Promised Land


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Episode Guide

Seasons One Thu Three

"Promised Land" was an wonderful spin off from the hit Christian show "Touched By An Angel". PL first aired in Setember 1996 and last aired in May 1999.

Season One

"Promised Land"
"The Hotel"
"Leap of Faith"
"The Expartriate"
"The Prodigy"
"The HomeComming Part two" Part one is on TBAA
"King of the Road"
"The Getaway"
"Indendepence Day"
"Mirror Imange"
"Running Scared"
"The Collapes"
"Amazing Grace part two" part one on TBAA
"Cowboy Blues"
"Civil Wars"
"Stealing Home"

Season TWO

"The Promise"
"Par For The Course"
"The Road Home: Part Two" First part on TBAA
"Mooster's Revenge"
"St. Russell"
"Take Back The Night"
"Mr. Muscles"
"The Winner"
"To Everything A Season"
"Mirror Family"
"Purple Heart"
"Designated Driver"
"Two For The Road"
"The Secret Of Bluestem"
"Undercover Granny"
"On My Honor"
"When Darkness Falls"
"Total Security"
"A Hand Up Is Never A Hand Out"

Season Three

"Vengeance Is Mine, Part 2" first part on TBAA
"Balancing Act"
"Baptism Of Fire"
"Chasin' The Blues"
"Denver: Welcome Home"
"Anywhere But Here"
"And A Baby Makes Three"
"Out Of Bounds"
"Jury Duty"
"The Visitor"
"Wounded Hearts"
"It's All In The Family"
"Under Cover"
"In The Money"
"Pursuit Of Happiness"
"What's In A Word"
"A Day In The Life"
"Leaving The Life"
"Baby Steps"
"Darkness Visible"

Special Epsiodes

#222 & #223 A HAND UP IS NEVER A HAND OUT (Original air dates: 05/07/98 - 05/14/98)

#109 THE HOMECOMING: Part Two (Original air date: 11/26/96)

#111 CHRISTMAS (Original air date: 12/17/96)

#114 MIRROR IMAGE (Original air date: 01/21/97)

#304 BAPTISM OF FIRE {Original Air Date: October 22, 1998}

#220 WHEN DARKNESS FALLS (Original air date: 04/30/98)

#108 THE SECRET (Original air date: 11/19/96)