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" My husband and I founded Plumfield as an school for children from all walks of life.  His passing has left an void in our lives.  But in the children, I see the promise of an new day and find the strength to keep our dream alive, no matter how hard the struggle."


Welcome to Plumfield.  Come join Jo as she learns life lessons with her students.  Plus meet Nick Riley the new caretaker and Jo's sweetheart.  Meg, Amy and their families of course stops by often.  Come join them at Plumfield.  The Grate is always open.

New Site and Under an lot of work.


This is going to be an awsome "Little Men" site that is going to be out on the web that is unoffical. I am posting this site now unfistened.

My idea is to get you "Little Men" fans out there in the world to e-mail me at

let me know what you would love to see on my "Little Men" site and I'll do my very best to deliever.

~ Sara


Corey plays Trip Brady, in this new series.  Airs Sunday nite on the WB "The Frog" at 9pm.

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Old TV set; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Jo with her students, Nick Riley and an few townfolk.

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4th November, 2002

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