Story Line Ideas
Honey Callahan Bailey Sutton


Honey Callahan Bailey Sutton | Hubert Bailey | Henry Bailey


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Honey goes to Unvierstiy with Hub for her last semister of college. She gets involded in the activtiaziam with her son. She finally come to understand more fully in what Hub believes and what
he is trying to accomplise. She still worries about him but she lets him go more and more. She see's him for what an man that he will be.

An professor get's romantic feelings for her and starts to stalk her. She doesn't tell Max anything at first because she thinks she can handle the situation on her own. But it wildly spins out of control when the professor kidnaps her and rapes her. Hub comes to his mother's rescuce and she finally calls Max and tells him everything.

She finds out that she is pregant with the rapits professor's baby. (The doctor was wrong she can have another child.} She agozines over the decision where to keep the baby or have it adopted when it is born. She comes to the conclusion ......... {I will leave
that up to you.}

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