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Last Updated February 17, 2002

Welcome to Ryan's Bar Online. We're open twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Johnny and Kevin are pouring drinks. Maeve is waiting tables and providing a shoulder to cry on for poor lost souls along the way. Mary is biting someone's head off, possibly Jack's. Bob is sitting by himself at the bar, lonely but still being a true friend to all. Delia and Faith are bickering. Patrick is telling his Irish stories. Jill (aka Shrill) is about ready to go off on a tirade, and is looking around for someone who has failed to live up to her allegedly high moral standards to be the recipient thereof. And Frank, whatever he's doing, whomever he's doing it with, all you need to know (and all you want to know, take my word for it) is that somehow - say it with me now - it's all Delia's fault! Meanwhile, Roger is nonchalantly watching everything and listening to what everybody is saying, hoping to overhear something he can use for blackmail. So, have a glass of Irish whiskey and join the fun.

This is/was the world of Ryan's Hope, which aired from July 7, 1975 until January 13, 1989, and which lives on here at Ryan's Bar Online. By almost all accounts, Ryan's Hope raised the benchmark for quality in daytime television considerably. Highly acclaimed by critics, it won two Emmys for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series, a record six Emmys for Outstanding Writing in a Daytime Drama Series (the first four of which were consecutive, awarded for the show's first four full seasons on the air), and twelve Writers Guild Awards for Best Written Daytime Serial. Some of the most well-known and long-standing actors in daytime (Roscoe Born, Justin Deas, and Julia Barr, to name a few) and a number of now-famous actors in primetime and movies (Christian Slater, Marg Helgenberger, Kate Mulgrew, and Corbin Bernsen, for start) alike began on Ryan's Hope. Perhaps the most compelling testament to the show's greatness and lasting impact, however, is the fact that eleven years after it went off the air, ABC has made the unprecedented and unparalleled decision to air Ryan's Hope in reruns on their new SoapNet cable channel.

That is the venue in which I have become acquainted with Ryan's Hope, in spite of the fact that I was not born in time for its premiere and had most likely not even heard of it at the time of its curtain call. I say acquainted, but the truth of the matter is I absolutely love this show. It may be twenty-five years old, but the characters are so realistic and three-dimensional that they seem timeless, somehow. It was/is a really wonderful production, and that is why I wanted to do this website, because there does not seem to be that much about Ryan's Hope in cyberspace, and it deserves all the recognition it can get.

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