Chapter One


Chapter One
Max's Turn

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"So Max what is going on with you tonight?" Jim asked Max as they were leaving the school grounds together.

"Oh nothing with Honey in the santium and the children are spending the night over at Mrs. Baileys I have the flat to myself." Max said in depression.

"Honey will be all right soon. Why I bet she'll be back home in your arms and with her children by the end of the year." Jim slapped Max's back in friendly matter.

Max turned his sad eyes to over at Jim "I sure hope so Jim; I surly hope so. I miss Honey very much and I know the children do equally. Especially Hub, Fat and Violet. This is after the second time they have to be torn from their mother in their childhood." Max turned his eyes to forces on crossing the street.

"Second time?" Jim asked an little confused.

"Yea when Honey's first husband Jack Bailey died suddenly have wasp strings to the face. Honey was forced by Mrs. Bailey to leave the boys here in New Bedford with her and Grace and Violet was shipped off to live with distant cousins in an nearby town. Well Hub, Fat and Grace finally after an long haul convinced Mrs. Bailey to allow Honey to move back to New Bedford and into Mrs. Bailey's house. But it took serval months after that for Honey to get Violet back." Max explained as he and Jim took the back stoop up to their flats.

"Poor Honey. Poor Hub, Fat and Violet why all of them had to fight to be together. Well Honey won't give up the fight neither will they or Zack. Honey will be home mark my words very soon." Jim said as they stepped into the hall way and closed the stoops door.
"Yea you are right Jim. It is best to think positive. Honey will be all right and she will be home by the end of the year." Max said forcefully trying disputatiously to believe what he had just said. He knew if may not happen by the end of the year; he just came back home after one of his rare visit with his wife in the santium and he saw how weak and feverish she still was. He knew she still had an long way to go before she beat the influenza. "Damn May Bailey!" he bursted out suddenly.

Jim looked started and stopped and leaned against an wall and looked at his friend's angry face.

"It's all her fault! She is the one who kept Honey away from her children; she the one who never helped Honey financing when Jack died. She the one who waited until Honey was sick in her lungs and homeless before she allowed Honey to move back to New Bedford. Damn May Bailey to Hell!" Max fistened in an hoarse whisper.

"Max you don't really mean that." Jim said.

Max shook his head. "No I don't. God forgive me for I do not know how to get rid of my angry feelings. Help me oh Lord." He whispered his prayer looking up to the Heavens.

Jim prayed silently for his friend.
"So what do you care to do tonight Jim?" Max asked suddenly pushing himself from the wall.

"Not much I was thinking of playing chess care to join me?" Jim asked looking at his friend.

"Yea sure. Your place or mine?" Max asked turning to face the hallway once again.

"I don't care. You pick." Jim replied as he stepped next to his friend and they started to walk down the hallway toward their flats.

"Mine than." Max said. "Care to join me in dinner?"

"You cooking." Jim asked.

"Yep." Max replied.

"I'll pass." Jim quipped.

Max waved his hand. "Hey I'm an great cook."

"Not what I've heard." Jim quipped.

"Anyone dead from eating my cooking?" Max quipped.

"Time will tell." Quipped Jim as they stepped outside Max's flat door.

Max opened the door and they walked in with Jim closing the door.

"So care to help me cook?" Max asked as he pulled off his jacket and put it on an chair.

"If I want to live yea." Jim quipped as he also took off his jacket and put it on an chair.

Max laughed and pointed to the cubbord. "Bowls are there." He smiled at his friend. "But you know where everything is; Jim."

Jim nodded and began to pull out the bowls.

Max went to join them and they both prepared their supper.

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