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PAX Network's Orignal series "Little Men".

Seasons one and two.

Sadly "LM" couldn't fisten season two.


Episode One: Changes

(1871. Concord, Mass. Jo Bhaer, recently widowed, must take sole charge of Plumfield, the boarding school she founded with her husband. Some of the parents, believing that she can't run things by herself, remove their children from the school. Jo must find a way to keep Plumfield from closing. This episode also introduces the character of Nick Riley, a seafarer hired as caretaker.)

Episode Two: Quarantine

(Measles attack the residents of Plumfield, and the townspeople of Concord impose a quarantine.)

Episode Three: Thanksgiving

(Jo's sister Amy, her husband Laurie and daughter Bess return from England. Jo and Laurie convince a reluctant Amy to allow Bess to attend Plumfield, which initially pleases Nan, who's thrilled to have another girl at the school.)

Episode Four: Tough Choices

(Jasper, a shady acquaintance of Dan and Nat from their orphan days in Boston, arrives at Plumfield. Meanwhile, Franz is troubled by the arrival of a new teacher.)

Episode Five: Emancipation

(Prejudice finds some unlikely allies when a poor black family arrives at Plumfield.)

Episode Six: The Christmas Angel

(As the children prepare for the holidays, and Jo must face her first Christmas without her husband, a badly beaten woman arrives at Plumfield.)

Episode Seven: Philanthropy

(When Laurie donates a library to Plumfield, Franz proposes that each of the children perform an act of kindness, but the students turn it into a contest. Also, Jo's beloved horse Penny is seriously injured.)

Episode Eight: Bluffing

(Unable to write an essay of her own, Nan steals one of Nat's. Meanwhile, Laurie is having problems of his own when he becomes addicted to gambling.)

Episode Nine: Coming Attractions

(Jo discovers she has feelings for Nick when he helps her make a birthday present for Rob, and Meg has a suitor.)

Episode Ten: Blame

(A huge snowstorm is expected, and Franz is left in charge of Plumfield when Nick searches for a missing Jo, whose sleigh overturned on her way home.)

Episode Eleven: The Living Years

(Asia's father, who abandoned her as a child, comes back into her life, but Asia wants nothing to do with him. Meanwhile, Jo must contend with feelings of jealousy when a new woman in town becomes attracted to Nick.)

Episode Twelve: Father Figure

(Nat asks Nick to be his "father" in the father and son ski race at Concord's much anticipated Winter Festival, but Nan is angry that she can't participate.)

Episode Thirteen: Looking Forward

(Jo and Amy are once again at odds when Amy moves into Plumfield to impress a women's society, and Dan goes on a vision quest.)


Episode Fourteen: Civil Disobedience

(When Tommy is injured, lawyer Eli McBride brings a negligence suit against Jo in an attempt to force her into selling Plumfield.)

Episode Fifteen: Stepping Out

(What was once a simple dance is now a grand ball when Amy chairs the committee, and Bess gets in over her head when she accepts a date with a college man.)

Episode Sixteen: Dangerous Lessons

(Nat wins free violin lessons from a musician whose strict teaching methods do not sit well with Jo, and the men search for an escaped circus lion.)

Episode Seventeen: Opposites Attract

(Franz falls head over heels for a bold and outspoken boarding-house maid, while Laurie and Amy experience marital problems.)

Episode Eighteen: Family Business

(Asia may leave the school to run her Aunt's restaurant, and Meg moves into Plumfield and promptly takes over.)

Episode Nineteen: Leap of Faith

(Jo becomes withdrawn after being held up at gunpoint, and Franz receives some unsettling news from Isabel.)

Episode Twenty: Brothers and Sisters

(Nick's irresponsible brother arrives at Plumfield, and nobody wants to tell Bess that she has a terrible singing voice.)

Episode Twenty-one: The Lantern Man

(It's Halloween, and Laurie tells the children the eerie tale of the Lantern Man, and Jo receives a late night visit from a mysterious man who wants her to write his life story, but is he hiding a dark secret?)

Episode Twenty-two: The Weaker Sex

(Jo stirs up a hornet's nest when she starts a women's suffrage movement in Concord, and Meg re-evaluates her relationship with Edward.)

Episode Twenty-three: For Love or Money

Episode Twenty-four: Three Angry Women

(Jo, Amy and Meg take a pleasure trip to Boston, but don't quite make it. Each of them tell a different version of the anything but pleasurable adventure.)

Episode Twenty-five: The Sign

(In order to buy a birthday present for Jo, the children go into business for themselves, while Jo becomes increasingly irritable because of her many obligations.)

Episode Twenty-six: Home for Christmas

(Nick is arrested for murder, but is he really covering up for his brother?)

Sadly the show was cancelled right smack in the middle of the second season. We never found out what happened with Jo and Nick and with Ben; how Rob felt about Jo and Nick finally counting.

Grade (on a scale of 10): 100 +

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