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Episode Guide

So what'd you think of last night's show?

Here I'll write reviews of each episode of my favorite show. If the show has been on for a while, I might also include annotated descriptions of past episodes on this page.

Here's an example of a format I might use for my show reviews.

Caitlin's Way: Season 1 Episode Descriptions

Stray (One-hour Special)
A resistant Caitlin arrives at her new home in rustic Montana and is welcomed by Dori and Jim Lowe and their son Griffen. In an attempt to help Caitlin fit into her new, outback environment, Griffen reluctantly agrees to take Caitlin on a biking excursion with his friends. But when a bike challenge in the rocky hills lands her face to face with a ferocious wolf, Caitlin stands to lose more than her tough girl reputation. Unexpectedly, a skittish, semi-wild horse (Caitlin later names Bandit) bravely comes to her rescue and the two become fast friends. Their relationship is threatened, however, when a pair of bumbling horse thieves (played by Andy Dick and Dave Thomas) plot to steal Bandit, and Caitlin's "trust no one, love no one" attitude is quickly proven right...or is it?

Making Allowances
Caitlin runs away from her new home when she is accused of stealing money from a local store. Dori prepares for the Lowe's first visit from Caitlin's social worker.

Fear and Falling in Montana
Although the new attention is quite suspicious, Griffen shuns Caitlin's attempts to make him see that Taylor's affection for him is a ploy to help her get an A on a science project. Despite her fears, and Bandit's reluctance, Caitlin tries to break Bandit into letting her ride him.

Caitlin's First Dance
Caitlin and Dori are at odds when an insecure Caitlin refuses to attend the school dance, while an overly enthusiastic Griffen goes to lavish measures to prepare for this big social event.

Solar Mates
The peril of wild, white water rapids force Caitlin and her arch enemy Taylor to band together for survival on a class camping trip. When Jim and Dori are stuck chaperoning the trip, their romantic plans are ruined and they take their frustrations out on each other.

Take Your Best Shot
A disheartened, distraught Caitlin loses faith in herself and her creativity when her photography is criticized by a teacher. Simultaneously, Griffen gives up the High-Q team for the Grid-Iron glory.

Caitlin out scores Griffen on an IQ test, threatening their new friendship. Griffen and friends start a garage band and audition for a talent show.

Ties That Bind
Caitlin is forced to join the soccer team. Meanwhile, on a father-son fishing trip, Jim and Griffen argue the advantages of old vs. new technology.

Deputy for a Day
Caitlin spends the day with Jim on "Take Your Daughter to Work Day," and through the experience, gains a new respect for the law. A ballet teacher substitutes as the coach for Griffen's gym class and attempts to teach the boys basketball.

Caitlin's Trust
Caitlin discovers that Jim and Dori are receiving money from the foster care system for her guardianship and strikes back by stealing their new car. A severe accident unveils the new, loving relationship she has developed with the Lowes. A frustrated and desperate Griffen tries everything to win a trip to Paris, home of his cyber pen pal.

Griffen and Dori's patience are tried when Caitlin and Bandit test their boundaries in their new environment in every way possible.

Beautiful Dreamers
Caitlin's search for her long lost father causes the Lowes to fear losing Caitlin for good. While she grapples with the idea of meeting her real dad, Caitlin and Jim grow closer. Meanwhile, Griffen and Brett team up to perform a comedy routine for Jim and Dori's anniversary party.

Playing Caitlin
On an emotional roller coaster, Caitlin reaches creative highs and relationship lows when directing her autobiographical play. Eric and Taylor research their roles with comic consequences.

Bear With Me
In an endeavor to rescue an escaped bear, Caitlin defiantly counters Jim and Dori's effort to catch the animal -- inadvertently putting Griffen's life in danger. When their fathers decide to run against one another for sheriff, Griffen and Eric wage a war of dirty politics and deceitful hearsay.

The Candidate
With her popularity and good-looks, Taylor's a shoo-in for school president. But, with a bit of coaxing, Caitlin convinces Griffen he should run against her. On the ranch, Dori befriends an injured goose and helps him fly again.

Puppy Love
Caitlin begins to understand the significant meaning of responsibility when she and Griffen play midwife to a pregnant border Collie. Love struck, Griffen and Brett vie for the affection of their swing dance teacher.

Horror Show
On a dare from Caitlin, Griffen steals a piece of movie memorabilia -- pulling off what seems to be an innocent prank. Consequently, Caitlin must face the repercussions of her dare. Meanwhile, Dori tries to cure an insomniac llama.

Under Western Skies
When Bandit's leg becomes entangled in a bear trap, Dori faces a medical decision that jeopardizes Bandit's life. On the home front, Griffen is cut from the local hockey team by the coach -- his father Jim.

Belated Birthday
A combination of her new surroundings and an eagerness of being awarded a mentorship, causes a preoccupied Caitlin to forget her mother's birthday. At the same time, Griffen deceptively steals Taylor's heart by pretending to be someone he is not...a squirrel.

Along for the Ride
In a breakthrough bonding experience, Dori and Caitlin team up to compete in a mother-daughter horse rally. Conversely, Jim is challenged to settle an old high school score by one of Griffen's teachers.

True Grits
To help her friend Annie, Caitlin agrees to cover several waitressing shifts at the diner. But her bad attitude and poor performance ultimately jeopardizes Annie's job. In an attempt to show off their supreme bike racing skills, Griffen and his buddies challenge a team of cocky BMX all-stars to a race.

Truth or Dare
Caitlin anticipates spending the weekend with Annie, but ultimately feels rejected when Annie prefers spending time with Griffen. In excitement to Annie's attention, Griffen strategically devises a plan to keep Annie and Brett apart.

A foolish dare between Caitlin and Eric leaves them alone and severely injured atop an abandoned ski slope. Meanwhile, Griffen teaches a beginners snowboarding class and finds his most difficult students to be his parents.

Side Kicks
When Caitlin joins a Karate class, she quickly realizes her "street smarts" can't out smart the art of self-defense. Meanwhile, Brett and Griffen unearth what they believe to be an ancient artifact, but the claim to this piece threatens to dissolve their friendship.

End of Season One

Caitlin's Way: Season 2 Airdates



The Present Part 1
Oct 07, 2000

Money Walks
Oct 14, 2000

Oct 21, 2000

Nov 04, 2000

All Night Long
Jan 14, 2001


The Present Part 1
Feb 06, 2001

The Present Part 2
Feb 13, 2001

Feb 20, 2001

Free Fall
Feb 27, 2001

Mar 06, 2001

Money Walks
Mar 13, 2001


Mar 20, 2001

All Night Long
Mar 27, 2001

Cows & Effects
Apr 03, 2001

Easy Way
Apr 10, 2001


Mother of the Year
Apr 17, 2001

Apr 24, 2001

All Night Long
May 01, 2001

Season Two epsiode review comming very soon.


Favorite Episode

In this area I'll talk about my all-time favorite episode. I'll try to explain why I think it's the best and why it's important to me personally.