Fat's Heart Desire


Chapter One
Chapter One

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February 14, 1940

Fat looked at the date and sighed deeply he turned from the calendar and walked to the mirror and saw that the image staring back at him was good looking as an young sixteen year old male should look. Brown hair falling neatly across his head. Coffee brown eyes stair down casting back at him. His full lips frowning.

Fat sighed deeply and turned from the mirror and walked out of the room he shared with his older brother Hub. He walked right into the kicten and said "Why don't we move. This place is way to small for us now. Let's just take the house that grandmother brought and offered mom when she was going to marry you Max." He grimaced as he looked around the tiny flat that he shared with his mother, step father, eighteen year old brother, eight year old sister and four year old brother.

"Fat you know we can not offered an house yet." Honey said in an gentle voice.

"Grandmother will let us take the house." Fat said.

"We will not accept charity." Honey said with force.

"We can pay her over the years. Why are we wasting our money on an flat that basically none of us like when we can start paying the mortgage on the house that we want." Fat slapped his hand hard on the breakfast table.

"Henry you will not speak that way." Max said sternly and some what shocked at Fat's behavior.

"Go suck an egg." Fat looked angrily at Max. "If mom didn't marry you than grandmother would have allowed us to live in the house that we were saving to buy."

"Fat!" Hub said shocked he stood up from his place on the table and stood facing off to his brother and crossed his arms his chest firmly.

"Go jump off the bridge again Hub." Fat said angrily as he pushed passed his brother and mother to the flat door and opened it and left and slammed the door behind him.

"What's wrong with Fat?" Zack asked as he walked into the kicten from the parlor.

"He had an fight with Maisey." Violet said from her spot at the table shocked at her brothers exist.

"Oh." Hub said as he looked down at his little sister.

"Yea Fat's in love with her and she doesn't know if she is in love with him yet." Violet said. "Fat can't stand not having their feelings out in the open."

"Poor Fat." Honey sighed with understanding on why her son was behaving terrible. "But that is no excuse for his behavior."
"But he did raise an few good points." Max sighed and said "We should ask Mrs. Bailey if we can buy the house from her. I don't know why we didn't think of it before. She would have gladly sold it to us and receive montage payments."

Honey nodded her head. "Yes but at the time I didn't want to be beholden to her. You know what the situation was when we first got married."

"Yes but the situation has changed since than." Max said. "I want house and it seems to be that this is the only way for us to get an house for ourselves."

Honey nodded. "We will got to Mother Bailey today."

Max nodded.

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