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St. Olaf Map

Rose's way of talking.

Rose sure used some unusual language on The Golden Girls. Below you'll find a comprehensive, although by no means complete, listing of Rose's words - which we suspect is a language unique to the Scandinavian village of St. Olaf, Minnesota.

All the words below are spelled the way they sound - spelling them otherwise would make most of them unnoticeable. All the words below are ones Rose actually used on the show; some are real words, some are not. I hope you enjoy them. If you know any other unusual words Rose used on the show, send them to me. I'll try to include them with these!

veedenfleurgen: a personal servant for a temporary period of time, used to make up for some wrongdoing

tutenbobels: cheeks of the butt

gerflokennokkin: a special St. Olaf dish

gerkakenaken: exact moment when dog feces turn white (if there is an exact moment)

ugelflugel: hide and seek for adults

hudenkadet: a person who nobody will share his hudenkadets with

vanskapkaka: a friendship cake ( a real word, too! )

kaknockedupassphingel: a pregnant girl

hupaflagel cake: cake that will fall if the slightest sound is made

vorfluganockin: a seaman, docking at the wrong Fjord

vertunkenflunken: a special St. Olaf herring dish

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