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Welcome to New BedfordNew Bedford is a fan page dedicated to Wind at My Back, Sullivan Entertainment's 1930s television drama set in the great depression.Here you'll find pictures, episode summaries, cast information (Kathryn Greenwood, Shirley Douglas, Dylan Provencher, Cynthia Belliveau) and more.

May Bailey - Wind at My Back New Bedford is a fan page dedicated to Wind at My Back, Sullivan Entertainment's award winning television drama. Wind at My Back chronicles the lives of the Bailey and Sutton families living in Depression-era Ontario. Despite the enormous trials faced, they always manage to pull through, while realizing the need they have for one another.

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 Description Category: Road to Avonlea
This is taken from the "New Bedford RPG" that was sadly taken away from us.   All the main characters are taken but once you join please sign in and tell me your characters names.

**** Longing for fun, wholesome interaction, or a trip back to a simpler time? This is a roleplaying game based on the drama Wind At My Back. It is set in New Bedford, Ontario in the 1930's. Choose a character or make up your own. You can join a story line or start your own. If you're interested, but don't know much about the show, don't worry. You can get a list of characters and info about the characters and the show from the list manager. We'd appreciate no foul language or scenes that would be innapropriate for families to enjoy. In other words, good, clean fun in keeping with the spirit of the show. Come on in, it'll be a lot of fun! ***

[above is taken from the orignal "New Bedford RPG" description.   It still goes here.]

 Most Recent Messages
Mar 2   New Guest - factsoflife2
    ... room when suddenly the main door burst opened and entered ...... ... bags a
Mar 2   I'M - factsoflife2
    Alden and Callie Cramp are here and ready to rock 'n' roll. Let me just rep
Mar 2   Reposting of "Planning an Cruel Thing" - factsoflife2
    "Are you so this will work?" Matilda Morrison asked her husband. Hugh nodded hi
Mar 2   In the gym - avonlea_chronicle1
    After leaving the flat Del went out of the hotel the back way and decided to l
Mar 2   Hey All - avonlea_chronicle1
    Del Sutton is back once more and ready to go.
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