Dear Diary
Chapter Two


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31 October, 1872
  Ol' Halloween is upon us today.  I can't help but remember all the past Halloween's I had shared with my adopted family.  I laugh at some of the things that went on than.
  Like when Brian was afraid of the dark and he tired everything that an six year old child could think of to chase away his fears.  When finally at the Halloween party in town he walked straight up to the cave and waved 'Excibter' at it and said "I'm not afriad!" I was so proud of my little brother.
  Like when it was Ma's first Halloween in Colordo Springs and an man with an very weak heartbeat kept 'dying' on everyone in town and disappearing whenever they brought Ma to see about him.  She thought they were pulling an prank but discoverd the truth when the man won first prize for scariest costume.  Oh the screams of the town folk when the man took the costumes head off. 

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