Wind At My Back


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"Wind At My Back" aired 1995 on the CBC network. The U.S. Oddessy and WAM! channels got "WAMB" soon afterwards. Oddessy switched to the Hallmark channel in October of 2001. Sadly through all three of the networks have taken "Wind at My Back" from their schedules.

"Wind at My Back" ended in 1999. After five season. But there is an Christmas movie to air on 23rd of December on the CBC network.


Wind at My Back is set in the 1930's in an small mining town;in Ontario; Canada. The Depression was in full swing in Canada as it was in the United States of America.

New Bedford opened the doors to many family.

One of New Bedford key family's have always been the Bailey's. Headed by May Bailey. She and her later husband; John; had three children Robert, Jack and Grace.

Sadly after an family disagreement Jack went to North Bridge and distanted himself from his family for ten years. But while there he met and married Honey Callagan. They had three children; Hubert "Hub", Henry "Fat" and Violet.

Jack's hardware store went belly up and they were forced to move back to New Bedford. But shortly after arriving there Jack died of wasp stings to his face.

May took Honey's children from her and shipped her and her brother Joe back to North Bridge. She sent Violet to live with distand relative and keep the boys herself.

With the help of their aunt Grace the boys got their mother back to New Bedford. And they were able to rescue Violet before the distant realivites took her away for ever.

Honey meet and feel in love with Max Sutton. They got married and the little family moved into an small flat at the New Bedford Hotel. Soon they welcomed an new arrival to their little family; Zack.

Robert married Toppy and they had an daughter; Doris. Sadly Bob left Toppy for another woman.

Toppy meet and attracted to Archie Attonbough.

Grace lived at home with her mother until she was in her mid thirties. She has always been shy and easy to push around. But with the help of Honey she came to herself and not only gotten engaged once but even got married and divoced.

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