Chapter One
Rose's Surgecy
Chapter One

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Dorothy walked into the kicten and noticed by the oven clock that it was twelve am. She walked over to the refister and opened it up she sleepily reached in when she suddenly screamed.

Rose, Blanche and Sophia came running into the dark kicten and slumbered into each other making Rose bang her hip on the island.

Sophia went and turned on the light on. The scene in the kicten when the light came on was this Dorothy staring dummying into the refister; Rose bending over the island with her hand on her hip;
Blanche leaning into Rose.

"Oh Rose dear I'm sorry. Are you all right." Blanche hurriedly stepped back from Rose.

"I'm all right only my hip hurts." Rose tried to joke her way out of the pain that she was feeling "Guess that is what happens when you ram the island into your hip." She pushed her way from the island and screamed. "Ahhhhh"

"Rose do you need to see the doctor?" Sophia hurriedly over to the two women.

"No I don't. It is only an bruise. Honest girls." Rose tried to smile at Blanche an Sophia.

"More important where's the cheesecake." Dorothy murmured not paying any attention to the situation.

"In the refestor you mumscar. Can't you see that Rose is hurt?" Sophia sneered over at her daughter.

Dorothy awoke with an start at the news. She looked over at the isle and saw Rose with an pinched face and an stern of sweat on her forehead. "Rose what happened?"

"I actually ran into Rose and made her ram into the counter with her hip." Blanche said as she also looked concernedly at Rose.

"I'm fine really." Rose insisted with that she took an step and feel to her knees.

"No you are not I'm calling the hospital." Sophia ran to the phone and picked it up and called the hospital to let them know that they were coming in.

"Come Blanche let's get Rose to the car." Dorothy said as she gently put her arm under Rose's left arm pit she waited for Blanche to do the same on Rose's right side.

They carefully led Rose out the to the garge and into Blanche's car.

"Hurry girls I'm in so much pain." Rose moaned.

"Let's go." Sophia said as she went to the passenger side and waited for Dorothy to get into the backseat after Rose.
Blanche and Sophia got into their side of the car and Blanche started the car and drove an little up above the speed limit praying that no cops would pull her over.

They arrived at the hospital with no incident. Blanche parked in the closets parking space to the ER and ran to get an wheelchair and ran back to the car and helped Rose into it. She pushed her best friend into the ER.

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