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Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Want to write for the newsletter?
[ Jan29 ] My busy schedule doesn't allow me to find interesting 7th Heaven news and gossip to include in the newsletter issues. That is why I am asking for your help. Do you like to write? Are you a devoted 7H fan? Are you good at finding news and gossip about the show? I am looking for someone to take over the newsletter for me. This person would be in charge of writing the issues (every month, or every 2 months... you decide), include quizes, gossip, photos, games, etc... If you are interested, tell me, in 200 words or less, why you are the right person for the job. Entries must be in by February 8, 2002. I have worked almost 4 years to build this site and the newsletter. It has many subscribers and it would be sad to see it go down. That's why I am counting on you. Thanks.

A 7th Heaven Archive
[ Jan29 ] Elise's 7th Heaven Dedication will soon become the first 7th Heaven Archive on the www. It will now be a resource where 7th Heaven fans will be able to find information on the cast, on the previous seasons, photos of the cast, pictures from episodes, information of past 7th Heaven events, etc. This is a very exciting change, that's why it needs a lot of preparation. I have started working on a new layout for this new site. This transition will be done during the upcoming months. All adjustments to the LINKS and WORLD sections will be done on the new layout when it is installed. Thank you for your patience. You'll hear from me soon.

Official Season Six Photos
Two new official photos of the cast of 7th Heaven have been released on the www. The first one is of the Camdens and Robbie Palmer. The second one is of the Camdens. Notice how the twins have grown? They are played by the same actors as last year.

One Hundred
Visit my dedication to the 100th episode of 7th Heaven. Features an episode summary, screen captures and my personnal opinion.


12.08.01 Love Love Love: Relationships on 7H. From Robbie's new girlfriend, to Mary leaving Wilson, Matt looking for the one...

08.27.01 Live interviews with the Summer Catch cast, including Jessica

07.05.01 Adam LaVorgna talks about life, love and 7th Heaven

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