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Simon is faced with a grown-up decision when a pregnant friend seeks his help in giving up her baby and Kevin reads Lucy's diary which stirs up trouble in her relationship with Ben. more...
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From Spelling Television and Brenda Hampton comes 7th Heaven, a critically acclaimed family drama about a minister and his wife sharing love, laughter and life with their seven children. The WB's highest-rated series for the past four seasons, 7th Heaven has captured the hearts of television audiences with its witty, charming and heartwarming storytelling and has been praised for providing high-quality entertainment for all ages.

The series has received numerous awards for chronicling the many complex problems of growing up in the world today. The young adults on 7th Heaven are exposed to issues ranging from dating crises to teen suicide, sibling rivalry to gang violence. Storylines touched on such topics as the Holocaust, hate crimes, violence in schools, drug use, vandalism, drinking and driving, teen pregnancy and homelessness. The series has received honors from the Parents Television Council, The Media Project's Shine Awards, Entertainment Industries Council's Prism Awards, Viewers Voice, Anti-Defamation League, Film Advisory Board, the Academy of Religious Broadcasting, Kids Choice Awards, Teen Choice Awards, Family Friendly Forum Awards and the TV Guide Awards.

Now in its seventh season, 7th Heaven stars Emmy Award-nominated Stephen Collins (The Two Mrs. Grenvilles, The First Wives Club, Sisters), Catherine Hicks (Peggy Sue Got Married, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home), David Gallagher (Phenomenon), Beverley Mitchell (Phenom), Mackenzie Rosman and Adam LaVorgna (Brooklyn Bridge). In addition, new regular cast members include Ashlee Simpson, sister of pop singing sensation Jessica Simpson, Rachel Blanchard (the Clueless TV series), and real-life brothers George and Geoff Stults, who will return in the roles they originated last season as love interests for the Camden daughters.

This season, the Camden family will face a series of life-changing events when Eric (Collins), a minister in the fictional suburban town of Glen Oak, undergoes open-heart surgery. The recovery period forces Eric to cut back on his duties at the church, and the arrival of a new and younger associate minister leads Eric to a crisis of faith and a new examination of his life's direction. Annie (Hicks) has her hands full trying to help her husband through this critical time while caring for seven children ranging in age from toddlers to early twenties.

Eric and Annie's oldest son Matt (Barry Watson, who starred on the series for six seasons and is now a story editor on the show's writing team) is happily married and attending medical school. Back at home, the family's estrangement from oldest daughter Mary (Jessica Biel, Summer Catch, Ulee's Gold) is difficult for everyone, but things are going well for middle daughter Lucy (Mitchell), who receives a marriage proposal from her police officer boyfriend, Kevin (George Stults). Kevin's brother Ben (Geoff Stults), is a fireman who has fallen hard for Mary. Still struggling with his passage from boyhood into adulthood, Simon (Gallagher) continues to test his limits, while Ruthie (Rosman) is full of preteen drama, and the twins exhaust the remaining energy of the family. Robbie (LaVorgna), Mary's ex-boyfriend who joined the Camden fold, has become a big brother to Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and the twins while he's living under the Camden family roof.

Through all the ups and downs, Eric and Annie have managed to keep their romance alive and their family together. Not only are they raising their own seven children, they've even picked up additional family members along the way. This season promises to be the most challenging ever for the Camdens and their extended family.

7th Heaven was created by Brenda Hampton (Mad About You, Blossom) who also serves as executive producer along with Aaron Spelling and E. Duke Vincent. Spelling and Vincent are also executive producers of The WB's Charmed, produced by Spelling Television, Inc., a Paramount/Viacom company.

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