An Trip to the E.R.
Chapter One


Chapter One

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"Ma what are you doing?" Dorthy asked Sophia as she walked into the family room from the kicten. Dorthy is carrying a cup of coffee.

"What does it look like I'm sittig here farting." Sophie
wisecracked as she farted loudly.

"MA!" Dorthy said shocked. "I can't believe you just did that. I thought you were being sarcasted." She couldnt' belive her own mother would actually fart in public.

"What is that sweet smell. Are you cooking Sophia?" Rose asked as she came from the nila.

"You could say that. Yea you could say that." Sophia said in an undertone. She farted loudly again.

"MA! Eigther stop it or go to the bathroom." Dorthy said

"Why does Sophia have to go to the bathroom? Does she have to go?" Rose asked innocently as she sat down next to Sophia.

Sophia farted again. "Maybe I will go to the bathroom. Sorry about the noise." She got up and turned her butt to face Rose's face and let out an lound smelling fart.

"So that's well that sweet smelling smell came from." Rose said as she took a whiff of Sophia's fart.

Sophia turned around and Dorthy looked over at Rose. They both had an increadible look on their faces.

"Is she for real." Sophia asked to no one inparticle and turned back around and farted once again in Rose's face and than she walked out of the family room toward the bathroom.


"Oh Chuck. Don't do that." Blance looking around "at least not out here in public. Wait till we get inside the house." Tapping Chuck's norse seducing "It'll be worth the wait I promise."

"Oh Blance hurry and open the door before I forget myself and pull down my pants and draws and get at you." Chuck moaned.

Blance "You sly devil." Feeling her nipples harded. She put her key in the lock "It will be soon very soon now my darling." She opens the door.


Chuck and Blance's faces turned breet red.


"Uhmm on second hand Blance I'll see you later." Chuck said and he turned and left.

Blance shut the door but not before she heard Chuck start laughing uncollatable.


"What on earth is making that sound." Blance asked Dorthy and Rose who were sitting on the couch.

"Just Ma. She is having an digestive problem today." Dorthy said.


"I can hear that. But does she have to be so loud? Where is she anyway?" Blance asked as she sat down next to Rose.

"In her bathroom. Why don't we go out on the nile until Ma is fistened." Dorthy said.

"Why what is so wrong with being in here?" Rose asked innocently.


"Rose; girl are you so stubid?" Blance said increadlible.

Rose nodded her head.


"Dorthy! I need to go to the hospital!" Sophie said as she walked out of the bathroom still farting.

"Ma! What is it? What is wrong?" Dorthy asked concernedly as she jumped up.

Sophie said as she was farting "It is just I am farting so much today and now it won't stop. Something is wrong. I have to see a doctor about this." She walked to the front door and had her back to all three of the women and let out a long loud sweet smelling fart that viberated off the walls.

"You are right Ma. Girls are coming also?" Dorthy turned to her three friends.

Rose and Blance nooded and jumped up and all four of them left and got into Rose's car to go to the hospitale.



Dorthy drives like a crazy woman to get her Ma to the hosptiale.

"Dorthy I think I should have driven. You are a nervous wreck you are in continuted to drive." Blance said nerviously in the back seat as she and Rose untangled themselves from being pushed to get together from the last sharp turn.


"Dorthy it is starting to hurt very bad." Sophia moaned.


Dorthy didn't say anything she turned sharply in the emergency turn off to the hospitale. She stopped the car and leaped out and yelled "HELP MY MA CAN'T STOP FARTING."

The two doctors one a elder and the other an first year resident had a shock look on their faces. The first year resident started laughing.

The elder doctor "Dr. Noah stop that this inistet. That is not proffsional and it is uncalled for."

Doctor Noah stopped laughing suddenly "I'm sorry Dr. Peterson. It won't happen again."

They both rush over to Sophia's side and opened the door.


They both got a good riff of Sophie's lound sweet smelling fart.

"Get a wheelchair Dr. Noah." Dr. Peterson commanded.

Dr. Noah rushed to the nearest wheelchair. He rushed over with it. He helped Dr. Peterson help Sophia out of the car and into the wheelchair.


Dr. Noah took the wheechair in his hands and pushed Sophia to the E.R.'s sliding door with Dr. Peterson right behind him.

Blance took the keys form Dorthy's suddenly lifeless hands and moved to the drivers side.

Rose took Dorthy's hand and they walked into the E.R.

Once in the E.R. the two doctors wheeled Sophia into an room to examin her.

Dorthy walked over to the nurses desk and stared dummly at the nurse.

"Name of patient?" the nurse said in a monotone.


The nurse almost bust out laughing. But she knew her job.

Blance stepped next to Dorthy. "Sophia Pettibonllo."

"Age?" The nurse said.

"82" Blance said.

"Height?" nurse said.

"5'4 1/2" Blance replied.

"Weight?" Nurse asked.

"115" Dorthy said.

"Insuarnce card?" Nurse asked.

Dorthy got out Sophia's insuarnce card and handed the nurse the card.

The nurse wrote down the information and handed the card back.

"Illminent?" Nursed asked.

"Unstoppable farting; pain." Dorthy said worridenly as she stared off into space.


"If you three will take a seat over there the doctor will be with you soon." the nurse said as she pointed to chair's ahead of her.

The three women slowly walked over and sat down.


Dorthy stared off into space as she worried about her mother. *Ma oh Ma. What's happing? This has never happened before.*


"What stinks in here nanna?" a boy of six asked his grandmother as he plugged his norse from the smell of Sophia's fart.

"Just a fart sweety. Please don't speak so loudly, epeciaslly on such an delicate matter. If you have any questions that you know that are going to be embarrassing just whisper in my ear ok." the grandmother said softly looking down at her grandson.

"Ok nanna. I didn't mean to be rude." the boy said in an soft voice but Dorthy still heard him.

"That's all right young man. You are only six after all. What is you name?" Dorthy asked looking kindly at the boy and his grandmother.


"Collins Peter Wentington. And this is my Nanna." Collins said with an smile at Dorthy, Blance and Rose.



Dr. Noah and Dr. Peterson looked briefly at each other over
Sophia's head. They looked instatianly back down at Sophia.

"Mrs. Pettibonea we will have to opearte. We have to get inside you urtiune and see why you are ....." Dr. Peterson began.


".... Farting and bleeding. We must began right away. Dr. Noah please tell the family." Dr. Peterson looked at the nurse and the nurse went to the phone on the wall.

"Yes we will need an gruney and some orderlys." the nurse said before hanging up the phone.


Dr. Noah left the room to tell Dorthy, Blance and Rose.


"Mrs. Pertillo must undergo surgery." Dr. Noah said gravelly to the three anxious women in the waiting room.

"Oh my God will my mother be all right?" Dorthy asked breathlessly cluncing her heart.

Rose put her hand to her mouth shocked and Blance closed her eyes in prayer.

"I must be honest this is the first time that we have had someone come in with this problem...." Dr. Noah said.


"But we know that the only way that we can locate the problem we must opeart on Mrs. Pertillo." Dr. Noah turned his head toward the room just as Sophia let out another fart.


"I must get back in there and help Dr. Perterson." Dr. Noah said as he turned and walked quickly back to the room leaving the three women very shocked and scared.


After putting Sophia to sleep Dr. Peterson started to cut her open with Dr. Noah handing him his surgecy tools. As soon as Dr. Peterson cut open Sophia's bladder the loundest fart whisted out causing the walls and door to shake.


"MA!" Dorthy cried out as she saw the door and wall shake from her mother's room.

"She's all right. The doctors are just getting the gas out of her is all." Blance said as she took her best friend's hand in hers and shook it slightly.

Rose looked first at the wall and door and than back at Dorthy and gently took her best friends other hand into her hand and softly stroke the hand.

Dorthy unknowing gripped her two best friends hands so hard that the two women felt like their hands were breaking.


"Almost done Dr. Peterson?" The nurse asked as she watched Dr. Peterson start to stich up Sophia's bladder.

"Yes." Dr. Peterson commented as he conctered on getting the stictes in an neat roll.

Dr. Noah handed Dr. Peterson the banges and together with the help of nurse they wrapped Sophia up.

"Go tell the family." Dr. Peterson said as he took his mask off.

The nurse went to the door.


The three women stood up together still holding hands when the door opened and out walked the nurse.

"You may go in there now. Your mother won't wake up for sevearl hours yet." The nurse said to Dorthy.

Dorthy brought her hands along with Rose and Blance's to her chest and she closed her eyes and said "Thank you God." Still holding her best friends hands she walked into her mother's room.

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