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Here's the scoop...



"Christmas in New Bedford is not how it should be. Grace and May have gone to Europe to recover Vans belongings and are in danger of not getting back to Canada in time for the holiday traditions. Toppy is in a tizzy because she is directing the town pageant but Jim Flett has written a flop. Honey is outraged when Hub, who is planning on becoming a priest, comes home for Christmas and brings a surprise with him - a girl named Anna Schiller.
In true Wind At My Back fashion however, the Baileys and Suttons come to realize that nothing is more important than family."

Aired Sunday December 23rd at 7pm on CBC



FYI: DId you that Cythnia Bellivau was on "Caitlin's Way" for two seasons? They sadly cancelled "CW" for low ratings.

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