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Your favite lines ....

Here we go...

"As the eldest in the family, I'm used to making unpopular decisions." -Hetty King.

"Trickery of the mind is just as potent as trickery of deed." -Peg Bowen.

"Well Sara Stanley, I have never been so humiliated in all my life!" -Felicity King.

"Next to Sally Potts, Felicity is a saint." -Felix King

"Sara the story girl, what a joke. Tells a tale and it goes up in smoke." -Sally Potts.

"It's beyond me how I'm going to put up with that dreadful man. Not to mention his beast of a dog." -Rachel Lynde

"That would be a fate worse than death!" -Sara Stanley.

"You can move heaven and earth, but heaven knows you can't bring a Methodist and a Presbyterian together," -Rachel Lynde.

"Don't believe everything you see girls, and only half of what you hear." -Sara Stanley.

"Some people think they are too good to walk the same earth as the rest of us, let alone attend the same church." -Hetty King

"Felicity King is known throughout Avonlea for her cherry pies and sawdust pudding" -Felix King

"I'd rather be dead than be a Methodist!" -Felicity King

"You can always size a person up by the kind of dog she keeps." -Peg Bowen (to Mrs. Ray)

"Providence knows, it's probably your last chance to throw off the mantle of maidenhood." -Clara Potts (to Abigail)

"I think it's high time that you asserted your authority, Mr. MacEwan." -Felicity King

"Let Mr. MacEwan drive the buggy home." -Sara (to Abigail)

"As I live and breath, you have the nerve of a canal horse!" -Rachel Lynde (to Hetty)

"It will be a fate worse than death!" -Sara Stanley (remarking how horrible it would be if the baby was raised by Rachel Lynde)

"You can always measure the worth of a person by the number of friends that he or she possesses." -Felicity King

"My class is not a three ring circus." -Hetty King

"I'll have nothing to do with a gang of two faced jelly fish!" -Sara Stanley

"Evading responsibility can lead to a life long pattern of criminal behavior." -Hetty King

"Cows and sows give birth as well, but to my knowledge, this doesn't qualify them for teachers' college." -Hetty King

"The only thing I can see in Jasper Dale's face is helpless and utter confusion." -Hetty King

"Oh I suppose I'm finally beginning to feel some of that King get up and go surging through my veins!" -Olivia King

"Blair Stanley, like it or not, we are bound together by those we love." -Hetty King

"I hope that you'll like your room. It's small, but I think you'll find it an improvement on the chicken coup you once offered me." -Louisa Banks

"How can anyone but a fool lock herself in an outhouse?" -Hetty King

"I know what is on your mind Hetty King. It will take more than wheat cakes to get around me." -Louisa Banks.

"She was a lovely baby. It's strange what happens to children when they grow up." -Aunt Eliza (on Felicity)

"Cricket is simply ripping! Watching it is my most favorite past time!" -Felicity King

"Thank you Gus. Beneath your vagabond clothing beats the heart of a gentleman." -Felicity King

"Better than kissin' mah dog." -Gus Pike

"The devil's in most people. Not me, mind you, but most." -Hetty King

"Ah may wreck the King's English, so I'll say my thanks the only way I know." -Gus Pike

"I wouldn't be surprised to see that boy barking at the moon!" -Rachel Lynde

"I'll be so good, you're not even going to know it's me." -Davey Keith

"Plain pine caskets are a disgrace, that's what. A body would get slivers just laying in it. If you ask my opinion, it's a shameful way to meet your maker." --Rachel Lynde

"The true fool is someone who never takes a risk." -Olivia King

Rachel: Thomas and I, always made it a point to settle our differences before going to bed at night.

Hetty: Poor man must have died from lack of sleep.

"Just a slight case of Hetty-King-itis!" -Olivia King

"Aunt Olivia and Jasper are far too ancient together. Almost as old as you and father." -Felix King

"Just you promise me Sara, when your turn comes around, you won't get all bamboozled by this love business." --Hetty King

"Well ain't that the pistol!" -Jasper Dale

"You stuck up little Hetty's pet!" -Felix King (to Andrew)

"Everyone's going to think this was my idea." -Hetty (bragging about Roger's reception).

"A ghostly galleon shimmering in the midst!" -Sara Stanley

"Don't play meek little mouse with me girl. I know perfectly well you were the ringleader" -Hetty (to Sara)

"A little knowledge is a dangerous thing." -Rachel Lynde

"Maybe get me ah home. Someplace where I wouldn't get thrown out of of." -Gus Pike (about what he would do with the treasure)

"I don't find this particularly funny! I wanted to find some treasure!" -Felicity King

"Damnation!" -Hetty King (after hitting bedrock)

"I'd have to dream up something exciting to happen in this poky old village." -Felix King

"Snoring is boring." -Madame X

"Reciting poetry isn't acting, it's memory work. Actor's are deceivers. People who pretend to be something else for a living aren't right in the head." -Hetty King (note: remember this quote for later episodes)

"Goodness, my back teeth are floating." -Pigeon Plumbtree

"I should have put my foot down the minute that woman breezed into my house and ate up all my good chocolates!" -Hetty King

"You drive a hard bargain, but you're worth it." -Pat Frewen (during his wedding proposal to Theodora)

"I thought this was for mother of the year, not daughter of the year." -Janet King

"Some of us have higher standards of cleanliness mother." -Felicity King

"Felicity, you were switched at birth with Sally Potts!" -Sara Stanley

"Competitive sports! It's not enough I have that Stacey woman breathing down my neck in my own classroom, promoting the most uncivilized behavior among children I have ever witnessed." -Hetty King

"Rose Cottage isn't going anywhere. It will always be there for you." -Hetty King

"I wore pinafores when I was younger and what's good enough for me is good enough for Sara." -Hetty King

"This ugly little pinafore has a very big hem. It will last you for years. You can wear it to college, you can get married in it and then you can get burried in it." -Sara Stanley

"Responsible, you? That would be the frosty Friday." -Hetty King

"Go give something of your own away if you want to be blessed!" -Sara Stanley

"Old Aunt Hetty. How would you like to go on a picnic... Just me and you?" -Jo Pitts

"Sara drowned Aunt Hetty!" -Felix King

"Digger isn't use to getting hooked up to a stupid cart!" -Sara Stanley

"That horse will eat almost anything. Just like you Felix. You two make the perfect couple." -Felicity King

"No one seems to notice his bizarre behavior, except me of course." -Felicity King

" the contest and to the victors... their moment in time." -Alistair Dimple

"The return of Hetty the terrible." -Felix King

"That tramp! Taking advantage of poor Gus like that. ...I'm going to follow that hussy and demand that she leave Gus alone." -Felicity King

"Look Aunt Hetty, I'm arrested!" -Felix King

"Cecily, you stay here and watch Daniel" -Felicity King

"Cecily, you stay put! Now don't you move out of this house!" -Janet king

"Cecily, you stay here." -Gus Pike

"It's Jasper!" -Olivia Dale

"I'd like to make a toast... Seing as I'm so good at them, to friends and relations." -Jasper Dale

"Close your mouths. You look like a bunch of ignorant country girls." -Felicity King (addressing the Young woman's Colloquiam for Social Betterment)

"Currenly, the loss of the comb is the only black mark on the ledger of my soul, easily outweighted by all my good deeds." -Felicity King

"We've turned the balance of evil! You still have me to deal with however." -Felicity King (to Felix)

"He's batty." -Rachel Lynde

"More gallus domesticus anyone?" -Olivia Dale

"Good breeding and polite manners are very important. How else can one improve their position in life." -Felicity King

"If that's what manners does ta ah person, ah don't want 'em." -Gus Pike

"It's cold enough ta freeze mah nose hairs stiff." -Gus Pike

"Talk is cheap Sally Potts and so are you." -Felicity



Beautiful Avonlea come to life.

Jasper's Wedding Speech:

"To fall in love with Olivia, or even more unbelievable, to her fall in love with me is the most astounding and wonderful thing to ever happen to me." (Turns to Olivia) "You are the most special person."
"Now, I know how the King family rallies around to look after one another, so I want to assure you all that I'm not taking Olivia away from this solid family of hers. I am honored to become a part of it."

Now, I want to propose a toast to my new bride, who means more to me than anything in the whole world. To Olivia!"


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