After Joey tells Rachel that he loves her
TOW Joey Dates Rachel

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Emma Geller _ Green is the name of Ross and Rachel's baby daughter.  Born May 16, 2002.
Joey accidenlty propose to Rachel <with Ross's grandmother's ring which his mother dragged him out of the delvery room to give him.>  Rachel said YES!
Monica and Chandler are trying to have an baby.
  2002 - 2003 will be the FINIAL FRIENDS season.

 Hello everyone and welcome to my FRIENDS site.  I hope you like your still here. 
 I love the whole "Ross and Rachel" thing and I wanted them to get back together so badly and when we found that Rachel was pregant with Ross's baby I thought what an perfect way to bring them back together.  But when the writers wrote about Joey fallen in love with Rachel I started loving the whole "Joey and Rachel" storyline.  I hope Joey wins Rachel's heart and they end up happily married like "Chandler and Monica".


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Added that next season will be the final season.
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