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Facts of Life

Facts of Life Tapes
1st of August in the year 2001

Here is where to find the episodes:

E ver wanted to find an certain AFacts of Life@ episode on tape, but find that you have taped many FOL on an bunch of tapes? Have you felt like tearing out your hair by the roots, tears of frustration running down your cheeks trying despairingly to find that episode? Have you ever threw your hands up in anger and said Aforget it .... I don=t even want to watch that episode or that show anyway?@ and walked away angry... not getting your AFacts of Life@ fill that day?

Well I have created a way for at least myself not to get that way again. I have gone through all of my FOL tapes and numbered them and wrote down every episode. I went straight to my computer and composed this AFacts of Life@ episode guide so when I need my fill of Mrs. G., Blair, Jo, Natlie, Tootie, Bevely Ann, Andy, George and Pippa I just have to come here and find out which episode I would care to watch, find the tape number and just pop the tape into the VCR. This guide has worked wonders with me... why don=t you give it a try also?

*** tape over **** retape

Tape #1

The Halloween Show
A star at Langley
Dream Marriage
Mother and Daughter
All by herself
Seems like old times
Joint custody
The summer of >84
The way we were
Dear Me
The Slice of Life

Tape #2

Like Mother, Like Daughter
Over achieving
Bought and Sold
Who am I
Mind Your Own Business
Daddy=s Girl
The Sound of Silence
A Death in the Family
Big Fish / Little Fish
Sex Symbol
Love at first Byte
All or Nothing
Ready or Not
Working it out
The Academy

Tape #3

Free Spirit
Brian Sylvia
A Baby in the House
A Friend in Deed
Give and Take
Cousin Geri Returns
The Americanization of Miko
Green~Eyed Monster
The Four Musketeers
The Affair
Kid=s can be Cruel
Jo=s Cousin
Read No Evil
Different Drummer
The Big Fight

Tape #4

Come back to the Truck Stop
From Russia with Love
Born to Late
The Secret
We get Letters
Ballroom Dance
Ain=t Miss Beholden
Stake out Blues
The Reunion
The Facts of Love
In Atlantic City
Surprise Party
The Candidate
Tootie Graduation
The Apartment
Out of Peekskill

Tape # 5

Fast Food
Where=s Pappa
Write or Wrong
Seven Little Indians
The Greek Connection
Return of Cinnamon
A Winters Tale
Cupids Revenge
Boy about the House
Ex marks the spot
Younger than Spring Time
Growing Pains
This is only a Test
Sweet Sorrow

Tape # 6

Dear Apple
Talk, Talk, Talk
Gone with the Wind
Me and Eleanor
A Man in the Attic
The last Drive~in
It=s Lonely at the Top
Eastland Interview
Bus Stop
Teacher Teacher

Tape #7
The Right of Passage
Down and out in Malibu ****
Before the Fall
Sweet Charity ****
Winters Carnival
A Rose by Another Age
Adventures in Bailysitting
Golden Oldies
A Thousand Frowns
Something in Common
Let=s Face the Music

Tape # 8

Facts of Life Down Under
Less than Perfect
Till Marriage Do us Part
Present Imperfect
Big Apple Blues
Christmas in the Big House
The Christmas Show
Christmas Baby
The Beginning of the End
The Beginning of the Beginning

Tape #9

Rough Housing
The Return of Mister Garrett
Emily Dickinson
Flash Flood
Cousin Geri

Tape #10

Facts of Life Goes to Paris
For the Asking
September Song
Magnificent Obsession
Under Pressure
Let=s Party
Best Sister
Take my Finals please

Tape #19

Green~Eyed Monster***
Daddy=s Girl ***
A Royal Pain
Teacher=s Pet
Crossing the Line
Guess Who=s coming to Dinner
All or Nothing ***

Tape #20

Small but Dangerous ****
Store Games
E! True Hollywood Stories
Another Room
A Star is Torn
The Little Chill
The Ratings Games

Tape #21

Who=s on First
Help from Home
Gamma Gamma or Bust
Just my Bill
What Price Glory
Advanced Placement

Tape #22

Chain Letter
Next Door
The Four Musketeers***
Mind Your Own Business***

Tape #23

New Girl part 1
Double Standard
Teen Marriage
Emily Dickinson ***
Flash Flood ***

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