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RPG Stories
RPG Stories

Here are the stories.

I will put the date on  the completed stories.

Arrving at Plumfield
  Nat has arrived at Plumfield and faited.  It turns out that he has  Double ammiona; under naurteded.  The Plumfielders are going to nurse him back to heath and get to know the new boy.
Rememberence of Boston
  Beginning to take place when Nat faited at his arrival at Plumfield.  While uncounices he remembered his father's death.  The story will take place until Nat meets Laurie and leaves for Plumfield.
New Cartaker
Nick Riley comes to Plumfield looking for an tempory job.
The Plumfield's Princess
Laurie, Amy, and Bess come home from Prais and Bess will be attending Plumfield.  An little fact is known here; Meg is finaling allowing Demi and Daisy to attend and live at Plumfield.
Poetry Partners
  Dan and Bess are writting an poem together.
Nick is planning on leaving Plumfield and Masschuttes on the next ship that is leaving the Boston harbor.  How will Jo and the children keep him at Plumfield?