Be Mine


Chapter One
Chapter One

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"Be Mine Alice." Hubert Bailey said earnestly before Alice had to leave once more.

"You and I won't fit Bailey. You are from the right side of the tracks and I'm from the wrong side." Alice MacFarland looked over at saw Laura Brigegam. "Go be with Laura she is more your kind."

"I don't want Laura. I want you Alice." Hub looked over at Laura smiled softly.

Laura smiled at Hub and than at Alice and nodded her head softly. *He's all yours Alice always's have been and always will be.*

"I gotta go Bailey. I don't know when or if I'm coming back." Alice jerked her hand away from Hub's. She turned and started walking toward the train station which was just an few feet away.

"Alice why are your afraid? I can give you what you most desire in life. True love and an wonderful home life." Hub ran to catch up to the lady of his love. "Marry me Alice MacFarland."

"Hub; No." Alice stopped and looked back at her best friend. "You dont' know what you are saying. You are confused. You just decided not to become an priest so now you are wondering what to do with the rest of your life."

"I'm not confused where you are concerned Alice." Hub stopped in front of Alice and pulled her to him and kissed her long and deep on the mouth. He allowed his tongue to explore inside Alice's mouth. He was overjoyed when her tongue made it's way into his mouth. *I finally got through her. She will be mine for all of entirety.*

Alice broke from the kiss shaken from the depth of her feelings for Hub. *I knew I loved him but not this much.* "I gotta go I'm sorry Hub. Take care of Jacob for me." Alice turned and ran to the train in which was about ready to pull out of the New Bedforder train deport.

"Alice!" Hub called her name running to catch up her. "Don't leave me Alice. I need you. I love you."

The train started to move.

Alice watched Hub run after the train until he disappeared from site. "I love you to Hub. I always will." She whispered as Hub's form went out of site.

"ALICE! ALICE!" Hub screamed he finally had to stop running at top speed when the train got out site. He leaned over and huffed and puffed letting air into his tight lungs. "Alice! Alice! Come back!" Hub sobbed as he saw the love of his life leave.

"Hub!" Fat called from the train deport. He had seen everything from flat.

Hub turned and started slowly back to his brother. "I will keep an eye on Jacob for you Alice. You'll be back you can't stay away from your son to long."
"Hub are you all right?" Laura asked as she walked up to where Hub and Fat stood.

"She left. I can't believe she left." Hub murmured not seeing Fat or Laura. He turned and walked back to the hotel with his head down.

"Hub will be all right." Laura said as she saw Fat's worried sixteen year old eyes as he watched after his brother.

"I sure hope so Laura. I sure hope so." Fat said. "I better get back to the flat I promised mom that I'll watch Violet and Zack this afternoon." He looked down at his watch. "It's time to for mom to
the library so she can study."

"Ok I'll see you later Fat." Laura said placing an kind hand on Fat's shoulder.

"Bye Laura." Fat smiled at his friend.

Laura walked back down main street.

Fat walked to the hotel where he lived with his mother, stepfather, two brothers and sister.


Honey finished putting her books and papers together as Fat walked back into the flat. She looked up Fat remember that Zack needs to take an nap in fifteen minutes. He should be pretty easy to put down. Violet needs help with her spelling homework.

Not an problem mom. Fat grinned. He looked over at his little sister who was playing with their little brother on the floor. After Zack goes down for an nap how about we tackle that home Vil.

Yeeck. Violet said making an face.

Come now Violet an good education is what you need in life to have an good one. Honey said. She walked over and bent down and kissed Zack on the forehead and than leaned forward and kissed Violet on the cheek. Schools not that bad is it now Violet?

No I love school. Just sometimes learning new things is hard mommy. The six year old said.

I know darling; I know this is your first year at it. But look at it this way more practice that you have the better it will get. I promise. Honey said as she stood back to her feet.

Fat smiled as he remembered his mother saying just that to him when he first began to go to school. Yea and think Vil; you have mom, Max, Hub and me to help you out.

You are right Fat. Violet smiled up at her mother and than at her big brother before returning to her patty cake came with Zack.

Thanks Fat. Ill be home in two hours. Max has an school board meeting tonight so it will be just you, Hub, Violet, Zack and me for supper.

Ill began supper before you get home mom. Fat smiled over at the younger children. With Violets help of course.

Violet grinned up at her older brother and return to her came with Zack.

Thank you Fat. I better run. Honey said as she walked to the counter where she left her books and paper and picked them up and dashed out of the flat quickly.

Fat turned back to his little sister and brother.