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Episodes for Gidget
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Episodes for Flying Nun


September 15, 1965: Dear Diary...Et Al: When Anne (Betty Conner) sneaks a peek at Gidget's (Sally Field) diary, Gidget and Russ (Don Porter) decide to teach her a lesson about respecting people's privacy.

September 22, 1965: In God and Nobody Else We Trust: Anne forces John (Pete Duel) to escort Gidget to a luau---but has second thoughts when she meets Gidget's friend "Treasure" (Beverly Adams).

September 29, 1965: The Great Kahuna Story: Gidget fantasizes about "taking the plunge" with a surfer known as the Great Kahuna (Martin Milner).

October 6, 1965: Daddy Come Home: Gidget urges her father to spend more time at the beach, but she doesn't approve of the young woman he meets there.

October 13, 1965: The Gidget Gadget: Gidget gets caught in the crossfire when she meddles in an argument between Anne and John.

October 20, 1965: A Hearse, A Hearse, My Kingdom For a Hearse: Gidget plans to buy her own transportation a broken-down hearse.

October 27, 1965: Gidget Is a Proper Noun: Gidget gets an A for effort when she tries to prove that her English teacher is grading her unjustly.

November 3, 1965: Image Scrimmage: Gidget considers revamping her image in order to impress an "older" man (Jan Crawford).

November 10, 1965: Is It Love or Is It Symbiosis?: Russ considers sending Gidget to school in Paris.

November 17, 1965: All the Best Diseases are Taken: Gidget urges a folk singer to raise his voice against unfair movie prices.

November 24, 1965: My Ever-Faithful, Long-Lasting Lifetime Friend: Gidget mistakenly thinks that her father and her best friend are romantically involved.

December 1, 1965: Chivalry Isn't Dead, It's Just Hiding: Gidget and her friends vow not to go out with the boys until they're asked politely---and in advance.

December 8, 1965: The War Between Men, and Women and Gidget: Gidget uses strategy when a rival group invades her stretch of beach.

December 15, 1965: Gidget's Foreign Policy: Gidget offers a foreign friend some tips on dealing with American boys.

December 22, 1965: Now There's a Face: Gidget pictures herself in a romance with a student photographer (Daniel J. Travanti).

December 29, 1965: Too Many Cooks: Gidget goofs: she keeps accepting dates for the same night.

January 5, 1966: I Love You, I Love You, I Love You, I Think: Gidget is wiped out when the new surfer she digs turns out to be her math teacher.

January 13, 1966: Like Voodoo: Gidget fears that a fortuneteller has put a hex on her.

January 20, 1966: Gidget's Career: Gidget's singing group decides to revamp its image for a television appearance.

January 27, 1966: Ego a Go-Go: To boost his confidence, Gidget invites "Durf the Drag" to the Spinster Hopand then he ditches her.

February 3, 1966: In And Out With the In-laws: An invitation to meet Jeff's parents is music to Gidget's earsand the song she's hearing is the "Wedding March."

February 10, 1966: We Got Each Other: Gidget sets out to prove that she isn't jealous of her father's dates.

February 17, 1966: Operation Shaggy Dog: Gidget and Russ are on opposite sides of the battle to close a hangout.

February 24, 1966: Ring-a-Ding Dingbat: Gidget's rock-and-roll idols are in townand Gidget knows where they're staying.

March 3, 1966: Love and the Single Gidget: Anne and John hire a halfback to guard Gidget while Russ is out of town.

March 10, 1966: Take a Lesson: Russ is frantic when Gidget dashes out of the house in pajamas and an overcoat.

March 17, 1966: Independence Gidget Style: Gidget considers taking a job at the Tom Cat Club to earn money for her father's birthday present.

March 24, 1966: One More For the Road: Gidget takes a job as a florist's delivery girl---and leaves the driving to Larue (Lynette Winter).

March 31, 1966: Ask Helpful Hannah: Gidget gets a job on the school paper---advising the lovelorn.

April 7, 1966: A Hard Night's Night: With Russ away, Gidget is home aloneor so she thinks.

April 14, 1966: I Have This Friend Who...: Gidget looks for a way to discourage her boyfriend's father from tagging along on dates.

April 21, 1966: Don't Defrost the Alligator: When a young friend's pet alligator dies, Gidget preserves the remainsin the Lawrences' freezer

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