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Season One

September 7, 1967: The Flying Nun: Sr. Bertrille (Sally Field) tries to get Carlos (Alejandro Rey) to donate land to the convent.

September 14, 1967: The Convert: Sr. Bertrille tries to explain her flying ability to Carlos.

September 21, 1967: Old Cars For New: A car dealer finds the perfect sucker: Sr. Bertrille.

September 28, 1967: A Bell for San Tanco: Sr. Bertrille and Carlos try to salvage the convent's bell from the deep.

October 5, 1967: Fatal Hibiscus: Rumors of Sr. Bertrille's imminent demise lead to a conspiracy to brighten her last days.

October 12, 1967: Flight of the Dodo Bird: A psychologist creates problems for the grounded Sr. Bertrille.

October 19, 1967: Polly Wants a Crack in the Head: A parrot has the sisters all aflutter and the Reverend Mother aghast.

October 26, 1967: Ah, Love Could You and I Conspire: A gangster's girlfriend takes refuge with the nuns, vowing not to budge until she gets a wedding band.

November 2, 1967: Days of Nuns and Roses: Sr. Bertrille's latest business venture: sea-grape juice.

November 9, 1967: With Love from Irving: Sr. Bertrille has a new admirer: a pelican that thinks she's a bird of a feather.

November 16, 1967: It's an Ill Wind: A meeting of mobsters is disrupted when Sr. Bertrille makes a landing in their midst.

November 23, 1967: Young Man with a Cornette: A boy who saw Sr. Bertrille's inadvertent take-off is in Dutch for telling lies.

November 30, 1967: The Patron of Santa Thomasina: A pack-mule trip plummets Sr. Bertrille into a predicament.

December 7, 1967: If You Want to Fly, Keep Your Coronet Dry: Sr. Bertrille and 10 children try to find their way out of the jungle.

December 14, 1967: The Dig In: Sr. Bertrille is trapped in a mine cave-in with Bill Watkins, derelict, born loser and avowed pessimist.

December 21, 1967: Wailing in a Winter Wonderland: A white Christmas, courtesy of Sr. Bertrille, threatens San Juan's tourist trade.

December 28, 1967: With a Friend Like Him, Who Needs...: Sr. Bertrille lends a hand to Brother Paul, a walking calamity who made a historic discovery then lost it.

January 4, 1968: Tonio's Mother: A boy is making a shambles of his father's wedding plans: he's convinced that the flying nun is his mother returned from heaven.

January 11, 1968: A Fish Story: Sr. Bertrille helps a salty old seaman fish for another line of work.

January 18, 1968: The Hot Spell: Outflanked by gangsters, Carlos passes ownership of his casino to the nuns.

January 25, 1968: My Sister, the Sister: Sr. Bertrille, her sister Jennifer and Carlos embark on a medical mission in the jungle.

February 1, 1968: Sister Lucky: Sr. Bertrille is adopted as a charm by a hapless gambler in search of good luck.

February 8, 1968: The Sister and the Old Salt: Sr. Bertrille flies out to sea to aid a foundering craft.

February 15, 1968: Cyrano de Bertrille: Albert Paulsen plays an illiterate determined to learn to read and write.

February 29, 1968: Reconversion of Sister Shapiro: Sr. Bertrille has a problem: Carlos's Jewish goddaughter wants to become a nun.

March 14, 1968: Where There's a Will: The sisters inherit a boxer, turning the convent into a training camp and Carlos into a promoter.

March 21, 1968: The Puce Albert: Sr. Bertrille flies to the rescue of a marine facing court-martial.

March 28, 1968: May the Wind Be Always at Your Back: Carlos becomes the object of a teenager's first crush.

April 4, 1968: Love Me, Love My Dog: A stray dog with a penchant for stealing upsets the convent.

April 11, 1968: You Can't Get There from Here: Carlos navigates new depths of despair when he's marooned on a desert island with Sr. Bertrille

  Season Two

September 26, 1968: Song of Bertrille: A ruckus brews when Sr. Bertrille writes a song to be introduced by a rock group.

October 3, 1968: The Crooked Convent: Blundering Fomento (Vito Scotti) puts his worst foot forward at a convent bazaar.

October 10, 1968: The Rabbi and the Nun: Sr. Bertrille joins forces with a rabbi to get a groom's gambled money back from Carlos.

October 17, 1968: The Return of Father Lundigan: Paul Lynde stars as Father Lundigan, a psychologist mindful of convent oddities.

October 24, 1968: The Convent Is Condemned: The convent and Casino Carlos feel the bite when Fomento lashes out at lawlessness in San Tanco.

October 31, 1968: A Star Is Reborn: All eyes are on the convent when a movie star decides to become a nun.

November 7, 1968: The Organ Transplant: The sisters' dream becomes a nightmare when they acquire an organ.

November 14, 1968: Two Bad Eggs: Unrelated incidents mesh into one frenzy at the convent.

November 21, 1968: All Alone by the Convent Phone: An eerily deserted nunnery sets the scene for one fumbling detective and Sr. Bertrille.

November 28, 1968: It's an Ill Windfall: A search for a benefactor embroils the nuns in a wild misunderstanding with a politician.

December 12, 1968: Slightly Hot Parking Meters: Fomento accuses the sisters of swiping pennies from parking meters.

December 19, 1968: To Fly or Not to Fly: Sr. Bertrille struggles to keep her feet on the ground during the Mother General's visit.

December 26, 1968: How to Be a Spanish Grandmother: Everyone gets into the act to convince Carlos's grandmother that he is a happily married man.

January 2, 1969: The Landlord Cometh: The nuns meet an eviction notice with an appeal that brings their landlord to the door.

January 16, 1969: Sister Socko in San Tanco: A magician refuses to do a one-man benefit, so Sr. Bertrille gets into the act.

January 30, 1969: Great Casino Robbery, Part 1: Sr. Bertrille's roguish uncle wreaks havoc in the convent.

February 6, 1969: Great Casino Robbery, Part 2: Thanks to Sr. Bertrille's uncle, he and she are in jail.

February 13, 1969: The Boyfriend: Flashbacks give two versions of an adolescent romance between Sr. Bertrille and visitor Randy Putnam (Dwayne Hickman).

February 20, 1969: The Kleptomonkeyac: Thanks to a light-fingered monkey, Sr. Bertrille is chief suspect in a rash of thefts.

February 27, 1969: The Moo Is Blue: Sr. Bertrille launches a campaign to save a cow from the butcher.

March 6, 1969: The Breakaway Monk: Disaster-prone Brother Paul returns to help Carlos with a tax audit.

March 13, 1969: Happy Birthday, Dear Gaspar: Fomento thinks that a surprise party is for him.

March 20, 1969: Cast Your Bread Upon the Waters: The push is on to mass-produce bread at the convent.

March 27, 1969: The Convent Gets the Business: The convent goes into the red under the inept management of Carlos's cousin.

April 3, 1969: Cousins by the Dozens: Sister Bertrille unwittingly nets Carlos a gaggle of dependent relatives and one more punctured romance.

April 10, 1969: The Lottery: Sr. Bertrille sparks a frenzy by returning a lottery ticket

Season Three

September 17, 1969: The Big Game: Baseball fever strikes Sr. Bertrille. Cameos by Don Drysdale and Willie Davis.

September 24, 1969: My Sister the Star: A TV executive tries to turn Sr. Bertrille into a show-biz nun.

October 1, 1969: Speak the Speech, I Pray You: Robert Cummings plays a priest unnerved by his first parish.

October 8, 1969: The Paolo Story: A convent secretary acquires an "abandoned" baby.

October 15, 1969: Marcello's Idol: Carlos's job as part-time father to a boy grows to unexpected heights.

October 22, 1969: Guess Who's Coming to Picket: A casual chat with strikers lands Sr. Bertrille smack in a bind between labor and management.

October 29, 1969: The Not So Great Impostor: A hotshot reporter worms his way into the convent, determined to get a story on the flying nun.

November 5, 1969: A Convent Full of Miracles: Nehemiah Persoff plays all-time good guy Alonzo Baldaran, who's showering the convent with gifts.

November 12, 1969: Hector and the Brass Band: It's chaos for all concerned when the convent purchases a burro.

November 19, 1969: The New Habit: Sr. Bertrille is grounded by a wingless bonnet.

November 26, 1969: Bertrille and the Silent Flicks: Sister Bertrille arranges a personal appearance of silent movie queen Gloria Davenport, now the Mother General of the order.

December 10, 1969: A Ticket for Bertrille: Sr. Bertrille lands in jail for illegal parking.

December 17, 1969: The New Carlos: Convinced no one likes him, Carlos becomes a new man.

December 31, 1969: Dear Aggie: The sisters become temporary and zealous lovelorn columnists.

January 7, 1970: My Sister, the Doctor: Sr. Bertrille's sister Jennifer finds her stay at the convent anything but restful.

January 23, 1970: Armando and the Pool Table: The nuns create a monster when they teach a boy pool.

January 30, 1970: Hello Columbus: Carlos's cousin is cast in a convent pageant.

February 6, 1970: The Dumbest Kid in School: Robert Lansing plays an alumnus of the orphanage seeking to adopt a problem child.

February 13, 1970: Man's Best Friend Isn't: Sr. Bertrille makes the mistake of minding the plumber's dog.

February 20, 1970: The Somnaviatrix: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Sister Bertrille flying in her sleep!

February 27, 1970: Papa Carlos: Carlos's adopted war orphan arrives and she's a beauty.

March 6, 1970: The Candid Commercial: Sr. Bertrille becomes the unwitting star of a commercial.

March 13, 1970: A Gift for El Charro: A bullfighter seeks sanctuary to learn to read and write English.

March 20, 1970: When Generations Gap: Singers Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart are delayed for their engagement at Casino Carlos: they've had a traffic accident with Sr. Bertrille.

March 27, 1970: Operation Population: Sr. Bertrille fights city hall to save a playground.

April 3, 1970: No Tears for Mrs. Thomas: A septuagenarian asks the nuns to arrange his funeral on the double


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