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Caitlin VO: (as she drags various items through the barn, constructing a
volcano. Music in background, title unknown) Its funny what happens when youre
trying not to think about someone. Boring things get a lot more interesting.
Like science. Its got all this stuff, molecules and atoms, that you cant even
see. Youve got a formula for everything. You mix this much vinegar with that
much baking soda, and you know exactly whats gonna happen. Too bad that people
dont come with an instruction manual. Science turns out to be not half bad when
you really get into it. (Volcano foams, then explodes in a puff of smoke.
Caitlin comes out of barn in slow motion.) What is it about my life? Why does
everything always blow up in my face?

(Opening credits)

Caitlin: (at locker, as he nears) Will.

(Will ignores her; she looks frustrated. Cut to chemistry classroom)

Coach Lawrence: What were you thinking, Seeger? Heard you almost blew up the

Caitlin: I just calculated the volumes wrong, Im still working on it.

Coach Lawrence: Seeger, I cant grade you on explosions. You gotta pick a new

Caitlin: What? You cant make me think of a whole new idea, Coach-the projects
due in three days.

Coach Lawrence: What about that camera?

Caitlin: What about it?

Coach Lawrence: Well, use photography to show me you understand the scientific

Caitlin: No, photography is art, not science.

Coach Lawrence: Seeger why do you take pictures?

Caitlin: To show people the way I see things.

Coach Lawrence: And people look at those pictures and see what you see? (Caitlin
nods) You sure of that?

Caitlin: Yeah, thats the only way I can make em see the world the way I see

Coach Lawrence: Finally. Theres your hypothesis. Now prove it.

Caitlin: But-

Coach Lawrence: No buts, sit down, class is starting.

(Outside shot of Bandit running. Music in background. Cut to Griffenen and Brett
in barn. Griffenen is taken data of large flowers enclosed in a lit glass case
while Brett watches)

Griffen: This has got to be my best project ever. Not only am I gonna ace the
class, but Im shooting for the National Science Fair.

Brett: You know, seriously, you should just change your first name to A+.

Griffen: What? Cmon, I cant help it if-

Brett: If youre a genius?

Griffen: I was gonna say, if I have a great project. Do you know my datas
already showing that flowers exposed to music actually grow faster?

Brett: You know, I might get an A on my project too.

Griffen: Really?

Brett: Yeah, Nikki and I are testing cardio fitness. I get to play basketball
for science class. How cool is that?

Griffen: Oh, its cool. Not science-fair cool, but cool.

Brett: You know, I bet you I will get the same grade on this project as you.

Griffen: You wanna lose, be my guest.

Brett: Its on. (The two shake hands)

(Cut to Nikki and Brett testing their project on the basketball court. Nikki
puts a little device on Bretts face)

Nikki: Okay, this measures your heart rate while you play. Then we both take
your pulse, write down the readings, and see if theyre the same.

(Brett shoots a basket)

Brett: And were doing this because...?

Nikki: To see if people can measure their own fitness by themselves, without

Brett: This is a great project. (shoots another basket)

Nikki: Yeah. It is.

Brett: This is way cooler than sunflowers.

Nikki: Huh?

Brett: Nothing. Lets just do it.

(Brett plays basketball while Nikki watches, takes pulse readings. Cut to
Caitlin taking pictures of the exterior of the barn. In her last picture, an
unidentifiable figure walks across the doorway)

Caitlin: Great photo. But science project? I dont think so.

(Turns around, shooting more pictures. Through her lens, sees Will with Dory and
his horse. The two meet eyes, Caitlin snaps the picture, and he turns away)

Dory: Yeah, hes got a minor inflammation in his fetlock.

Will: Yeah, hes really tired after a couple of hours.

Dory: Yeah, well Id keep him excercised though.

Will: Okay.

Dory: Hell tell you when hes had enough. Just dont push him beyond his limit.

Will: Yeah, oh, I would never do that.

Caitlin: (walking up) Is Sinbad okay?

Dory: Yep, yep, hes gonna be just fine.

Will: I gotta go. (walks away, leading Sinbad)

Caitlin: That was so rude.

Dory: I think hes having a bit of a rough time.

Caitlin: Well, maybe he is. But I still dont like the way hes treating me.

Dory: Well, maybe you should call him on it.

(Cut to Will sitting under a tree reading, Sinbad nearby. Caitlin rides up on
Bandit. Will starts to leave)

Caitlin: Why are you being such a jerk?

Will: Hey, you made your choice, Caitlin. You chose Eric.

Caitlin: We damaged his crop.

Will: Yeah, and I dealt with it.

Caitlin: No, you paid him off. Thats not taking responsibility.

Will: Yeah, well, we changed things. Why cant you handle that?

Caitlin: All we did was ruin some grain. You need to stop lying to yourself.

Will: Just leave me alone.

Caitlin: So what? Youre gonna stop talking to me now? Youre just gonna forget
everything that happened between us?

Will: Nothing happened between us. (walks away with Sinbad. Cut to Griffenen in

Griffen: Ah, lets see how my little control group is doing this morning. (sees
ruined project) My project! Oh. Aw.

Caitlin: (walks in) What a mess.

Griffen: Someone murdered my control group.

Caitlin: Thats so weird. Who would do something like this?

Griffen: Somone really sick. Well. I can kiss the science fair goodbye. (sighs)
I can kiss my A+ goodbye too.

Caitlin: You know what? I was taking pictures out here yesterday. I saw
something weird, but I didnt really notice it then.

Griffen: Well, what are you waiting for? Develop the pictures.

(Cut to Griffen and Caitlin in Griffenens apartment, looking at the developed

Griffen: Theres someone hanging around by the door.

Caitlin: Hey, I know this shoe.

Griffen: Thats Bretts sneaker.

Caitlin: Well, it cant be Brett.

Griffen: Yes it can. I dont believe it. He sabatoged my project so he could get
a better grade than me.

Caitlin: Now, wait a minute.

Griffen: Im serious, Caitlin! You shoulda heard him yesterday, thinking his
project was so much better than mine. We bet on who would get a better grade,
and he knows the only way his project is better than mine is if I have no

Caitlin: But, Griffenen...

Griffen: He did it. This is all the proof I need. Pictures dont lie.

(Cut to Brett playing basketball for the science project while Nikki watches)

Nikki: Okay, stop. (Brett walks over to her) Youre in such good shape; its
awesome. You shot thirty baskets and theres hardly a blip.

Brett: Next time Ill go for forty.

Nikki: Whatd you get?

Brett: (taking pulse) 72.

Nikki: I got 66.

Brett: Same ballpark. At least were proving our hypothesis.

Nikki: Yeah.

Brett: Cool.

Griffen: (walking up) I hope youre happy now, sunflower-killer.

Brett: What?

Griffen: No point in lying; we have proof.

Nikki: What are you talking about?

Brett: I just think you should know what your science partner is capable of.

Brett: Is this some kind of joke?

Griffen: He snuck into my barn yesterday and murdered my control group.

Brett: I did not!

Griffen: Yes you did. Caitlin got this photo of you doing it.

Brett: Thats impossible.

Griffen: Stop lying.

Nikki: Griffen, cmon, Brett said he didnt do it, I mean-- why would he wreck
your project?

Griffen: He knows why.

Nikki: Griffen, youre being ridiculous.

Griffen: I cant believe youre taking his side. (Griffen walks away. Bretts
pulse monitor speeds up; he looks sad)

(Cut to Brett walking up to Caitlin outside the barn)

Brett: Why would you tell Griffenen I wrecked his project? So hed end up as
miserable as you?

Caitlin: Im not the one who did anything, all right?

Brett: You have no right to sneak up on people and take their pictures like

Caitlin: Well, if you were innocent, it wouldnt really matter now, would it?

Brett: Okay, I was here, okay? I was looking at his charts.

Caitlin: And why were you doing that?

Brett: Because I dont know how to do them.

Caitlin: Then why didnt you ask Nikki?

Brett: I dont know...because I didnt.

Caitlin: Well, thats not the most convincing story Ive ever heard,

Brett: When I left here the sunflowers were still alive, I swear.

Caitlin: Well, then why didnt you tell me or Griffen that you were here? You
were the one that was sneaking around.

Brett: This is crazy. Why would I wreck Griffens project?

Caitlin: To win. He told me about the bet you guys had.

Brett: You think I would cheat?

Caitlin: Look, dont blame me, okay? This is your mess.

Brett: You dont get it. To you this is just a picture. To me this, this is the
end of my friendship with Griffenen. Because of something that means nothing?
Thanks Caitlin. (Brett walks away. Commercial)

(Griffenen is lying on his bed in his room. Jim knocks and walks in.)

Jim: Hey. I got a call from Coach Lawrence. He says you skipped out of bio
class? Griffen, you cant do that. Thats no way to deal with Nikki and Brett.

Griffen: (sighs and sits up) I just dont wanna have anything to do with them

Jim: Gonna be pretty hard to make em dissappear. You go to the same school,
live in the same town. Youve got a lot in common.

Griffen: We have nothing in common.

Jim: Griffen, sometimes people who care about each other, do things to each
other, mean things, and it hurts, but-

Griffen: But what? Im just supposed to forgive them?

Jim: Remember when you were uh, I dont know, uh, five? And you wanted me to
take you to school with the siren on the whole time?

Griffen: Yeah, and you said no.

Jim: Yeah, and that night you proceded to rip me out of every family photograph.

Griffen: Yeah.

Jim: I still love you.

Griffen: Yeah, Dad, but, its just I worked so hard on this project. And my best
friend trashes it, and my girlfriend takes his side? Theyre - theyre just not
worth it.

Jim: Griffen.

Griffen: Theyre not worth it, Dad.

Jim: Okay. Just... remember the siren.

(Cut to Dory and Caitlin, Dory cradling a little kitty cat)

Dory: What do think of Alfalfa as a name for our new kitty?

Caitlin: Alfalfa?

Dory: Yeah, I thought she might brighten things up a little bit around here.

Caitlin: Yeah. Brett hates me now. And Griffenen hates Brett. And its all my

Dory: What, because you took the picture? The truth had to come out.

Caitlin: I just cant imagine him doing it. I mean, what if the photo doesnt
tell the truth?

Dory: You know, sometimes good people do bad things.

Caitlin: Yeah. Its kinda like Will. Ive been thinking about him a lot lately.
Hes really sensitive, and hes so strong and so smart, but hes really messed
up. And-and even though hes smart, he wont admit that he needs help. I think
thats why hes so angry at me. Maybe if he could see how messed up he is, hed
let me help him.

Dory: Maybe he will. Someday.

Caitlin: Yeah. Someday.

(Cut to Griffenen in his room, playing guitar. Nikki enters with a box)

Griffenen: Nikki.

Nikki: Im bringing back all the stuff of yours Ive borrowed. Your wireless
keyboard, Binky, your Enrique Iglesias CD... wait a minute, is the CD mine or

Griffen: Um, I thought it was yours.

Nikki: Yeah, its probably mine, since I have better taste in music.

Griffen: No you dont.

Nikki: Yes I do.

Griffen: Why you bringing all this stuff back?

Nikki: Because of the way you are right now. I just... dont wanna be with you.

Griffen: But I didnt do anything! Brett did.

Nikki: No, I dont think he did. Hes never lied to me before, so I believe him.
And if I can believe him, why cant you? If you can turn on your best friend,
you can turn on me too.

(Dory is grooming a horse in the barn. Hears whinnies)

Dory: Bandit? (walks out of the stall to investigate. An unchained horse is
outside Bandits stall) Youre from the wild herd. (Follows him outside. Cut to
Griffenen and Dory re-entering the barn)

Griffen: She came to Bandit?

Dory: She mustve come down from Flat Top Canyon cause shes in season. Now I
didnt put two and two together until I saw her in here. She was checking out
Bandit. (bends down near Griffens ex-project) Look, these are her hoofprints.
Brett didnt destroy your project, Griffen. The wild mare did.

(Cut to Griffenen and Brett on the basketball court)

Griffen: I was wrong. I know you didnt wreck my project; a wild mare did it.
Im sorry. I shouldve believed you.

Brett: Yeah.

Griffenen: Well, can you please forgive me?

Brett: What am I supposed to forgive you for? Is it for calling me a liar, or is
it for calling me a cheat? Maybe its for saying our friendship is worthless.
No, man, I cant forgive you.

(Cut to Caitlin)

Caitlin: Okay. What I want you to do is describe what you see in these

(Dory leafs through them)

Dory: This is a bus driver who loves his work.

Jim: (outside) A circus clown.

Coach Lawrence: (in the classroom) Hes a fugitive from justice.

Griffen: (on a couch) His dog died, his girlfriend dumped him, and his truck
broke down.

Brett: (outside) Confused cowboy.

Dory: (re: a different photograph) Ah. This is Jims first apartment.

Brett: That guy just got evicted.

Jim: (re: third picture) An old weather vane.

Brett: Manufactured birds nest.

Coach Lawrence: I dont know.

Dory: (laughs, re: fourth picture) A big donut with too big a hole.

Brett: The barrel of a gun.

Jim: An old well. (flips to last photo) Looks like a ghost.

Caitlin: Will and I went riding one morning. It was really cold out, and you
could see your breath. We were laughing, and I-I went to take a shot of him, but
he ducked, and all I got was the mist from his breath. Maybe thats all Ill
ever have of him. But you, you can have Brett and Nikki back.

(The following dialogue is interspersed and voiced-over with other scenes-
Griffenen setting something up in the barn, lying on his bed thinking)

Griffen: No. What I did proves Im a totally wasted piece of cellular matter.

Caitlin: Well youve always been that. But they love you anyway. Griffenen, what
you have with Nikki and Brett is really deep. I-I think you just need to show
them again why you mean so much to em.

Griffen: Next to you, and Mom and Dad, Nikki and Brett are the two most
important people in my life.

(Montage ends on Griffenen in the barn, singing to Nikki and Brett. His
sunflowers are set up beside him. Songs interspersed with other short scenes-
Griffen, Brett, and Nikki in chem class, the picture of Bretts shoe, the
sunflowers being replanted)

Griffen: (to the tune of Bring Back My Baby To Me) I thought that it was my
mission, to believe everything that Ive seen-

Brett: Except for gym, Ive never gotten an A before! (hugs Nikki)

Griffen: (in barn) and so I was full of suspicion

Brett: (VO) You really hurt me

Griffen: (in barn) And blamed my best friend for the deed.

Griffen: (VO) I know.

Griffen: (in barn) My girlfriend, she knew he was innocent.

Griffen: (VO, in different scene, to Nikki) Youre breaking up with me?

Griffen: (in barn) And tried to show me the truth, but I was a doofus and a
poser, and ruined my chances with you. Bring back, bring back, oh, bring back my
best friend to me. (sighs) I call that song, Ode to Nikki and Brett.

Nikki: Its hilarious.

Griffen: Yeah, well, I wrote it in here. Made the sunflowers perk up. I miss you

Brett: Did you think Id ruin your project over some stupid bet?

Griffen: No, its just - I got so caught in having the best project. Id do
anything if you said we were cool with each other again. (pause) Brett?

Brett: Youll do anything?

Griffen: Oh man. (Nikki laughs)

Brett: My homework for a month. (smiles)

(Scene change to school)

Coach Lawrence: Seeger.

Caitlin: Huh. (walks over to him, the two walk out the classroom and down the

Coach: You did a really good job.

Caitlin: But I didnt even prove my hypothesis. People see with their brains,
not their eyes.

Coach: I know, but you disproved it really well, and thats why I gave you an

Caitlin: Thanks.

(Coach walks away. Caitlin sees Will; their eyes meet, they walk down the hall
towards each other, each trying to ignore the other)

Caitlin: (VO) Its great that things are back to normal between Griffen, Brett,
and Nikki. I guess no matter how bad things are between people, they can get
better. I hope. Because I want them to get better between me and Will.

(Caitlin drops the picture of Wills breath, doesnt realize it, walks on. Will
stops, picks up the picture, and walks away. Credits)

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