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<!--StartFragment-->                         -The Song from "Money Walks"-

I haven't compared it to the video lately to be sure. But when the episode first aired I attempted to figure it out and I came very close on the intro (found three different ways to play it) but never tabbed it out.
I am not so sure on the chords after Caitlin tosses the coin into the guitar case. I also think alot of the sound depends on the guitar kind of I guess, my Ovation (Griff played an Ovation in that episode) gets a proper bright ska sound but my Seagull Dread just sounds to woodsy for this song.I will now tab the in a way that looks similar to the way Griff plays it:
e------------------------------|listen for the timing
B-----------------8------------|I tabbed it small
G---7-----------7--7-----------|to save space
E-------5---5-----------5-----5| repeat ? times

you could also play the intro like this holding down open chords:
    D    A    G     A

E------------3-----------| repeat ? times

After Caitlin tosses the coin the intro ends and chords start playing with the lyrics and milk crate drumming. I am not sure about the voicings but I think I have the tonality. You can try open, barre, power, or triad chords (barres and triads sound closer than open or power to the recording but still not perfect). To get it to sound good ATTITUDE is the most important thing for the odd rythym (I can't get it right but I can get close). With this in mind try these Chords.

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