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Pilot, Season 1 - 9

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The Pilot Episode was originally aired as a episode of Diff'rent Strokes.

Kimberly is preparing for the class play at Eastlake. The Headmaster, Mr. Crocker is looking for a new housemother since the one he had quit on short notice. Everyone's costume has to be ready by tomorrow night in time for the rehearsal. Mrs. Garrett agreed to help out with the customs. Nancy is worried that she will have to quit since her father lost his job and can no longer afford to send her to school. Fortunately, Mrs Garrett talked the Head trustee into creating an academic scholarship so Nancy could stay at EastLake. Did you notice that Mindy Cohn is not in this episode.

Season One

Rough Housing

Episode: 01

Aug 24, 79 Mrs. Garrett a loveable and comic housekeeper, becomes the house mother to five girls attending an exclusive all-girl finishing school. All of the girls are getting ready for their Annual Harvest Dance. Miss. Mahoney is upset that Mr. Bradley changed Eastland's Iron-clad curfew rules after 54 years. Blair won Harvest Queen for three years in a row. Cindy ran against Blair and won Corn Maiden of Harvest. Conrad Bain, Todd Bridges, Gary Coleman, Dana Plato
Like Mother, Like Daughter

Episode: 02

Aug 31, 79 It's parents night at Eastland and Mrs. Garrett tries to convince the campus beauty, Blair, that she will not have to be like her flirtatious mother. Pam Huntington, Donald May
The Return of Mister Garrett

Episode: 03

Sep 7, 79 Mrs. Garrett's handsome and charming ex-husband, a gambler, teaches Tootie how to play poker. Robert Alda

Episode: 04

Sep 14, 79 One of the students makes public list of all the students IQ scores. Also Mrs. Garrett learns to fly an airplane. The Girls take their midterm exam. No Guest Stars
Emily Dickenson

Episode: 05

Mar 14, 80 One of Mrs. Garretts charges, Blair feel guilty after receiving the highest grade in the class on an Emily Dickenson poem she plagiarized. The poem was "Beauty crowds me till I die" from the complete poems of Emily Dickenson. Duane Ladage
The Facts of Love

Episode: 06

Apr 04, 80 Mrs. Garrett tries to explain between boys and girls to one of the girls in her house. This is the one where Mrs. Garrett teaches sex education to the girls at Eastland. Mrs. Garrett is a registered nurse. Greg Bradford
Flash Flood

Episode: 07

Apr 11, 80 When a torrential rain storm hits the school, Steven Bradley, the head master, heroically rescues Blair. Vincent Bufano, Bern Bennett

Episode: 08

Apr 25, 80 Mrs. Garrett is trying to persuade the headmaster, Steven Bradley, to provide funds for a new stereo for the common room. She ends up buying Tumpy's for $175. Hilary Horan, Helen Hunt

Episode: 09

May 02, 80 Sue Ann and Cindy compete for a track race. Sue Ann won three years in a row. Notice the clock in the common room it always has the same time on it. No Guest Stars

Episode: 10 Aug 08, 80 A school lesson inspires the adopted Natalie Green to launch a search for her real parents. Blair gets her moms boyfriend, Judge Garfield, to find out who her real mother is. Natalie was born September 2, 1966 in Manhatten. No Guest Stars

Episode: 11

Sep 05, 80 Sue Ann goes on a crash diet to impress a socially prominent date, with her new slim figure. Greg Bradford
Molly's Holiday

Episode: 12

Oct 03, 80 The girls plan to reunite Molly Parker's separated parents backfires when her father arrives with his new girlfriend. William Bogert, Lee Crawford

Episode: 13

Oct 10, 80 The girls write their own essays for career day. Tootie's dad, a lawyer, thinks Mrs. Garrett's beauty sessions are a bad influence on his daughter and wants to take her out of the Eastland School.

Season Two:

New Girl
"Part 1"

Episode: 14

Nov 19, 80 Blair clashes with tough new girl Jo, and the girls take the school van on a joy ride. Gary Coleman, Peter Fox, Reb Brown
New Girl
"Part 2"

Episode: 15

Nov 26, 80 After four of Mrs. Garrett's girls wreck the school van during a joy ride to the Chug-a-lug bar, they are put on probation for six months. They must live over the cafeteria and work in the kitchen until the damage to the van is paid off. Molly Ringwald, Hugh Gillin, Susie Goddard, Amy Gibson, Rene Lampart, Bunny Summers
Double Standard

Episode: 16

Dec 10, 80 Blair gets upset when her old childhood boyfriend invites Jo to the cotillion at the Highcrest Country Club instead of her. Grant Wilson
Who am I

Episode: 17

Dec 17, 80 Tootie is attracted to a young man who seems determined to turn her against her school and her white friends. Erik Moses, David Coburn
Cousin Geri

Episode: 18

Dec 24, 80 Some facts of life come hard for Blair who is embarrassed by her cousin's handicap, who has cerebral palsy, although her friends are simply charmed by her. Cousin Geri is played by the nightclub comedienne Geri Jewell who has cerebral palsy. Geri Jewell, Hugh Gillin

Episode: 19

Dec 31, 80 It's Mrs. Garrett's birthday and Jo, Tootie, Natalie are in competition with Blair to get her something really nice. But the plan backfires when Mrs. Garrett gets arrested for shoplifting when she innocently tries to exchange it for a smaller size. Dick O'Neil, Hazel Shermet, Bradd Trumbull
Teen Marriage
"Part 1 & 2"

Episode: 20, 21

Jan 7 & 14, 81 Sixteen year-old Jo calls her mom to invite her to the big debate at Bates Academy only to learn that her mother is living with another man, Jack, so she decides to elope with her Seaman Recruit boyfriend, Eddie who went AWOL to come to visit Jo.Everyone was trying to talk her out of it. Mrs. Garrett call Jo's mom, Rose Polniaczek; Blair went on a double date with the captain of the debating team; everyone gave her a bridal shower. First appearance of Jo's boyfriend, Eddie, from the bronx. Clark Brandon, Brain Fuld, Hugh Gillin, Bella Bruck, Mark Savalle, Bill Dana
Breaking Point

Episode: 22

Jan 28, 81 Blair has some stiff competiton for the class presidential election. Denise Halma
Sex Symbol

Episode: 23

Feb 4, 81 Natalie's first date has unanticipated consequences. Dan Spector
The Secret

Episode: 24

Feb 25, 81 Jo won the best new student award. Tootie is the mail monitor. Jo's Dad, who's an ex-con, comes to visit the school. Alex Rocco
Pretty Babies

Episode: 25

Mar 04, 81 A high fashion photographer discovers Tootie as his new model. Not Available
Bought and Sold

Episode: 26

Mar 11, 81 Blair starts selling cosmetics and wants to give Natalie a glamorous make-over. Zsa Zsa Gabor, Todd Bridges
Free Spirit

Episode: 27

Mar 18, 81 Mrs. Garrett's song writing son visits and she finds out the truth about his career. Natalie is studying for her spanish exam. Not Available
Brian and Sylvia

Episode: 28

Mar 25, 81 "Brian and Sylvia" is a pilot for a spinoff focusing on Tootie's aunt and uncle who have a interracial marriage--she's black and he's white. Tootie and Natalie visit them in New York where Sylvia is a local news anchor and Brian is the head of a recreational department. They argue over her career offer to head a big city newscast in L.A. Ja'Net Dubois, Lynn Moody, Richard Dean

Episode: 29

Jun 03, 81 Tootie is upset when Blair, Jo and the Eleventh graders are going on a field trip to New York so she spreads some gossip that causes problems for Mrs. Garrett and has Blair, Nancy, and Jo fighting. Hugh Gillin, Kenneth Mars, Felice Schachter, Julie Piekarsky, Julie Ann Haddock

Season Three

Growing Pains

Episode: 30

Oct 28, 81 Tootie is tired of being treated like a kid, turns to alcohol to prove she isn't. Roger Perry
Fear Strikes Back

Episode: 31

Nov 04, 81 Natalie withdraws into herself when she becomes the victim of a rape attempt. Louis Welch, and Paige Conner
A Baby in the House

Episode: 32

Nov 11, 81 Blair's friend Allison, a former student, brings her baby for a visit with her old classmates, then disappears, leaving her infant to their care. Emily's father's name is David. Heather Kerr, Danielle Nathanson, Kristin Nathanson
A Friend in Deed

Episode: 33

Nov 18, 81 Blair's Mother deals with suspected breast cancer by hiding the truth from her family. Geri Jewell, Marj Dusay
Front Page

Episode: 34

Nov 25, 81 Burned by her journalism teacher's scathing critcism, Jo turns out a front page story linking him to a drug bust that gets him fired from Eastland. Steven Anderson, Loren Lester, Julie Piekarskie, Julie Haddock
Give and Take

Episode: 35 Dec 02, 81 The girls take Mrs. Garrett in hand when a financial setback makes her despondant and indifferent to her responsibilities. Roger Perry
Sweet Sorrow

Episode: 36 Dec 09, 81 Jo's Boyfriend Eddie comes to town and takes an disliking to her lab partner. Bob and Jo get serious with their studies. They show for the first time a back door to the common room. Eddie has earned a new strip. Clark Brandon, Shawn Stevens
From Russia With Love

Episode: 37

Dec 16, 81 Natalie's grandmother arrives unexpectedly on the weekend for which Natalie has more romantic plans with a date with Chip Douglas from Bates Academy in New York. Molly Picon
Dear Me

Episode: 38

Dec 23, 81 Tootie invents an imaginary boyfriend, Lee Watson Jr form Washington, to discourage her matchmaking peers, but then has to deal with their curiosity. Felice Schachter, Todd Hollowell, David Wallace, Philip Linton
Cousin Geri Returns

Episode: 39

Dec 30, 81 The girls set up a date between the much admired French teacher and Blair's handicapped cousin Geri, but then get suspicious when he asks for another date. Not Available

Episode: 40

Jan 06, 82 A bequest from Blair's grandfather shakes a secret out of her family tree. Roger Perry
Green-Eyed Monster

Episode: 41

Jan 13, 82 A jealous Natalie is out for revenge when Tootie lands the lead in the school production of South Pacific. Not Available
The Americanization of Miko

Episode: 42

Jan 20, 82 A Japanese father's banzai traditionalism alienates his happily Americanized daughter. Miko wrecked Jo's motorcycle when her father was going to take her our of Eastland. Lauren Tom, Mako
The Marriage Brokers

Episode: 43

Jan 27, 82 The girls are surprised to learn that Mrs. Garrett's date has been her very affectionalte friend for 15 years. Norman Alden, Scott Strader, William Marquez, Pepe Crow

Episode: 44

Feb 03, 92 Tootie's passion for Jermaine Jackson worries her friends, especially when she receives his personal invitation to a concert. Geri Jewell, Jermaine Jackson
The Four Musketeers

Episode: 45

Feb 10, 82 The girls are released from Mrs. Garrett's custody and told that they can go their seperate ways. FYI: The famous paint fight episode. Susan Blackstone
The Affair

Episode: 46

Feb 17, 82 Natalie forces a painful confrontation with her father when she learns of his extramarital affair. Not Available

Episode: 47

Feb 24, 82 Tootie runs off to Manhattan, where she's confronted with teen-age prostitution. Lauren Tom, Tammy Lauren, Darrell Fetty, Linda Darlow, Larry Gelman, Belle Ellig
New York, New York

Episode: 48

Mar 3, 82 Blair and Jo, perenial enemies, take a good look at themselves during a vacation reunion with old friends. Alexa Kenn, Danna Kimmell, Jan Rabson, Bunny Summers, David Bond
Kid's Can Be Cruel

Episode: 49

Mar 17, 82 Natalie's out to even a score with Blair, but doesn't stop to consider who might get hurt in the process. Not Available
Mind Your Own Business

Episode: 50

Mar 24, 82 A veil of secrecy descends upon the dormitory after Natalie discovers Blair sneaked a peak at her diary. No Guest Stars
The Academy

Episode: 51

Mar 31, 82 Blair's "socially connected" blind date for a military school dance courtesy of Jo turns out to be a Dead End Kid. David Ackroyd, Jimmy Baio, Peter Frechette, David Hubbard, Ben Marley, John P. Navin Jr.
Jo's Cousin

Episode: 52

Apr 14, 82 While visiting her family, Jo tries to pretty up her lovesick tomboy cousin. Donnelly Rhodes, Megan Follows, John Mengatti, Grant Cramer, D.W. Brown
Read No Evil

Episode: 53

May 05, 82 Books are disappearing from the school library shelves for "reevaluation,". A protesting Mrs. Garrett is muzzled "for the sake of the school" and an angry editorial gets Natalie bounced from the school paper. Donnelly Rhodes, Roger Perry, Geri Jewell, Susan Davis, Ed Penn, W. Perren Page, Beverly Dixon

Season Seven

Out of the Fire

Episode: 134

Sep 14, 85 A seventh season begins on a charring note: the girls return from their summer vacations to find that Edna's Edibles has been destroyed by fire. Robert DoQui, Armin Shimerman
Into The Frying Pan

Episode: 135

Sep 21, 85 George Clooney joins the cast as George Burnett, an appealing but none-too-competent builder who's hired to transform the remains of Edna's Edibles into a a trendy boutique. Dave Shelley, Richard Brestoff, Laura Esterman, Jerry Anderson
Grand Opening

Episode: 136

Sep 28, 85 The boutique is ready for the grand opening which proves to be anything but grand. Greg Monaghan, Thomas Hill, Ruth Gillette, Eve Smith, Douglas Warhit, Lenora May, Sarah Abrell, Paul Comi, Patrick Cleary
Teacher, Teacher

Episode: 137

Oct 05, 85 Jo is torn between accepting a well-paying job in from a major corporation and the challenge of teaching. Ian Giatti, Irene Tedrow, Joyce Bulifant, John DeMita, Penina Segall, Dinah Lacey, Jason Bernard
Men for all Seasons

Episode: 138

Oct 19, 85 Natalie's boy friend apperas in a popular beefcake calendar of the Langley swim team -- a alendar that is frowned upon by the college board of regents. Yves Andre Martin, Jane Kean, John D. Lemay, Francis Megan, Sandra Evigan
A New Life

Episode: 139

Oct 26, 85 Needing advice on her love life, Blair asks her mother to visit, only to learn that her mom needs advice even more than she does. Blair fears the worst when she learns her mother is pregnant. Marj Dusay, Peter Michael Goetz

Episode: 140

Nov 02, 85 Andy enters the girls in a contest to sing with El Deborge. Murphy Dunne, Lee Wilson, Siedah Garrett, Ray Combs, El DeBarge
Come Back to the Truck Stop

Episode: 141

Nov 09, 85 Natalie goes to a truck stop in search of story material and lets her imagination run wild, casting her friends in bizarre roles in a mystery involving a 1 million inheritance. Randal Patrick, Connie Danese, Cary Lee Davis, Charo
Born Too Late

Episode: 142

Nov 16, 85 Tootie realizes that young Andy has a crush on her when she tutors him for a role in "West Side Story", which turns him on to her more than just acting. No Guest Stars

Episode: 143

Nov 23, 85 A Journalism assignment puts Jo and Blair before the TV college cameras when they attempt to stage a live newscast from the store but they can't agree on the content of their news stories. Not Available
We Write Letters

Episode: 144

Nov 30, 85 Mrs. Garrett's former long time college friend Gwen accuses her of having a 15 year affair with her late husband and produces a stack of letters to prove it. Anne Jackson, Casey King, Jane Anderson
Ballroom Dance

Episode: 145

Dec 07, 85 Jo decides to take up ballroom dancing and attempts to hide the fact from her friends but she an her assigned partner seem to have two left feet. Alan Campbell, Net Bernsein, Andre Taylor, Barbara Arms
Christmas Baby

Episode: 146

Dec 14, 85 Blair's mother, Monica goes into pre-mature labor on Christmas day and it is Blair who is by her side . Marj Dusay, Patrick Baldauff, Bill Applebaum, Francesca P. Roberts, Noelle North
Tootie Drives

Episode: 147

Dec 21, 85 Mrs. Garrett helps young Tootie prepare for her driving test while she's driving everyone bananas in the process. Richard McKenzie, Paul Newbitt
Stake Out Blues

Episode: 148

Jan 11, 86 The police want to stake out the shop to nab a group of counterfeiters, the girls, not wanting to worry Mrs. Garrett insist she's not told about the operation. Demetre Phillips, Ann Neeison, Arthur Malet
The Agent

Episode: 149

Jan 18, 86 Tootie and Blair give an aspiring campus comic a career boost by staging a performance attended by Jim McCrawley, talent coordinator of the "The Tonight Show". Jeffrey Joseph, Jim McCawley, Tyler Linkin
The Reunion

Episode: 150

Feb 01, 86 Jo agrees to pose as George's fiancee at his high-school class reunion in an effort to impress his former girlfriend. Liz Keifer

Episode: 151

Feb 08, 86 Headed for an awards ceremony, Blair and her baby sister Bailey are trapped in an elevator with a man who has a very special past. Nehemiah Persoff
Atlantic City

Episode: 152

Feb 15, 86 The girls are in Atlantic City, and Jo sees Fly man from last years spring break, and sees he has changed. Not Available
The Lady Who Came To Dinner

Episode: 153

Feb 22, 86 Every one throws a surpise bithday party for Blair. Not Available
The Candidate

Episode: 154

Mar 01, 86 Natalie decides to run for mayor of Peekskill Not Available
Big Time Charlie

Episode: 155

Mar 29, 86 Jo's Father wins alot of money Alex Rocco
The Graduate

Episode: 156

May 03, 86 Tooties Auditioning for the role of Dorothy in "The Wiz", but auditions are same time as graduation. Chip Fields
The Apartment

Episode: 157

May 10, 86 Natalie and Tootie find out how hard it is to live together alone in a small Peekskill apartment building Not Available

Season Eight

Out Of Peekskill

Episode: 158, 159

Sep 27, 86 Mrs Garrett is torn between two loves: the girls in Peekskill; and Dr Bruce Gains, who she meet 20 years ago, in the piece corps, the man who wants to marry her and carry her off to Africa. When Mrs. Garrett decides to marry and move to Africa, her sister Beverly Ann, moves in with the girls. Charlotte Rae, Eve Smith, Ruth Gillette, Beverly Leech, Robert Mandan, Marc Mantell, Richard M. Newkirk, Charlie Dell
Ready or Not

Episode: 160

Oct 04, 86 Beverly Ann is worried that Tootie and Rudy are considering becoming lovers. Claude Brooks, Lois Nettleton
Another Room

Episode: 161

Oct 11, 86 Fed up with the circus atmosphere and lack of privacy created by four girls in one room, Jo decides to move. Jo finds it difficult to pay her share of transforming the attic into a loft so she sells her bike. Kent Perkins
Off Broadway Baby

Episode: 162

Nov 01, 86 At a broadway audition Tootie is shocked to hear another aspirant practicing Tooties song, "Two Hearts", magnificantly. Stacy Q
The Little Chill

Episode: 163

Nov 08, 86 A reunion of Eastland Alumnae brings back fond memories of past in flashbacks and produce unexpected revelations about the present. Felice Schachter, Julie Anne Haddock, Julie Piekarski
The Ratings Game

Episode: 164

Nov 15, 86 Blair rates her dates by computer and Jo switches two guys to snare at Blairs No. 10. Kevin Blair, Bradley White, Larry Spinak, Paul Feig
Wedding Day

Episode: 165

Nov 22, 86 Unaware of the legal consequences, Jo offers to marry an illegal alien. George Clooney, Nick Corri, Robert Phalen, Lewis Dauber
Fast Food

Episode: 166

Nov 29, 86 To pass a buisness course Blair relutantly goes to work at a Mexican fast-food franchise for assistant manager Natalie and just may blow an whole enchilada for both of them. Orson Bean, Alan Blumenfeld, Meg Wyllie, Blake Clark
Where's Poppa

Episode: 167

Dec 06, 86 Blair is horrified when her father is indicted for tax evasion. Not Available
Write and Wrong

Episode: 168

Dec 13, 86 A furious Natalie determines to idenify and sue the plagerist who sold her short story to the magazine. George Clooney, Billie Bird, Dennis Drake
Seven Little Indians

Episode: 169

Jan 03, 87 A Surrealistic drama unfolds on a dark stormy night as a killer stalks the store. George Clooney,
Maurice Lamache
The Greek Connection

Episode: 170

Jan 10, 87 Natalie crashes the rush party of the sorority that Tootie wants to join. Penelope Ann Miller, Brenda Lynn Klemme, Lela Rochon, Kristen Cumming, Signy Coleman
Post-Christmas Card

Episode: 171

Jan 17, 87 As a Christmas gift, Natalie gets her first credit card, and goes on a spending spree. Not Available
A Star is Torn

Episode: 172

Jan 31, 87 Cinnamon who bested Tootie in the auditions for a Broadway rock musical, shows up that shes been replaced, but that is not the story. George Clooney,
Stacy Q,
Sam Whipple
A Winters Tale

Episode: 173

Feb 07, 87 The girls are snowed in at a ski cabin with three guys who are preparing a bachelor party, but the groom is ready to call off the wedding when he takes a look at Blair. Not Available
Cupids Revenge

Episode: 174

Feb 14, 87 The girls' love lives go awry on Valentine's Day. Not Available
62-Pick Up

Episode: 175

Feb 21, 87 Bobby Rydell and Fabian visit the girls and together they look and recall the sound of the 1960's. Bobby Rydell,
Boy About the House

Episode: 176

Feb 28, 87 Beverly Ann is sick of seeing Andy being shuffled around from one foster home to another, so she offers to adopt him. Jay Johnson, Jean Sincere
Ex-Marks The Spot

Episode: 177

Mar 07, 87 Beverly Ann's ex shows up unexpectedly hoping for a reconciliation. Dick Van Patten
Orson Bean,
Lois Nettleton,
Jeffery Alan Chandler,
Randy Brenner,
Takayo Fischer
Younger Than Springtime

Episode: 178

Mar 27, 87 Jo is unhappy that Blair is playing matchmaker with Jo's lonely father because she is unhappy to see the results. Alex Rocco, Susan Walters, Linda Henning
This is Only a Test

Episode: 179

Apr 18, 87 Blair learns that her test score, not the influence of her parents, will decide if she is admitted to law school. John O'Leary
Rites of Passage

Episode: 180

May 02, 87 It is now time for Jo and Blair to graduate from college, but Jo got turned down by the speech committee, instead, Blair will be giving the graduation speech. Nicolas Coster, Marj Dusay, Sheldon Leonard, Claire Malis, Ben Plazza, Alex Rocco
Rights of Passage

Episode: 181

May 09, 87 Summer offers a variety of options for everyone, especially Jo, who's offered a tempting job in Los Angeles. Jonathan Perpich, Adam Carl

Favorite Episode

Season Four

Facts of Life Goes To Paris

Episode: 54, 55, 56, 57

Sep 25, 82 Goto the Facts of Life Movies page to see description, pictures, guest stars and more. (see left)
Ain't Miss Beholden

Episode: 58

Sep 29, 82 Although Jo's scholarship is ending, she won't accept aid from Blair's family foundation. Not Available
The Source

Episode: 59

Oct 06, 82 Natalie fabricates her source for an article on a schoolmate's abortion, then risks expulsion for refusing to reveal the non-existent girl's name to the furning headmaster. No Guest Stars
The Sound of Silence

Episode: 60

Oct 27, 82 Tootie refuses to get help for a hearing problem that's affecting both her behavior and her grades. Not Available
The Oldest Living Graduate

Episode: 61

Nov 03, 82 Jo interviews the school's oldest living graduate, who's so taken with the girl that she cuts the school out of her will and leaves her fortune to Jo. Roger Parker, Amzie Strickland
Different Drummer

Episode: 62

Nov 10, 82 Blair's motives are called into question when she develops a friendship with a handsome and retarded admirer. Not Available
Dearest Mommy

Episode: 63

Nov 17, 82 Natalie finds her natural mother, with understanding assistance from her adopitve mom. Not Available
Woman's Place

Episode: 64

Nov 24, 82 Jo and the mechanic she works with on weekends are hitting on all cylinders, but he blows a gasket when she's promoted over him. Dean Simone, Pierrino Mascarino
Daddy Girl

Episode: 65

Dec 01, 82 Blair faces and embarassing tax audit after she blithely signs a tax return prepared by her father who was fudging on his taxes. Not Available
The Big Fight

Episode: 66

Dec 08, 82 Cadet from the nearby military academy asks Natalie to a boxing match. He's fighting to impress Natalie and his dad, even though he's hopelessly outmatched. Not Available
For The Asking

Episode: 67

Dec 15, 82 Natalie stubbornly maintains a vociferous boycott of the Sadie Hawkins Day Dance on the grounds it's "male chauvenistic manipulation." Not Available
September Song

Episode: 68

Dec 22, 82 A charming 70 yr. old proposes to Mrs. Garrett, but the girls protest he's much too old for her. Murray Matheson
A Royal Pain

Episode: 69

Jan 05, 83 A new student arrives with mixed credentials: she's a princess and a habitual runaway and she's already planning her next escape. Not Available
Magnificent Obsession

Episode: 70

Jan 12, 83 Blair makes a fool of herself over a young heel who treats her like an old shoe. Blair's behavior toward her new boyfriend could cost her self respect and her best friends. Not Available
Under Pressure

Episode: 71

Jan 19, 83 The girls spin a tangled web of lies in their eagerness to prevent Mrs. Garrett's slightly elevated blood pressure from going any higher. Not Available
Teacher's Pet

Episode: 72

Jan 26, 83 Purely by chance, Jo learns that a young teacher and close friend has decided to exit Eastland. Not Available
Let's Party

Episode: 73

Feb 09, 83 The hazzards of drinking and driving are driven home to the girls when they go to a pizza party thrown for them by Tootie's brother. Kevin Sullivan, Michael Harrington
Best Sister

Episode: 74, 75

Feb 16, 23, '83 Blair's gadabout sister stuns everyone with her decision to become a nun: and Jo returns from a Yale weekend with stunning news of her own. Eve Plumb, Jon Caliri
Guess What's Coming To Dinner

Episode: 76

Mar 09, 83 Mrs. Garrett is delighted to see her Parisian friend Chef Antoine until he dashes off to town, sticking her with his wife, brother, and mother who don't speak any English. Roger Til, Cynthia Latam, Maurice Marsac, Lilyan Chauvin
Who's On First

Episode: 77

Mar 30, 83 Tootie is hurt when her best friend Natalie becomes preoccupied with a new boyfriend. Jeffery Rogers, Dawn Schoder, Cheryl Epps
Help From Home

Episode: 78

apr 06, 83 Jo refuses a partial scholarship to a prestigious college because the remaining tuition would still work too much of a hardship on her family. Her father sells his '66 Mustang to pay for her first years tuition at Langley. Laura Summer, Alex Rocco, Claire Malis
Take My Finals Please

Episode: 79

Apr 27, 83 Mrs. Garrett rides hard on an all-night study session for Blair, Jo, Natalie, and Tootie- cramming together for finals for the last time. No Guest Stars

Episode: 80, 81

May 4, 83 It's graduation day, signaling the departure of Blair and Jo for college. Although they'll be only 20 minutes away, Natalie and Tootie become increasingly testy and tearful during preparations for the ceremonies. Heather McAdam, Alan Bardsley, Geri Jewell, Marj Dusay, Loren Lester, Laura Summer, Pamela Cohn, Jill Mallorie, Claire Malis, Alex Rocco

Season Five

Brave New World

Episode: 82, 83

Sep 21, 83 As Blair and Jo make the transition from Easland to Langley, where Jo faces a financial crisis that may end her school days and Blair is oblivious to everyone else's problems. Roger Perry, Joel Brooks
Gamma Gamma or Bust

Episode: 84

Sep 28, 83 Blair wangles a plum sorority job for Mrs. Garrett's new catering business, then gets her fired in a heated dispute over the menu. Jami Gertz
Just My Bill

Episode: 85

Oct 12, 83 Jo is keeping it a secret that she's in love with a wonderful guy, and he's keeping it a secret from her that his family is very rich and very upper crust. Jo is resentful when she finds this out. Kelly alfonato is in this episode. Peter Nelson, Joan Freeman,
Frank A. Letter, Rene Assa
What Price Glory

Episode: 86

Oct 19, 83 Tootie is dismayed to find the light of her life, a star school athlete, is illiterate and wants her to help him cheat on his exams. Geri Jewell, Todd Hollowell
The Halloween Show

Episode: 87

Oct 26, 83 It's Halloween and the girls fear that Mrs. Garrett is possessed when a customer disappears and 25 pounds of much-needed ground meat suddenly appears. Lan Wolfe
Advanced Placement

Episode: 88

Nov 02, 83 The rise and fall of Natalie: her enrollment in an advanced placement course at Langley College inflates her ego and deflates her grades. Jami Gertz
I'm Dancing as Fast as I Can

Episode: 89

Nov 09, 83 For a birthday surprise, the girls take Mrs. Garrett to a club featuring male exotic dancers, but the one who's in for the real surprise is Blair. Woody Brown, Phillip MacKenzie, Larry Poindexter, Dan Peterson, Read Scott, Roger Menache, Hodari Sababu
Small But Dangerous

Episode: 90

Nov 16, 83 Streetwise Kelly alleges that the vandalism of Edna's Edibles was the work of a local gang, but Jo decides to investigate. Not Available
Store Games

Episode: 91

Nov 30, 83 The girls plan to organize a counterspy operation to combat the cutthroat tactcs of a deli owner who's been copying Edna's recipes and then underselling her. William Windom
The Second Time Around

Episode: 92

Dec 14, 83 Jo misinterprets her father's intention to marry and lashes out when she realizes her parents aren't reconciling. Alex Rocco, Claire Malis
The Christmas Show

Episode: 93

Dec 21, 83 Christmas at Edna's Edibles has the makings of a big fizzle: Jo can't get home; Blair is taking a ski trip alone; and Mrs. Garrett is banking on a holiday fruitcake that's about to become a glut on the market. Not Available
Chain Letter

Episode: 94

Dec 28, 83 While Mrs. Garrett frets over an inspection by the Board of Health, the girls get involved with a chain letter and ignore their responsibilities. Not Available
Next Door

Episode: 95

Jan 04, 84 Tootie makes friends with the boy next door, a second grader with orders from his mother to avoid strangers at all costs. She tries to get the wary latchkey child to leave his apartment during an emergency evacuation. Taliesin Jaffo, Jean Smart
Crossing The Line

Episode: 96

Jan 11, 84 Natalie first declines then accepts a dance invitation from Tootie's cousin drawing support from some and criticism from the others, including Tootie. Todd Hollowell, Peter Parros, Rob Stone
All or Nothing

Episode: 97

Jan 18, 84 Newly elected board member Jo tackles the regents of Langley when they vote to cut academic scholarships in favor of a scoreboard nobody wants. Jami Gertz, John Randolph
A Death In The Family

Episode: 98

Feb 01, 84 The girls are shaken by the sudden death of Natalie's father, Sai and wonder how to ease her pain. Mitzi Hoag, Molly Picon, Danna Hansen, John Shearin, Walter Mathews, Patricia Wilcon
Big Fish/Little Fish

Episode: 99

Feb 08, 84 Jo becomes a float queen and something of a school favorite, while Natalie is still nubed by the death of her dad six weeks later. Don Keller, Danny Scott, Ellen Wheeler
Star At Langley

Episode: 100

Feb 15, 84 Blair finds her relationship with Cliff threatened by a movie star who's enrolled at Langley. Robyn Bernard is a sister to Crystal Bernard on "Wings". Geri Jewell, Woody Brown, Robyn Bernard, Jami Gertz, David Tiefen
Dream Marriage

Episode: 101

Feb 22, 84 A marriage proposal from Blair's boyfriend starts her dreaming about the future for herself and her friends. Woody Brown, Paul Tompkins
Mother and Daughter

Episode: 102

Feb 29, 84 A large communication gap seperates Tootie and her lawyer mother who's come to lecture at the college. Chip Fields
All By Herself

Episode: 103

Mar 14, 84 Blair takes away all of Geri's responsibilities in planning a charity auction. Geri Jewell
Seems Like Old Times

Episode: 104

Mar 21, 84 Seems like old times, almost, when Jo's sailor boy friend comes to visit on leave. Clark Brandon, Paul Keith
Joint Custody

Episode: 105

May 02, 84 Raymond and his wife Doris visit, Edna finds out that they are getting a divorce, and she will have to sell the property. Not Available
The Way We Were

Episode: 106, 107

May 09, 84 While preparing for vacations away from one another, the girls clean up their room and dig up years of memories recalled in flashbacks. No Guest

Season Six

Guest Stars Picture
The Summer of '84

Episode: 108

Sep 26, 84 Every one tells their summer vacation, finding out they didn't know that much of eachother as they thought they did. John Astin, Jeff B. Cohen, Woody Brown, Bruce Solomon, Seth Jaffe, Richard Stahl.
A Slice of Life

Episode: 109

Oct 03, 84 The demand exceeds supply and the girls go for the dough when the whole campus flips out over Jo's homemade pizza. Meanwhile, Mrs. Garrett goes on a diet. Tony Longo, Lisa Freeman, Stephen Schubert, Michael Zorek, Bob Berger
Love At First Byte

Episode: 110

Oct 17, 84 For a psychology term paper, Natalie secretly enrolls Jo and Blair in a computer dating service. Christopher Durnam, Joe Brutsman, Leif Green, Terence McGovern, Charles Champion
My Boyfriends Back

Episode: 111

Oct 24, 84 Tootie's first date with Jeff since he started college at Penn State leaves her feeling that she must sleep with him in order to keep him. Todd Hollowell, John Terlesky, Eileen Seeley, Adrian Ricard, Mary Burkin, Phyllis Erhlich

Episode: 112

Oct 31, 84 Each of the girls has her own reason for wanting to see what it's like to go cruising, so they borrow Blair's fathers car and hit the streets of downtown Peekskill. Not Available
Taking A Chance on Love

Episode: 113, 114

Nov 07, 84 Jo's Feelings toward her photography instructor, who's 30, develop into more than just academic interest. Kristoffer Tabori, Kelly Ann Conn, David Tiefen, Dean Cameron, Matt Shakman, Kerry Michaels.

Episode: 115

Nov 14, 84 Mrs. Garrett enrolls in a Shakespeare class, but worries that she might neglect her business and have trouble fitting in with the college crowd. Clive Revill, Toby Alexander, ID Karvoski, Claudia Tempelton, Rick Simone, Roz Witt
Dear Apple

Episode: 116

Nov 21, 84 Jo uses the school computer to "discuss" a fight she's having with Blair and is surprised by the very human advice it emotes. Not Available
Talk, Talk, Talk

Episode: 117

Nov 28, 84 Jo is handed a tough assignment of hosting a five hour radio program. She relies on her gift of gab when the radio station has no records to play. Michael Zorek, Colby Chester, Steve Susskind, Joanne Giudici, Peter Sebastian

Episode: 118

Dec 05, 84 Natalie has high hopes of breaking into journalism by taking a job at the local newspaper, Peekskill Press, but she may lose her new boyfriend, a freshman at Cornell, in the process. Rob Siemaszko, Casey Fitzgerald, Kelly Ann Conn, Kelly Dunn
The Rich Aren't Different

Episode: 119

Dec 12, 84 Jo breaks Blair's watch but feels no need to pay for it or even apologize because, after all, Blair has other watches and lots of money. Andrew Cassese, Elliott Reid, Greg Winfield, Albert Popwell, Ruth Manning, William Pierson
Christmas in the Big House

Episode: 120

Dec 19, 84 There's a slight mixup in the girls' plans to do a Christmas show at a home for boys, and they find them-selves presenting a kiddy program to convicts. Todd Susman, Bruce Glover, Stanley Ralph Ross, Michael Milhoan, Starr Andreef, Joann Willette
Me and Eleanor

Episode: 121

Jan 02, 85 Natalie assumes she'll once again write Tootie's performing entry for the Peekskill Theatre Competition until Tootie decides to go it alone as actress and author, but leaves the friendship frayed when Tootie wants Natalie's "honest" opinion of her first work. Not Available
Working it Out

Episode: 122

Jan 09, 85 Everyone is baffled by Blair's suddenly irrational and bizarre behavior. Not Available

Episode: 123

Jan 16, 85 The death of a famous jazz singer brings back fond memories to Tootie and Natalie, who got to know him at a resort hotel where he worked as a waiter. Timothy Stack, Bill Henderson, Mackenzie Astin, Steve Gagnon, Jan Burrell, John Gowans, John Bernabei, Pat Benson, Betty Bunch
Two Guys From Appleton

Episode: 124

Jan 23, 85 Mrs. Garrett receives a visit from the high-school sweet heart she ran out on and she's swept off her feet all over again. Tim O'Conner, Ryan Cassidy
With a Little Help from my Friends

Episode: 125

Jan 30, 85 Blair is devastated when she learns that her boy friend is into cocaine. This is the second episode that deals with the subject of drugs. The first one was Dope from the first season. Andy (Mackenzie Astin) joins the cast. Thomas Byrd, John Ingle
Gone With The Wind

Episode: 126, 127

Feb 13 & 20, 85 Part 1: When the girls find out Natalie's grandmother's condominium is available, they jet to "sunny" Ft. Lauderdale with starry-eyed plans to spend their spring break "where the boys are," in part one of a special two part episode.
Part 2: The girls meet the boys in Ft. Lauderdale during spring break when Jo is swept off her feet by a local rock star and Blair surprisingly gets serious with a guy who doesn't meet her normal "standards" in the conclusion of a two-part episode. Michael Damian, Ryan Cassidy, Mark Tymchyshyn
Man In The Attic

Episode: 128

Feb 27, 85 Jo arranges to have Kevin, after being forced to leave his apartment, move into the attic of Edna's Edibles against the rest of the girls approval. Lisa Hunter
The Last Drive In

Episode: 129

Mar 13, 85 The girls resort to desperate measures to save a drive-in theater destined to be bulldozed. Martin Garner, Moon Unit Zappa

Episode: 130

Mar 20, 85 A budding romance develops between Blair's mother and Jo's Father. Alex Rocco, Marj Dusay
It's Lonely at the Top

Episode: 131

Mar 37, 85 Blair runs the store in her own way while Mrs. Garrett is away. Bill Dana, Nicolas Coster, Dean Hamilton, Peter DeLuise, Marcie Barkin
Bus Stop

Episode: 132

May 08, 85 The girls try to convince Natalie to enroll at Langley, but she has plans of her own. Mitzi Hoag, Kerry Noonan, Joshua Davis, George O. Petrie
The Interview Show

Episode: 133

May 15, 85 Interviewed by an alumna for a book on Eastland women, the girls and Mrs. Garrett become remarkably candid about them-selves and their relationships. Judith Cassmore, Mark Burke, Ken Daly, David Wakefield

Season Nine

Facts of Life Down Under

Episode: 182-185

Feb 15, 87 Goto the Facts of Life Movies page to see description, pictures, guest stars and more. (see left)
Down and Out in Malibu

Episode: 186, 187

Sep 26; Oct 03, 87 The ninth season opens with Jo, jobless, and homeless in Malibu, where Richard Moll just happens to need a house sitter. Richard Moll returns to the home he left in Jo's care and finds out that it has been flooded. Someone left the water running in the hot tub. Richard Moll, Rusty Colemon, Sandy Simpson, Johnny Dark, Nancy Everhard, Clyde Kusutsu, Greg Norberg, Johnny Dark
Rumor Has It

Episode: 188

Oct 17, 87 Blairs after-hours visit with a professor reputed to be a womanizer stirs up a storm of vicious rumors on campus. Franc Luz, Bonnie Campbell Britten, Evonne Kezios, Charles Summers, Frances Megan, Judson Allen, David Arnott
Before The Fall

Episode: 189

Oct 24, 87 Natalie goes under cover as an ROTC cadet to get a news story. Babette Props, Sarina Grant, Dennis Haysbert
Sweet Charity

Episode: 190

Nov 07, 87 Jo takes a job in a social work at a community center, then she learns that the center has no funds to pay her salary. Paul Provenza, Bumper Robinson, Elmarie Wendell
Up from Down Under

Episode: 191

Nov 14, 87 Sherrie Krenn joins the cast, as she moves in with the girls. She may only stay if she is going to school at Eastland. Not Available
The More The Marrier

Episode: 192

Nov 21, 87 As a Winter Carnival takes place Jeff proposes to Tootie. Not Available
A Rose By Another Age

Episode: 193

Nov 28, 87 Blair is stunned when her school study partner falls for Beverly Ann. Jeff Allin
Adventures in Bailysitting

Episode: 194

Dec 05, 87 Caring for her sister teaches Blair motherhood. Marj Dusay, Evelyn Guerrero, Ashleigh Sterling, Sabrina Wiener
It's A Wonderful Christmas

Episode: 195

Dec 12, 87 It's holiday time and Beverly Ann feels unneeded, until a mysterious santa shows her what Christmas in Peekskill would be like without her. Not Available
Golden Oldies

Episode: 196

Jan 02, 88 The girls imagine life 40 years into the future. Bill Macy
A Thousand Frowns

Episode: 197

Jan 09, 88 Jo introduces Andy a friend from the center. Paul Provenza,
Scott Bryce
Something in Common

Episode: 198

Jan 16, 88 It's not the music to hear his hears when Jo's dad learns that her boyfriend plays the piano at a dinner joint. In this episode, they also decide to close Over Our Heads. Scott Bryce, Alex Rocco
Peekskill Law

Episode: 199

Jan 23, 88 Blair's first assignment as a law clerk involves her in a scandelous murder trial. Franc Luz, Alan Autry, James Staley, Tony Steedman, Kathleen Connell, John Wesley
House Divided

Episode: 200

Jan 30, 88 Natalie and Tooties Boyfriends have nothing in common. Todd Hollowell
The First Time

Episode: 201

Feb 06, 88 Natalie and Snake plan to mark the anniversary of their first year together with an intimate encounter Robert Romanus
Let's Face the Music

Episode: 202

Feb 13, 88 A sponser of a musical benifit invites Jo and Blair to visit his beauty spa, where they are transformed but not in the way they expected. Peter Marc, Warren Burton, John Kassir, Tuesday Knight, Hannah Cutrona
Less Than Perfect

Episode: 203

Feb 20, 88 Blairs looks aren't all that take a beating from a vehiclular run-in with a tree. Paul Provenza, Ron Fassler, Catherine Paolone
Till Marriage Do Us Part

Episode: 204

Feb 27, 88 Rick Proposes to Jo in his own crazy way, and everyone anticipates the wedding execept Jo, who still hasn't excepted. Scott Bryce, Todd Hollowell, John Ingle, Twyla Littleton, Claire Malis, Paul Provenza, ALex Rocco, Robert Romanus
Present Imperfect

Episode: 205

Mar 05, 88 Tootie recieves a hideous pendant as an engagement present from Jeff's formidable grandmother and it is pulverised at Andy and Pippa's wild party just before the woman arrives. Beah Richards, Todd Hollowell, Devon Odessa, Cindi Dietrich, Nick Katt, Gregory Martin, Mike Finnerman
On The Edge

Episode: 206

Mar 12, 88 Sandy and Jo take Melissa, a girl who needs help to the amusement park. When the get back they found out that Melissa has run away. The next day people tell Jo that some lady is out on the roof, she finds out it is Sandy, the social worker. Alexandra Borrie, Suzanne Krull, Jane Dulo, John Harnagel, Sonya Winton, Sidney Chankin
Big Apple Blues

Episode: 207

Mar 19, 88 Natalies first bite of the big apple is hard to digest: she overnight's in a Sohos loft with the four weirdest people she has ever met. Not Available
The Beginning of the End

Episode: 208

Apr 30, 88 Blair decides to buy the financially troubled Eastland. Sam Behrens, Nicolas Coster, Kathleen Freeman, Mayim Bialik, Seth Green, Juliette Lewis, Meredith Scott Lynn, Marissa Mendenhall, Jason Naylor, Danny Dayton, Richard Mehana, Shirley Prestia, Sal Viscuso, John Welsh
The Beginning of the Beginning

Episode: 209

My 07, 88 Blair becomes headmistress of Eastland School. Sam Behrens, Kathleen Freeman, Scott Bryce, Mayim Bialik, Seth Green, Juliette Lewis, Meredith Scott Lynn, Marissa Mendenhall, Jason Naylor, John Buchanan, Russ Jolly, Lawrence Lowe, Larue Stanley