Chapter One
Chapter One

By: Sara

Max Sutton looked out the classroom window. I wish Honey was here with me. She would love this site. She has such an eye for beautiful things for seeing beauty in everything.

"Mr. Sutton? Mr. Sutton? Earth to Mr. Sutton!" a cocky male voice said from behind him.

Max turned around started and saw a cocky ten year old boy standing right behind him. Max saw that his shirt was untucked from his pants. That his clothes; his entire self for that matter was fealty. He looked down into the lads face and saw a broken nose. Black hair in his eyes. "Yes Edgar?" he said in an commanding voice.

"Stop dreaming about Honey Bailey. You are not in her league. Not by a long shot." Edgar said snidely.

"Shut your trap about my mother and Mr. Sutton." Fat Bailey said angry as he jumped up from his seat and rushed to Edger with his fists up.

Edgar just turned around and decked Fat in the face.

Fat feel heaving backward hitting the back of his head on the closest desk.

"How dare you lay a hand on my little bother you little twerp." Hub shouted as he rushed into the classroom. He shoved Edgar hard. Edgar feel back against the chalkboard with a loud crack.

"Fat!" Hub knelt down by his brother and made sure Fat was still alive. "I have a pulse."

"Some one get the doctor ...." looking over at Edgar "and the constable." Max grabbed hold of Edgar and plunked him down in his desk. "Robert, Fred, Thomas and Patrick hold onto Edgar will tight."

The four boys obeyed Max.

Max knelt down on the other side of Hub. Max opened Fats eyes and saw that his eyes werent dilated. He put his right hand underneath Fats head. He felt something wet and sticky. He pulled his hand away. Blood. Oh my God. Fat!


The ten year old boy burst into the doctors office without knocking. "Doctor Come quick. Schoolhouse. Fat Bailey. Bad."

"Jacob Smith slow down. Tell me what happened to Fat Bailey." The doctor said calmly.

"Edgar slugged Fat hard and Fat fell and knocked his head really hard against a desk. He has not waken up yet!" Jacob said breathless.

The doctor grabbed his bag. He headed out the door.

"I came to fetch you to constable." Jacob said to the constable.

"In deed you have. Before I go Jacob I need you to find Honey Bailey and tell her what happened to Fat. Now hurry boy." The constable said to Jacob as he rushed out of the doctors office.

Jacob ran out slamming the door shut and raced off to the Bailey house.


The doctor and the constable rushed into the classroom. The doctor rushed over and pushed Hub aside so he could kneel where Hub was beside Fat. He took out his steyscope from his bag. "Well he has a wreak heartbeat." he put his hand underneath Fats head and pulled his hand away with blood. "Mr. Sutton I need your help." He looked up into Maxs face. "First send the children home. Second drive to my office and pick up the stretcher."

Max stood up quickly. "Children you heard the doctor go home." He rushed along with the children out the door.

"Will my brother be all right; doctor?" Hub asked softly.

"Hes in Gods hands now Hub." The doctor said.

"Edgar Jean McGill you are hear by arrested for the assault on Henry Bailey." the constable said in an stern voice after hearing what the doctor said. He put his right hand on Edgars left arm and roughly yanked Edgar out of the desk. "Come along now. No funny business now."

Edgar threw Fat a hateful glare. Which Hub caught from the corner of his eyes. The constable did not miss the glare eighter.


Grace and Honey were sitting in an comfortable silence in the parlor.

Grace was sitting on the couch reading Jane Austens "Sense & Sensibility. sighing over all the misunderstandings of the loves of the Dashwood sisters.

Honey was working on an gift for Violet. She was quilting an quilt for her daughter. She was putting memorable of each family member of both sides of the family to make sure Violet did not forget where she came from.


"I wonder who that is?" Grace said started. She put her book down beside her on the couch and got up to answer the door.

Honey stood up suddenly afaird she put her quilting down in the chair and followed Grace.

Grace opened the door.

"Its Fat! Hes hurt well bad." Jacob got out before he bent over and breathed quickly.

Honey rushed forward. "Fat! What happened to my son!" She cried out.

Jacob stood straight and tall with pain in his chest. "Edgar McGill decked Fat in the face real heard; Fat knocked his head real hard on an desk. He has not waken up yet. The doctor went to the school."

"My son! My beloved son. I have to be there!" Honey sobbed. She started to rush out the door.

"Honey I will take you to the doctors office. We will meet them there." Grace said. She hurriedly put her arm through Honeys arm and rushed her to the Packard. She turned her head. "Thank you Jacob. Now go home."

Jacob followed Grace and Honey to the Packard and helped Grace get Honey in the passenger side. After Grace shut the door she went to the drivers side. He put his right hand on Honeys left shoulder through the open window. "I pray to God that Fat is all right; Mrs. Bailey."

Honey turned her head. "Thank you Jacob." She smiled a soft sad smile.

Jacob pulled his hand out of the open window as Grace started the Packard up. He watched Grace and Honey drive away.


"I sure hope Fat will be all right." Jacob murmured as he slowly made his way home. "I cant believe that Edgar would deck Fat like that. Especially in school with an teacher watching and everything." He shook his head. He stopped where he was walking and looked up to the heavens. "Please God let Henry Bailey be all right. He is an good person." Jacob prayed softly. He brought his eyes back to the road and contiuned on home.

"Hey Jacob!" An middle aged male voice called from an open door way.

Jacob looked up and saw Mr. Archie Attonoubugh. "Hello Mr. Attonoubugh." Jacob said with an frown.

"Whats wrong Jacob? You are usually all smiles." Archie scathed his chin as he let himself out of the gate and walked to wear Jacob was standing.

"Im sorry Mr. Attonoubugh. But something happened at school just now." Jacob said as he brought his eyes down to the sidewalk.

"Thats right it is only ten thirty and you are appointed to be in school." Archie laid an hand on Jacobs shoulder. "What happened Jacob."

Jacob brought his eyes up angrily and said "Edgar McGill decked Fat and made Fat hit his head hard against and desk when he fell. He didnt wake up right away so I ran to the Bailey house to tell Mrs. Bailey that her son was hurt bad. She and Miss. Bailey are on to the school. It doesnt look to good Mr. Attonoubugh. Not good at all." Jacob sobbed the last.

Archie just stood in shock at the news he just heard.

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