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Interview with Max Sutton

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An Interview with Max Sutton; Mayor;  princilpal; teacher; writer of New Bedford.

Question: How do you find any free time?

Max: I don't.  *laughs* My wife <Honey> helps out a lot.  She knows how to drags me out of my work. 

Question: What made you to decided to be Editor of Chief of this magaine?  I mean it is just one more thing on your plate.

Max: I believe in this magaizne.  I believe that we have good and hard working people here and I know that I won't be the only one putting this together.  Sides I didn't set out to being Editor of Chief; we voted on the best person for the joy; and they decided it was me.  *Laughs* Although I don't see how they could come to that conculsion.  There are more qulifly people for this job than I.
Interviewr:  That goes to show that they have confience in you. 
Max:  Thanks I hope I don't let them down.
Question: How does it feel to be mayor? 
Max: An awsome resposbibtilty. 
Interviewer: I can imange.


Thank you Nikki for the photo.