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Sean Patrick Novak

Grace Coleridge

John Reid Ryan (Little John)

Olivia Coleridge

Owen Ryan

Ryan Maeve Fenelli

Group Photos

Angel Nieves

  • Jose Aleman (1977-1978)

Jenny Rebecca Dweir
Ryan Maeve Fenelli

Jenny Dweir began in the role of Ryan in 1980 when the character was aged slightly. At that point she was able to take a larger role in the storyline with Jack and his new leading lady, Leigh. {photos from Soap Opera News Daytimers Magazine, March 1982, courtesy Ryan's Bar Online}


In an interview at age 6 1/2 in 1982, Jenny showed her talent for acting and her understanding of the process of soaps when asked if she read her own scripts. Jenny replied, "Oh, I can read them. Look, I'll show you." Jenny then reached across the table and picked up her script. "See, there's my name 'Ryan Fenelli'" she says. "Now what I do when I get a script is..." she runs her finger down the outside of the packet of papers as she speaks...,"I look for my name first, and then see what act I'm in. I turn to that act....See? Then I start reading my lines. After I read them through a couple of times, mommy works with me by pretending to be the people I'll work with in that act." {article and photo from Soap Opera News Daytimers Magazine, March 1982, courtesy Ryan's Bar Online}


The year she left RH, Jenny appeared as Marcia Skinner in the TV movie Mom's On Strike. She had one previous TV movie to her credit, Bill, in 1981, where she played Amy. Jenny retired from acting when she was 9 years old.

Kerry McNamara
Ryan Maeve Fenelli
May 1977-1980

Kerry was born in February 1977 and began in the role of Ryan in May at the age of three months. Another baby played Ryan in the hospital. {Photo from SOD 10/79, courtesy totallykate}


Ryan and her father, Jack Fenelli. As a baby, Ryan and Jack spent very little time together. Ryan was being raised by her mother, Mary. In later years, Jack played a larger role in Ryan's life. Kerry and Michael Levin, who played Jack, had a special bond. Kerry's mom, Kathleen reported, "Michael's been very good to her. They have developed a beautiful on-and-off-screen relationship over the years. She's very comfortable around him."

Ryan enjoyed eating her pretzel while Jack and Maeve spoke about Mary. Don't you just love that face? Kerry is not the only actor in her family. Her brother, Matthew played Bobby Warner on All My Children from 1981-1988.

Kerry and her mom, Kathleen, at Christmas 1977. Kerry's final audition for the role of Ryan involved taping a scene that had two purposes. It was the final audition for three babies in bassinets in the hospital nursery and would also be used as a scene in the show. Kerry McNamara obviously did something right as she lay in the nursery. She won the role of Ryan. {Photo and info from SOD 10/79, courtesy totallykate}

A scene from late 1978. At this age, most of Kerry's scenes involved Ryan sitting in her high chair at a table with her mom or dad. They thought through their problems by talking with her and she was eager to listen.

Nicolette Goulet (Mary) and Michael Levin (Jack) though it might be cute to teach Kerry something very much in keeping with her being the daughter of a "Fenelli." They taught her to say "caio" and wave her hand backwards-the popular Italian way of saying good-bye. She learned the part well and it has added an adorable facet to baby Ryan. {Photo and info from SOD 10/79, courtesy totallykate}

James Patrick O'Neill, Jr.
Owen Ryan

Owen is the son of Lizzie Ransom and John Reid (Ryan), shown on right. Jamie was born September 13, 1984. When he was one year old, he won the title of Most Photogenic Baby in New Jersey as part of the Tiny Stars of America Pageant. After that he joined a modeling agency, which led to the role on RH. {Photo and info from SOD 5/31/88}

 Jennifer and Katherine Ostroth
Olivia Coleridge

Olivia is the child of Maggie Shelby and Roger Coleridge. Soon after her birth, Maggie moved to Australia and took the baby with her. A few months later, Roger heads to Australia and kidnaps Olivia, bringing her back to his house. Roger, Ben (his brother) and Roger's butler end up taking care of her, in a storyline patterned after Three Men and a Baby. Olivia's second to last scene involved the butler singing Blue Suede Shoes in his English accent to baby Olivia and Grace before putting them to bed. Olivia's last scene was when Roger took her to the Ryan's Christmas tree decorating party. {info from bjostroth}

Jennifer and Katherine were cast in the role of Olivia after their mom, a long time RH fan, took them on an audition. She held one of them up to the casting director and said "Doesn't she look like Maggie's baby?" Lo and behold, they were casting Olivia Coleridge, and the girls got the role. They only appeared in 8 episodes before the show was canceled. Their experience with the three actors was marvelous, according to their mom. The guys always came in to their dressing room and played with them before going on the set. {info and photo from bjostroth}


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Buddy Schultz
Edmund Strong Coleridge Beaulac

Edmund was born prematurely in March 1977, only a couple of months before Ryan Fenelli. He is the son of Jillian Coleridge and Frank Ryan, although it was believed that he was Seneca Beaulac's son for his first year or more of life.

After fighting their feelings for a year or more, Jillian and Seneca finally married and spent a honeymoon in New York City, spending lots of time in Central Park with Edmund. Only a few months later, Edmund was killed in an accidental gas explosion at the Coleridge beach house on January 16, 1979. Years later, the Edmund Beaulac Pediatric Center was created at Riverside Hospital in his name.

Buddy Schultz left the show as only a toddler. He has always been a baseball fan, playing on his own and then attending the world series games in 2000. He now works behind the camera in production in NYC. {Photos courtesy the Schultz family}


Jadrien Steele
John Reid Ryan (Little John)

Little John was the center of things when Ryan's Hope debuted. Many have indeed said he was the inspiration for the name "Ryan's Hope," as he was the Ryan family's hope for the future, the first grandchild. Jadrien appeared in the opening sequence for the first three or four years of the show.

Little John celebrates St. Patrick's Day through the years...1976, 1978, 1979, 1984

Jadrien was an original cast member of Ryan's Hope. He was less than a year old when he began on the show. He was the longest running child on the show. By the end of the soap's run, his character, John Ryan, had a child of his own, Owen.

Jadrien appeared in the 1987 movie The Mosquito Coast, starring Harrison Ford and River Phoenix. {Photos courtesy LonoMyth Young Actor Spotlight}

Jadrien grew up on Ryan's Hope. He may be the longest running child actor on a soap who started as an infant. His career didn't end there. He went on to appear in movies like The Mosquito Coast (1987), The Secret Garden (1987), Strange Interlude (1987 TV Movie) and A Father's Homecoming (1988 TV movie). Jadrien attended Princeton University (graduating in 1996) and became one of the top members of their fencing team. In the 1993-94 season he was a part of the Ivy League Men's Fencing First Team. He appeared in the July 2000 issue of Vanity Fair magazine as one of many young people listed as "Going Postal." The issue noted that Jadrien works in the mailroom of Hollywood agency ICM, doing everything from sorting contracts, screenplays, and scripts to "runs," Tinseltown talk for an errand to a studio lot or a star's home. According to the piece, it can take nine interviews to land a coveted $300-a-week mailroom spot, a launching pad for "Hollywood's players of tomorrow." {Photo courtesy LonoMyth Young Actor Spotlight}

Jadrien celebrated his 13th birthday in NYC in the late 1980s. {Photo by Wray Gillon}

Danny Tamberelli
Sean Novak

Sean is the son of Joe {Walt Willey} and Siobhan Ryan Novak {Carrell Myers}. Danny is sometimes credited as Daniel Patrick Tamberelli and Daniel Tamberelli. He was born on February 8, 1982. His first role was on RH.

RH was just the beginning of Danny's career. He has since been seen on numerous TV shows as well as a few movies. He's probably best known for his role on Nickelodeon's kid sketch comedy show, All That. He has been seen on numerous Nick shows (his first was Pete and Pete in the early 90s) as well as in the movie The Mighty Ducks. On the left, Danny is playing Jackie on the 1991 TV series The Babysitters Club. On the right (top), he's seen in Pete and Pete and at the bottom, in All That. {Photo on left courtesy Bob123 Young Actors of the World, top right courtesy Star Galaxy}

Caroline Wilde
Grace Coleridge

Caroline appeared on RH just as the show was ending, in January, 1989. Faith (Karen Morris-Gowdy) returned to town after a five year absence (she was living in Minnesota) with Grace, who was about 5 or 6 years old. Faith and Pat had gotten back together for a short time before she left in the fall of 1983. In the final episode, Pat asked Faith if Grace was his daughter,but she never answered him. It was assumed that Grace was his daughter by the look Faith had on her face as he asked her, but it was never truly revealed. ABC must have enjoyed Caroline's work on RH because she was cast as an older Bianca in 1990 on All My Children. Caroline's only post soap role was playing Carrie Prescott on Law and Order in the March 15, 1995 episode.



Group Photos

Maeve Ryan {Helen Gallagher} spent many years taking care of her two grandchildren, Little John {Jadrien Steele} and Ryan {Kerry McNamara}.

Little John {Jadrien Steele} and Edmund {Buddy Schultz} were technically half brothers, but they didn't spend much time together because it was believed that Edmund's father was Seneca. They did get to play together during the St. Patrick's day celebration in 1979.

One of the great things about kids on Ryan's Hope was that they were allowed to be kids. There were times where they had important messages to deliver, but during scenes like family gatherings, they got to be kids. Here Ryan and Little John were acting like Tarzan with Uncle Pat, then catching the streamers as he threw them.

In the mid 80s, the current Ryan clan was featured at the end of the opening credits. Ryan {Jenny Dweir} sat on Maeve's lap, while Little John {Jadrien Steele} was behind Frank and Johnny. At the end Johnny threw up the soccer ball and they all reached for it.

A yearly tradition on Ryan's Hope was the St. Patrick's Day celebration at Ryan's bar. You could always count on a few things: all of the kids would attend and Maeve would sing "Oh Danny Boy." Pictured are Helen Gallagher, Jenny Dweir and Jadrien Steele.


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