Fan Fiction 1


After Joey tells Rachel that he loves her
TOW Joey Dates Rachel


TOW Joey and Rachel Dates

By: Annie

[Rachel walks in the coffee house heads to Gunther who is behind the counter. Phoebe and her boyfriend Jake (the underwear guy) are also in the coffee house too.]

Rachel: Hey Gunther. Can I have a cup of coffee to go please?

Gunther: Oh. Order it from him. (Points to a guy who is making coffee.) Im late to meet my girlfriend. (Grabs his jacket.)

Rachel: Oh sure. See ya.

Gunther: Bye. (Walks out the door.)

[Rachel orders her coffee and then heads to the door, but Phoebe stops her.]

Phoebe: Hey Rach! Where are you going?

Rachel: Oh hey pheebs! I didnt see you.

Phoebe: How could you not see me? I was sitting here the whole time.

Rachel: Well, I saw him, (points to Jake) so I thought you were a different person.

Phoebe: Oh this is Jake, my boyfriend.

Rachel: Hello. (Shakes Jakes hand.)

Jake: Nice to meet you.

Phoebe: Were just talking about how Jake tripped on the sidewalk one time. (giggles)

Jake: Honey! Dont embarrass me!

Phoebe: Oh Im sorry sweetie!

Jake: Its okay. (They both kiss.)

Rachel: Aw. Well, you two just chat. I got shopping to do.

Phoebe: Okay bye!

Jake: Bye!

Rachel: See ya later! (Walks out the door.)

[Later afternoon, like around 5:00, Rachel heads back to apartment. But as she walks down the street, she sees so many couples hugging and kissing and she starts to feel lonely. In the apartment, Joey is sitting in his chair watching Baywatch.]

Rachel: (entering) Hey.

Joey: Hey! Youre home so fast. Dont you have to work?

Rachel: No. Its my day off.

Joey: Oh right! (hits his head) I forgot.

Rachel: (sits on the yellow couch and sighs.) Oh.

Joey: Whats wrong? (sits next to her)

Rachel: Its just that Ive been single for like a month now and today when I was walking down the street, I see so many couples hugging and I just feel lonely. I dont think any guys out there wants to go out with me.

Joey: Dont worry Rach. Im sure youll find someone. Im mean, look at me! Im single and Im okay with it.

Rachel: Youve been single for 2 days. See, this is one of the reasons why I think Im never gonna get married.

Joey: Oh Rach. Come here. (hugs her) Now Im sure youre gonna find the right guy and get married.

Rachel: Really?

Joey: Yeah.

Rachel: Thanks Joey for comforting me. (They both stared at each other and then they got closer and closer and then they kiss.)

[Scene: Joey and Rachel were kissing on the yellow couch in their apartment. And then they stopped kissing.]

Rachel: Oh my god! What the hell are we doing?

Joey: I dont know, but I liked it! (Smiles)

Rachel: Oh god! Joey Im so sorry.

Joey: No Rachel. Its okay. I should apologize.

Rachel: Okay, lets just forget about what we just did. Okay?

Joey: Yeah, nothing happened between you and me.

Rachel: Right.

Joey: Yeah

Rachel: Okay

Joey: Okay

[They both sat there and there was a long pause.]

Rachel: Well, good night then.

Joey: Yeah, good night. (Rachel walks into her room and then closes the door. And then Joey did the same thing.)

[Next morning at 6:00am, Joey and Rachel walked out of their room the same time and then they both stared at each other for a moment.]

Rachel: Umgood morning.

Joey: Morning.

Rachel: Oh Joey! I can't stop thinking about that kiss!

Joey: Really? Me too.

Rachel: Really?

Joey: Yeah. I couldn't sleep last night because I keep thinking about it.

Rachel: To tell you the truth, I kind a like it.

Joey: Really? (smiles)

Rachel: Yeah, it's the best kiss I ever had. (Joey is still smiling) Umcan I kiss you again?

Joey: You bet! (they both kiss)

Note: I know this fanfic was dumb, but I couldn't think of anything in the ending. It was sort of hard for me.

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