 22 episodes a season.

    If you would like to see '7th Heaven' on DVD, please sign the 7th Heaven DVD Petion, to sign or view, Click Here
    Show Information Contribute Edit
    First Aired August 1996
    Running Time 60 min
    Country United States
    Currently Appears Monday 8:00 PM
    Network WB
    Show Stars Contribute Edit
    Jessica Biel - Mary Camden
    Lorenzo Brino - David Camden
    Nikolas Brino - Sam Camden
    Stephen Collins - Eric Camden
    Maureen Flannigan - Shana
    David Gallagher - Simon Camden
    Catherine Hicks - Annie Camden
    Adam LaVorgna - Robbie Palmer
    Beverley Mitchell - Lucy Camden
    Mackenzie Rosman - Ruthie Camden
    Chaz Lamar Shepherd - John Hamilton
    Barry Watson - Matt Camden
    Show Crew Contribute Details Edit
    Brenda Hampton - Executive Producer
    Aaron Spelling - Executive Producer
    E. Duke Vincent - Executive Producer
    Brenda Hampton - Creator
    News Contribute Edit
    February 24, 2002
      Syndication Schedule through End of March

      Monday, February 25, Crazy

      Tuesday, February 26, Apologize

      Wednesday, February 27, Regrets

      Thursday, February 28, Anything You Want

      Friday, March 1, With Honors

      Monday, March 4, Sin...(1)

      Tuesday, March 5, ...And Expiation(2)

      Wednesday, March 6, Just You Wait and See

      Thursday, March 7, Dirty Laundry

      Friday, March 8, Who Nose

      Monday, March 11, Forget Me Not

      Tuesday, March 12, All by Myself

      Wednesday, March 13, Who Do You Trust?

      Thursday, March 14, Words

      Friday, March 15, Loves Me, Loves Me Not

      Monday, March 18, Say a Little Prayer for Me

      Tuesday, March 19, Twelve Angry People

      Wednesday, March 20, Hoop Dreams

      Thursday, March 21, Talk to Me

      Friday, March 22, Liar, Liar

      Monday, March 25, Love Stinks(1)

      Tuesday, March 26, Love Stinks(2)

      Wednesday, March 27, Family Secrets

      Thursday, March 28, In th Blink of an Eye

      Friday, March 29, No Funerals and a Wedding
    February 24, 2002
      Heaven to be less about relationships next season?

      It is entirly possible as in an interview Brenda Hampton said that a lot of the relationship topics would be finalized this spring. Their are numourous topics which may get covered next year, stay tuned to this guide for the latest information about the end of the sixth season, and the begining of the seventh season and however far it goes!
    February 23, 2002
      UPDATE: Guest Cast

      WARNING: Some spoilers may be included in the news below. Richard Lewis and Laraine Newman will be appearing in five episode this season, two of which are I Really Do (Feb 25) and I Really Did (March 4), the episodes in which they appear may or may not be in order. They will be appearing as Rabbi Glass and Rosina Glass, Matt's future parents-and-law. Sarah Danielle Madison will be appearing in 5-7 episodes this season as Sarah Glass, the first two of which appearances will be I Really Do and I Really Did. Sarah Glass is Matt's future wife. Ron Zimmerman who appeared last year as Doc in Crazy will be reappearing as Doc in I Really Do, Zimmerman is also a writter and producer for the show. Geoff Stults will be reappearing as Mary's firefighter boyfriend from New York, he will begin reappearing sometime within the next 2-4 episodes. His real life brother George Stults will be playing his TV brother, as Lucy begins going out with him. The figure skater Tara Lipinski will be starring as their sister, her appearances will begin in Late April-Early May. It is beginning to look as though Lance Bass will not be appearing in an episode this season, as his tour begins in early March, it was rumored earlier in the season that he would be appearing in 3 episodes, although he may still appear, and if he doesn't appear this year it is entirely possible he may appear in the 7th Season (2002-2003). As soon as we get any more information we will bring it to you first.
    February 23, 2002
      Upcoming WB Schedule

      February 25 - I Really Do

      March 4 - I Really Did

      March 11 - Ay Carumba (rerun)

      March 18 - Consideration (rerun)

      March 25 - Pathetic (rerun)

      April 1 - Suspicion (rerun)

      April 8 - Drunk (rerun)

      April 15 - The Ring (or Episode 127, Title TBA)

      April 22 - Episode 128, Title TBA (or The Ring)

      April 29 - Episode 129, Title TBA (or The Ring)

      May 6 - Episode 130, Title TBA

      May 13 - Part 1 of Season Finale

      May 20 - Part 2 of Season Finale (Barry Watson's Last Episode)

    February 22, 2002
      Grandpa Heaven

      As of February 18, 2002 7th Heaven is now The WB's longest- running show (6 yrs. and counting). The Steve Harvey Show which premiered on August 25, 1996 (one day before 7th Heaven's premiere) ended its run this past Sunday with its series finale. The show ended with a total of 123 episodes. Steve Harvey wanted to end the show last season but WB executives persuaded him to do another season. He knew it was time to end it. As of right now, 7th Heaven is now the eldest member of the WB clan.
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