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UpDate News

This is where I'll be posting all my changes and the dates when I made them.


  Changed the background to ALL the pages.
  Delated ALL Nine Picture Gallerys
  Moved a lot of stuff fromt he home page to different pages
  Delated undelevopled pages

*** 3/11/02
Added picture Gallery 8
Added picture Gallery 9 ***

 *** Added Nikki's "Bailey House" website to my Link page.  Added site to the "Bailey House" webring.  Added an Game and Trivia pages. ******
 *****  Added Moon and Back Graphic Banner to front page.  Click on it and go to the site and make an wonderful website. ****
**** Added to the Fan Fiction Page. 
Added this note to Fan Fiction page:
 The back ground is not mine.  I DID NOT  find it on another Wind At My Back  site.
  I got PERMISSION from Nikki at:
  You can view her wonderful Wall paper at:  and view her wall paper.
PLEASE  E-mail Nikki and aske her   PERMISSION  to use her wall paper on your site.
  IF  I get an e-mail from Nikki saying that you are using her wall paper and graphics without her  PERMISSION  I will be very upset and have to figure an way so that   NO-ONE   STEALS  from Nikki!
  I have also added another wall paper by Nikki on THIS page.  Just go down to where you see "Bailey Women" and you can see that I gave you Nikki's name; e-mail; and I made the picture an link to her site "The Bailey House"
***** Added music to the site!!!!!!!! *******
*** Added an banner page.  Go to Link to Me and click on the banner. ***


Choose a picture from the Gallery
Added an Skin Page.  Added an button where you can view your skins easier.
Will add some of my own personal skins when I learn how to.


*** Added 6 Picture Gallerys ***


**** Added an UpDate News page ***

*** Added links to my Picture Gallery 3 page to my E-Groups. Just click on one of the posters and it will link you to an "Wind At My Back" e-group.***

*** Added the "W&MB Script Vault link to the picture of Honey and Grace reading the mazanizes.***

*** Made picuters from Gallery's 3 and 6 as large and wide as they get.***


*** Added an guest book.

Added an feedback.

Added an poll.


**** Added an Quote Link to the Home page and Fan Fiction site where each time you come to the page an different quote comes on the scene.

Added an challenge Link where it is the same as the quote link. Except the challenge link will hopefully give you ideas on what to write about. ****

1/29/ 02

*** Added an Webringer. Come and join. ******

1/30/ 02

***** Added tons of my fan fiction stories. ****

  • Added W@MB picuters to the background.
  • Added bullets to the Update page
  • Added color on the background on the writing.

  •   Added the entire transcript of an interview with Cythnia Bellivea
  • Game Forum Added the link to the W@MB offical CBC site where you can find the game.

elcome to Sullivan Entertainment's official Wind At My Back website. Join us on a tour of this small mining town, in Ontario, Canada, struggling through the 1930s Depression era. Get to know the people, learn more about a remarkable time period, and get a feel for the locations that make this town unique.

New Bedford, a place where domineering relatives, inspirational teachers and everyday heroes come together; a place where hope and prosperity are just around the corner.

Nikki's Photo

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