Wind At My Back


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Wind At My Back Christmas Special


First the good: I loved the beginning where they showed the flash backs of everyone; especailley Dylan; and Tyron. It was so awsome reliving the special moments of watching Hub and Fat Baiely grow up.

Now for the bad: I wish they got Cythina Bellivea to come back as Honey.  I went along the story line that Honey didn't want Anna in Hub's life because she was all for him to become an priest.  And that she wanted to protect her son and didn't really want him to grow up and have to deal with life; that is Honey after all.  But Laura didn't have the quilty that Cythina had as Honey Bailey Sutton.  With Cythina you could feel her love for her children and wanting to protect them all the way through her performance.  But with Laura you have to force yourself to believe the character Honey.  I must say Laura was better at Honey during the fifth and final season of WAMB.  But in this movie she was an bomb.

I liked Anna. She was an great love interest to Hub. But I wish that they had an sixth season of Wind. To tie into the movie. I understand Fat wanting to be an cop; after all that was taken from the second season epsidosed "Carreers". I also understand the
sibling rivarly between Fat and Hub.

What I don't understand is Maisey being so romantic about Hub. We are missing his last year there. I mean they want us to go along with Maisey having an crush on Hub but they never let us watch Maisey fall for him.

Also why didn't they show more of her friendship with Fat? I mean they are best friends right.

I wish they let the actor who played Zack speak more. He is such an cute little boy. He only spook two lines and that was for the christmas pagent. They gave Violet every line that he could had

What about the flat? In the series run they had it small; with Hub and Fat's room right next to the stove and Honey and Max's room behind the couch and Violet's and Zack's room across from the couch.
But in the movie they showed an bigger flat; with the rooms down the hallway. {They didn't reach the scenecy of the flat well from the series for the movie. Perhaps because Sullivan didn't produce it.}

They seem to leave off with the hope of an other movie. You know with Honey going to Unviersty for an semister and Max going back to writting.

In the new movie {which I hope they do make and soon} I hope they force more on Henry and his experience with the "mounties" during WWII. {You know how he comes to realize that it may not be what he wants to do because it's under handing and it hurts innocent people.}

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