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Sunday, March 3, 2002


Fans: Caitlin's Way Drinking Game


This game is in no way endorsed by any person or organization associated with the television show, Caitlin's Way. Nor is it advocating or encouraging underage drinking. We're always taking submissions, so if you have any ideas, email us!

The Rules:


Grab your beverage of choice (alcohol for older people). You may also substitute with junk food, if you wish.


= 1 sip of your beverage/food choice.


You must swallow one drink before taking the next.


No emails are to be sent to us about your hangover ;-)

Whenever you see Caitlin in class (1 extra sip, if Griffen, Eric, Brett and Taylor are shown in the same scene)
Every sarcastic remark
Caitlin talks or argues with Dori or Jim or both
Caitlin talks or argues with Griffen
Caitlin riding Bandit (1 extra sip, if it's without her riding helmet)
Caitlin talking to Bandit
Caitlin walking Bandit
Caitlin wearing her leather jacket
Every joke made
Caitlin smiles (1 extra sip, if she laughs in the process)
Caitlin lies
Whenever it's snowing
Griffen riding a bike
Caitlin gets upset
Caitlin wearing a dress
Caitlin wearing something red
Caitlin wearing her riding helmet
Caitlin talks to a teacher
Caitlin has a flashback about her past
Someone says "High River"
Caitlin wearing a jacket, other than her leather jacket
Caitlin wearing or holding her backpack
Caitlin brags about herself
Caitlin has her headphones around her neck
Caitlin gets in trouble with authority
Caitlin is at her locker
Griffen talks about a girl
Taylor making fun of Caitlin (1 extra sip, if Caitlin makes a comeback)
Jim and Dori having a conversation concerning Caitlin
Whenever a bus appears
Caitlin talks about her mother
Jim driving his Jeep (3 extra sips, if he's by himself)

When Caitlin's at the diner everyone is always at
Caitlin, Griffen, Eric and Brett are all together (1 extra sip, if Taylor is there too)
Caitlin dancing
Caitlin singing
Brett is playing or holding a basketball
Caitlin listening to her walkman
Caitlin takes a picture (1 extra sip, if it's of the family)
Caitlin cries
Caitlin wearing nothing black
Caitlin gets injured
Caitlin and Taylor get along
Eric's head is shaved
Caitlin talks about her mother
Caitlin has a dream
Caitlin talking on the phone
Caitlin playing a sport
A band or singer performs
Caitlin wearing a tank top
Caitlin working/having a job
Griffen and his friends riding bikes
Everytime Caitlin's on a school bus
Griffen on his computer (1 extra sip, if he talks about a penpal)
Griffen in Caitlin's room (1 extra sip, if he fiddles with something)
Dori is treating or taking care of an animal
Bandit and Will's horse together at the same time
Caitlin spilling something on Taylor
Someone says "Montana" or "Alberta" for Canadian viewers
The family eats outside the house
Someone makes fun of High River (1 extra sip, if it's a local)
Caitlin in pigtails
The Lowe's dog, Cousin, appears
Someone says "BMX"

Caitlin and Will kiss
Caitlin wearing her bandana
Caitlin's hair is dyed
Images of Caitlin's mother are shown
Someone mentions Philladelphia
Caitlin riding a bike
Caitlin in Jim's cop car
Caitlin on Griffen's computer
Caitlin in Griffen's room
Jim and Dori kissing
Jim arrests somebody
Taylor spilling something on Caitlin
Someone mentions Caitlin's father
Bandit almost dies

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