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Wendy Phillips


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A cting runs in the Phillips family.  Wendy's parents, Wendell Phillips and Jean Shelton, are both well-known acting teachers.  She made her acting debut in San Francisco in the television film "Death Be Not Proud," following her graduation from the University of California at Berkeley.  She now lives in Los Angeles with her husband, actor-director Scott Paulin, and daughter, Virginia Dare.  Her birth date is Jan. 2.

New York born Wendy Phillips is one of America's favorite television heroines. The critically cclaimed actress made a heartfelt impression amidst a world of wealth and vineyards I n the role of Lauren Daniels on "Falcon Crest," portrayed a wholesome, working class Claire Green on "Promised Land," and took on a southern belle persona as Lucille Richards on the night-time soap,"Savannah."

With portraying Lisa Hull in Stephen King's highly publicized mini-series, "The Stand," she's more than proven to be an actress who can tackle any genre. Phillips is best known for her work in series television. Along with "Promised Land, "Savannah," and "Falcon Crest "she starred in several other hit series including, "The Robert Guillaume Show," "Homefront," "Executive Suite," "A Year in the Life," and "The Eddie Capra Mysteries."

An impressive list of guest starring credits includes episodes of "Picket Fences," "Touched By An Angel," "Diagnosis Murder," "Murder, She Wrote," "The Commish," "Matlock," "St. Elsewhere" and "Taxi."

Ms. Phillips' television debut was in the film, "Death Be not Proud" in 1975. Some of her other television movie appearances include: "Baby Girl Scott," "Too Soon for Jeff," McShane's Big Score," "Paper Dolls," "MacShayne: Final Role Of The Dice," "Fast Company," "Home of the Brave," "Rockford Files: Friends and Foul Play," and "Shattered Vows." Her feature film credits include: "Mad Cows, ""Bugsy," "Airplane II," "The Wizard," "Midnight Run" and "The Last Perfect Wave."

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