Story Line Ideas
Hubert Bailey


Honey Callahan Bailey Sutton | Hubert Bailey | Henry Bailey


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Should we try to get Hub and Anna back together? <You have Hub go to America and search for his lady love. Or even have Anna come back to New Bedford <In disguse of course> and search for Hub? Or wait till the end of the war and have them meet up somewhere.>

Should we allow Hub to fall for Maisey and have them end up together. Or have an real tinagle and add Henry <Fat> to it. Who will Maisey choose? Hubert or Henry Bailey?

Should we bring back both Alice and Laura and have them still be in love with Hub?

<"Wind" has finally done the right thing by NOT making Hub an priest. Thank God for that. Hub needs an true love in his life to  make him complete. Now we have to figure out who that is.>

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