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Travel The Road To Avonlea

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All the background on this website are by Jan and here is an link to her website.


Keeper of Golden Milestone (Jasper and Olivia's Home)
Keeper of Olivia's love for Jasper

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December 19th: First off Merry Christmas and have an Happy new Year.

I have finally got my site the way I want it to look. I am still of course working on it; i.e. Cast list and bios. I still need your help so if you have any ideas just e-mail me at ... well I left my e-mail address just below when I first published this site.

December 25, 2001

As you can see I have added three pitures to the main page. I took the two Christmas pitcures off. {Don't fret I will put them plus more next December.}

This page is brand new so it is under alot of work. If you have anything that you would love to see it please e-mail me at:

And let me know. I will do my absoutlly best to see that it get's on this website.


This Pix of Felix and Izzy is from Shelly's Avonlea Page.

Shelly's Avonlea

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This picture of Gus and Felicilty's wedding I got off of Shelly's Avonlea page.

Shelly's Avonlea



Old TV set; Actual size=180 pixels wide

Felicilty, Felix, and Andrew in the meadow with Alec.



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