The New Bedforder Chronicles
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Volume 1 Issue 1

Editor in Chief: Max Sutton
Publishing Editor: Jim Flett
Fashion Editor: Grace Bailey
Home Matters Editor: Honey Bailey Sutton
Mine Editior: May Bailey
Who's Who Editor: Callie Cramp
Chess Editor: Edward Jackson
School Matters Editor: Hubert Bailey
Travel Editor: Henry Bailey
Natual Editor: Pricthard Flett
New Faces Editor: Maisey McGinty

If you would like to add anything to the Chronicle just e-mail: and it will be in the next issue to come out.

by: Laura Brigetom

*** Max Sutton is hereby writting an new play. The title is yet to be annonced. He is going to be holding autionantion next week at noon at Town Hall. Whoever wishes to try out please be there. The autionantion is going to last from 12 -4pm on Saturday and Sunday. The Cast List will be up the following week.***

New Faces:
by: Maisey McGinty

Mr. Pettibone Jackson King and his brother Morgan Dale King have arrived in New Bedford just this morning.

Mr. Pettibone King is an newspaper writer and will be joining our fair Chronicle in the near furtur.

Mr. Morgan King is handy with radio and will be joining CRNR in the near furtur.

Mr. and Mrs. Felix King of Avonlea off of Prince Edward Island is told to be visiting in the next few months. Told by their son's Mr. Pettibone and Morgan King. They will be staying in our town for an few months and will love to tell about their home.

Mr. Max Sutton is going to take his family on trip to the very own Prince Edward Island. Hopefully they will stop off in Avonlea for an wee visit.

Mr. Del Sutton has left New Bedford once again on one of his travels. Hopefully Mr. Sutton will come back again soon to his home.

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January 2000

In this area, I might include links to specific pages of my e-zine, perhaps with a short summary of the content in order to draw readers in.

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