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The Jounary Begins

The Beginning of it all...

Writer: Heather Conkie
Director: Paul Shapiro
Special Guest Star: Frances Hyland as Louisa J. Banks
Original CBC Airdate: January 7, 1990
Original Disney Airdate: March 5, 1990
Run Time: 58 minutes

Synopsis: After Blair Stanley faces embezlement charges, the wealthy Montreal businessman sends his daughter Sara to stay with her late mother's relatives in the small maritime town of Avonlea. Sara manages to adjust, despite her Aunt hetty's harsh treatment and the pranks played by her cousins at King Farm.



Highlights/Analysis: The venomous glares from Felix and Felicity when their cousins Sara and Andrew arrive at King Farm are priceless. The King cousins set a trap for Sara and Andrew, which send plummeting through a trap door into a pig stall. The visiting cousins retaliate by providing alleged magic seeds to wish upon at night. Somehow, it always seemed that Sara and Andrew got it the worst. Hetty is equally unaccomadating to Sara's Nanny Louisa. Hetty's strict character is well defined with her hilarious antagonism toward Sara's nanny, who sternly refuses to sleep in a barn. Sarah Polley fits the pampered rich girl role perfectly.

The above was taken from "Avonlea Magic Lantern" site by Tim.

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