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Bottom row from left: Michael Levin (Jack Fenelli), Kate Mulgrew (Mary Ryan Fenelli), Ilene Kristen (Delia Reid Ryan), Catherine Hicks (Dr. Faith Coleridge), Justin Deas (Dr. Bucky Carter), Hannibal Penney Jr. (Dr. Clem Moultrie), 2nd row: Malachy McCourt (Kevin), Bernard Barrow (Johnny Ryan), Helen Gallagher (Maeve Ryan), Malcolm Groome (Dr. Pat Ryan), Nancy Addison Altman (Jillian Coleridge), Ron Hale (Dr. Roger Coleridge), 3rd row: Andrew Robinson (Frank Ryan), Earl Hindman (Bob Reid), John Gabriel (Dr. Seneca Beaulac)

  In no way shape or form have I added or delated anything from these most wonderful "Ryan's Hope" pages.  I just put them on my site because I wanted all the other devoted "Ryan's Hope" fans out there to find them and enjoy them.

Group Photos
In the Press

Soap Center, January 2000

Jack Asks Maeve to Sing "Danny Boy" in Finale,
and the Whole Cast Joins in (January 13, 1989)

Johnny, Frank, Fr. McShane, Zena, Rae, Jack, Leigh, Maeve, Jill, Sr. Mary Joel

Johnny, Frank, Fr. McShane, Zena, Rae, Chaz, Maeve, Jill, Sr. Mary Joel

Johnny, John, Lizzie, Evan, Leigh, Delia, Roger, Sr. Mary Joel, Jill, Frank

Soap Center, September 2000

Maeve, Johnny, Delia, Pat, and Mary
at Frank's Deathbed (July 1975)

The Ryans at Frank's death bed

Concetta, Roger, Pat, Maeve, and
Frank on St. Patrick's Day 1988

A Group Toast in the Ryan Living Room (1979)

Group toast

Another "Danny Boy" Scene From the Finale -
Slightly Different Cross-Section of Crowd This Time

Jillian, Sister Mary Joel, Delia, Leigh, Roger, Lizzie, John, Evan, and Maggie

Soap Opera Weekly, October 10, 2000

Patrick, Frank, Maeve, Johnny, Dakota,
John, and Ryan (Circa 1987)

Soap Opera Weekly, December 19, 2000

Patrick, Frank, Jill, Jack, Maeve, Johnny, Dakota,
Rick, Ryan, Delia, and John (Circa 1987)

 Group Photos
In the Press
(Provided By Wanda)

Afternoon TV, January 1978

Afternoon TV Award Winners:
Robert Costello (Producer), Paul Avila Mayer (Co-
Creator), Ilene Kristen (Delia), Milburn Smith (Editor
of Afternoon TV), Claire Labine (Co-Creator)

Soap Opera Digest, December 1978

Michael Levin (Jack), Nancy Addison (Jill),
John Gabriel (Seneca), Helen Gallagher
(Maeve) and Bernard Barrow (Johnny)

Afternoon TV Magazine, May 1979

Bernard Barrow, Karen Morris Gowdy, Ron Hale,
Nancy Addison, and John Gabriel on Family Feud

Daytime TV Yearbook, December 1984

Helen Gallagher (Maeve), Bernard Barrow
(Johnny), Lauren O'Bryan (Katie), Geoffrey
Pierson (Frank), and Malcolm Groome (Pat)

 Group Photos
In the Press
(Provided By Sabrina)

Afternoon TV Magazine, May 1980

Delia, Siobhan, Father McShane, Joe Tiso, and
Little John at Joe and Siobhan's Wedding

Afternoon TV, 1982

The Cast at the Egyptian Ball

Daytime Digest, Volume 6, # 3, December 1987

Clockwise: Sarah Felder (Siobhan), John Blazo (Pat),
Daniel Hugh Kelly (Frank), Kathleen Tolan (Mary),
Helen Gallagher (Maeve), Bernard Barrow (Johnny)

Group Photos
In the Press
Provided By Connie

Source Unknown, 1978

CAPTION: Six distinct, vibrant personalities which often careen off one another but are interwoven by love and intense family loyalty compose the Ryan family, the heart of the ABC Television Network's multi- award-winning daytime serial, "Ryan's Hope," which airs WEEKDAYS (12:30-1:00 p.m., EDT). Clockkwise (from seated center) they are: Bernard Barrow as Johnny, Sarah Felder as Siobhan, John Blazo as Pat, Daniel Hugh-Kelly as Frank, Kathleen Tolan as Mary and Helen Gallagher as Maeve. (September 19, 1978)

Program From the USO of Metropolitan
Washington Presents the 500th Soap Opera
Festival at the Elipse, Washington DC
(July 30, 1983)

The Page About Ryan's Hope

Group Photos
From the Ryan's Hope Fan Club
Provided By Lorenzo

Malcolm Groome (Pat), John Sanderford (Frank),
Nancy Addison Altman (Jill), Michael Levin (Jack),
Helen Gallagher (Maeve), Bernard Barrow
(Johnny), Christopher Durham (Dakota), Yasmine
Bleeth (Ryan), Grant Show (Rick), Ilene Kristen
(Delia, and Jason Adams (John Reid) (1987)

Malcolm Groome (Pat), John Sanderford (Frank),
Nancy Addison Altman (Jill), Bernard Barrow
(Johnny), Helen Gallagher (Maeve), Michael
Levin (Jack), Christopher Durham (Dakota),
Catherine Larson (Lizzie), Ilene Kristen (Delia),
Jason Adams (John), Yasmine Bleeth (Ryan) (1987)

Christopher Durham (Dakota), Bernard Barrow
(Johnny), Helen Gallagher (Maeve), John
Sanderford (Frank), and Malcolm Groome (Pat)


The Ryan Women: Ilene Kristen (Delia), Catherine
Larson (Lizzie), Nancy Addison Altman (Jill), Helen
Gallagher (Maeve), Yasmine Bleeth (Ryan) (1987)

St. Patrick's Day 1976 Photos

Mary Tries to Get Jack to Dance

Little John Dressed in Green

Bob Dances With Maeve

Maeve and Johnny Dance

Pat and Maeve Dance

Delia Sneaks Out for a Rendezvous With Roger

Bob Dances With Mary

Jack and Mary Have a Fight

 St. Patrick's Day 1977 Photos

Frank Tells the Story of How St. Patrick
Drove All Snakes Out of Ireland to:

Kevin, Johnny, and Maeve

Kevin, Johnny, Maeve, and Bob

Bob and Clem

Kevin, Johnny and Maeve

Bob, Clem, and Mary Listen
to Maeve Sing "Danny Boy"

St. Patrick's Day 1978 Photos

Jill, Edmond, Johnny, and Maeve

Kevin Astonished to See Johnny and Jack
(With a Fake Irish Brogue) Getting Along

Frank and Bob Return From
the Parade With Little John

Pat and Faith

An Allegedly Blind Delia Sees Pat With Faith and
Makes a Beeline to Get Him Away From Her

Delia, Frank, Little John,
Johnny, Edmond, and Jill

Johnny, Maeve, and Rae

Maeve Singing Danny Boy

Mary and Jack

Pat and Delia

Scene Transcripts

The First Episode (July 7, 1975)

Roger Confesses to Jill That He Blackmailed Frank (November 1975)

Maeve Tells Mary to Invite Jack for Thanksgiving (November 1975)

Reflections on Thanksgivings Gone By (Thanksgiving 1975)

Maeve Consoles Delia About Frank and Jill's Affair (December 1975)

Jill Breaks It Off With Frank, Has It Out With Delia (December 1975)

Maeve Consoles Jill After Her Breakup With Frank (December 1975)

Seneca and Nell Discuss Death and Legacies Left Behind (New Year's 1976)

A Sleepless Night at the Ryans' (January 1976)

Seneca and Nell Discuss Native American Legends (January 1976)

Nell's Aneurysm Bursts After an Evening With Seneca (February 1976)

Nell Hallucinates After Her Stroke (February 1976)

Roger and Delia Learn About Chinese Cooking (February 1976)

Roger and Delia Cook Dinner Together (February 1976)

Seneca, Bucky, and Clem Discuss Letting Nell Die (February 1976)

Delia Has Dinner at Roger's and Nobody Misses Her (February 1976)

Jill Advises Seneca Against Taking Nell Off Life Support (February 1976)

Seneca Decides to Take Nell Off the Respirator (February 1976)

Delia and Roger First Kiss (March 1976)

Seneca Reads Nell's Letter After She is Dead (March 1976)

Roger and Delia Are Interrupted By Jill (March 1976)

Maeve and Delia Discuss Gender Double Standards (March 1976)

Roger and Delia First Make Love (March 1976)

Maeve and Johnny After Ed Dies (March 1976)

Roger Tells Delia That He Loves Her (April 1976)

Maeve Blows Up at Johnny After Mary Moves Out (April 1976)

Jack Proposes to Mary (April 1976)

Roger Asks Delia to Leave Frank and Marry Him (May 1976)

Delia Tells Fr. McShane That Roger Won't Let Her Go (May 1976)

Maeve, Johnny, and Mary Discuss Wedding Plans (June 1976)

Jill Tells Seneca She's Beginning to Understand Him (June 1976)

Maeve and Mary Sew Mary's Wedding Lace (June 1976)

Jill Tells Seneca Nell'd Want Him to Forgive Himself (June 1976)

Mary and Kathleen Discuss How Marriages Last (June 1976)

Jack's Drunken Ramblings At His Bachelor Party (June 1976)

Maeve and Mary the Night Before Mary's Wedding (June 1976)

Jill Tells Delia That She'll Be Sorry She Trusted Roger (July 1976)

Maeve Tells Off Delia About Her Affair With Roger (August 1976)

Pat Defends Delia to Maeve (August 1976)

Seneca Tells Jillian He Wants to Be More Than Friends (August 1976)

Delia Finds Jill in Frank's Office (September 1976)

Seneca Shows Up Unexpectedly at Jillian's Beach House (September 1976)

Maeve and Johnny Lament That Ryans Are Human, Too (September 1976)

Maeve Tells Jill That She Does Not Believe in Divorce (September 1976)

Delia Tries to Console Mary (October 1976)

Jillian Goes to an Abortion Clinic (October 1976)

Maeve Visits Jack in the Hospital (October 1976)

Delia Tries to Seduce Pat (December 1976)

Jack Catches Delia Eavesdropping at the Ryans' (December 1976)

Roger's "Toast" to Delia at Ryan's (New Year's 1977)

Delia Remembers Deciding to "Become a Ryan" (January 1977)

Maeve Tries to Talk Jack Out of Annulment (January 1977)

Mary Finds Jack After He Has Moved Out of Ryan's (February 1977)

Jack Serves Mary With Divorce Papers (February 1977)

Bucky and Faith Discuss "WASP Inhibitions" (March 1977)

Faith Gives Back Pat's Ring and Collides With Delia (March 1977)

Fr. McShane Helps Mary Block Jack's Annulment (March 1977)

Jack and Mary Deal With a Confused Hospital Intern (April 1977)

Roger Accompanies Delia to Look For an Apartment (April 1977)

Delia Plots to Fake a Miscarriage (May 1977)

Jack Translates La Boheme for Mary (May 1977)

Jack Throws Mary's Lamaze Book Off of His Balcony (May 1977)

Mary Goes Into Labor (May 1977)

Jack Gets Drunk the Night Ryan is Born (May 1977)

Maeve Gets Jack to Hold His Daughter (August 1977)

Johnny Tells Ryan About the Former NY Giants (August 1977)

Roger Explains to Delia Why Her Marriage Will Not Last (August 1977)

Roger Coaches Delia On Faking a Nervous Breakdown (August 1977)

Mary Warns Ryan Against Taking After Her Father (September 1977)

Roger Explains to Faith What Men See in Delia (September 1977)

Trapped in the Cellar at Ryan's, Jack and Mary Reunite (November 1977)

Jill Tells Frank That He Is Edmond's Father (January 1978)

Delia Apologizes to the Ryan For All of Her Lies (June 1978)

The Final Episode (January 13, 1989)

Jillian and Seneca at the
Coleridge Beach House
July 1976

 Jack and Mary's Wedding Photos
June 1976

Johnny Tries to Sober Up Jack

Bob Fantasizes That He's
the One Marrying Mary

Jack Tries to Convince Mary to
Go Through With the Wedding

Mary Isn't Sure She Can Go Through With It

Johnny Walks Mary Down the Aisle

Mary Puts the Ring on Jack's Finger

Jack Kisses the Bride

Mary Hugs Her Family

Jack and Mary Kiss in the Vestibule

Mary Actually Gets Jack to Dance

Hector and Miss Mills

Delia, Father McShane, and Little John

Jumbo Says He'll Break Jack in Two If He Doesn't
Make Mary Happy; Mary Likes That Idea :-)

Jack and Mary Cut the Cake

Jack Feeds Mary a Piece

Pat Catches the Garter, Jill Catches the Bouquet

The Crowd Sings "Irish Rose"

Everyone Throws Rice at Jack and Mary

The Figurines of Jack and Mary on the Cake

Group Photos

Soap Center's Ryan's Hope
Reunion (January 2000)

The Cast Sings Deck the Halls
(Christmas 1975)

The Cast Sings We Wish You a Merry Christmas
(Christmas 1975)

Mary, Pat and Frank Sing to Maeve
on Mother's Day 1976

Jack's Bachelor Party (June 1976)

Mary Hugs Her Family at Her Wedding (June 1976)

Jack and Mary Kiss in the Vestibule

June 1976

The Crowd Sings "Irish Rose"

Everyone Throws Rice at Jack and Mary

Delia Arrives Home From Her Attempted
Getaway With Roger (Christmas 1976)

Mary Puts the Star On Top of the Tree

The Ryans Sing Christmas Carols

Frank Tells His Snake Story to Kevin, Johnny,
Maeve, and Bob (St. Patrick's Day 1977)

Jack and Mary's Second Wedding (December 1977)

Delia, Frank, Little John, Johnny, Edmond,
and Jill (St. Patrick's Day 1978)

Maeve Singing Danny Boy (St. Patrick's Day 1978)

The Ryans' Tree
Christmas 1975 Photos

Mary Hangs the Decorations in the Bar

Bucky Brings the Ryans Poinsettias

Maeve and Johnny

Delia Talks Bob Into Coming to Ryan's

Seneca and Nell Arrive

Mary Persuades Bucky to Sing

Maeve and Johnny Are Happy That
Delia Convinced Bob to Come

Mary Tells Bob He's Been Away Too Long

The Cast Sings Deck the Halls

Jill Is Alone On Christmas Eve

The Cast Sings We Wish You a Merry Christmas

The Ornaments Bring Back
Memories for Maeve and Johnny

Mary Cheats and Opens a Present Before
Everyone Else is Up

Jack Gives Mary Emerald Earrings

Delia Shows Pat and Bucky the Blouse That
Little John "Gave" Her For Christmas :-)

Jack and Mary Sing Christmas Carols

Maeve and Johnny Sing Christmas Carols

Christmas 1976 Photos

Frank Shows Little John and Deidre the Nativity
Jack's Friends from the Genaro Social Club
Brought Over (Since Jack Couldn't Go to Them)

Maeve and Johnny Decorate the
Tree and Sing Christmas Carols

Delia Comes Home for Christmas, Literally

Art and Kathleen Give Maeve a Hat for Christmas

For a Moment, Jack Softens
About the Ryans and the Baby

Mary Puts the Star on Top of Tree

The Ryans Sing Christmas Carols


Jack and Mary in Ireland
December 1977

Maeve Reads One of Jack and Mary's Letters,
In Which They Narrate the Events of the Trip