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Gidget was based on the 1959 movie of the same name and starred Sandra Dee in the role as Gidget. The sitcom was first seen in September of 1965 and centered around Francine Lawrence. Francine was her real first name but everyone called her Gidget. She lived with her father, Professor Russ Lawrence, who was a widower in Southern California. Stories revolved around Gidget and her life as a teenager growing up on the Pacific coast.

 The Flying Nun was a one of the gimmick sitcoms on the 60s. It was about Sister Bertrille, a young nun who had the ability to fly. She only wore 90 pounds and when the wind was right she could put on her nun's hat (it had wing-like sides) and fly. In 1967, she arrived at the Convent San Tanco in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Reverand Mother Superior Plaseato, who ran the place, was a strict conservative who usually had to put up with Bertrille's mishaps. Sister Jaqueline, a wise nun with a sense of humor (who narrated the show) became Bertrille's friend. She was also buddies with Sister Sixto, a Puerto Rican nun who was struggling with her English language, and Sister Ana, another younger nun. She also made friends with Carlos Ramirez, a playboy who attendted the services at the Convent each Sunday.

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