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Nancy Addison-Altman Photos

Nancy, in a Guest Appearance
on Law and Order, in 1994

Nancy, in 2000, on Soap Center

With Tahara Taylor, a Patient
at the Incarnation Children's Center

With Geraldo Rivera, Kate Mulgrew,
and Rosie O'Donnell, at a Fundraiser
for the Incarnation Children's Center

November 1999

People Magazine (July 16, 2001)

Volunteering at the Incarnation Children's Center

At Home With Husband Daniel Goldfarb

As Jillian Coleridge

Jill and Roger

November 1975

November 1975

Jill and Faith

November 1975

Jill and Faith Tend to Roger's Wounds
After Nick Has Him Beaten Up

November 1975

Roger Confesses to Jill
That He Blackmailed Frank

November 1975

November 1975

Jill vs. Delia (December 1975)

Jill vs. Delia, December 1975

Jill vs. Delia, December 1975

Jill Dumps Frank's Sorry @$$ - Well, Not
in So Many Words (December 1975)

December 1975

 Nancy Addison-Altman Photos
Page 2

Maeve Consoles Jill (December 1975)

December 1975

December 1975

December 1975

December 1975

December 1975

Christmas 1975 Finds Jill Alone and Depressed

Jill Tries to Talk Seneca Out of Taking
Nell Off Life Support (February 1976)

Jill Defends Seneca at His Trial for Taking
Nell Off Life Support (June 1976)

While Awaiting a Verdict, Jill Tells Seneca to
Forgive Himself, But He Tries to Make Light of It

June 1976

Pat Catches the Garter, Jill Catches the Bouquet
At Jack and Mary's Wedding (June 1976)

Delia Begs Jill Not to Tell Frank That She's
Been Having an Affair With Roger (July 1976)

Jill Takes Seneca to Her Beach House After He Is
Out of Jail, Where They Make Love (August 1976)

Nancy Addison-Altman Photos
Page 3

Seneca Gives Jillian a Crystal Ball (August 1976)

Jillian Just Wants to Be Friends, But Seneca Thinks
He Can Offer Her a Happier Alternative to Frank

August 1976

Delia Lets Jill Know That She Won't
Let Frank Go (September 1976)

Jillian Goes Out to the Beach House to Be
Alone, and Seneca "Surprises" Her With Dinner

September 1976

Maeve Tells Jill That She Cannot Accept
Frank Getting a Divorce and Marrying Her

September 1976

A Pregnant Jillian Goes to an Abortion Clinic,
and Talks to a Doctor and Several Patients

Jill and Dr. Thompson (October 1976)

Jill and Ruth (October 1976)

Jillian Dressed Appropriately for
Homewrecking (December 1976)

Frank Daydreams of a Fuzzy Jillian
Kissing the Camera (January 1977)

A Bizarre Montage of Jill and Frank
Proves That, In Time, A Couple Really
Does Start to Look Alike (June 1977)

June 1977

June 1977

Jill, Faith, and Roger Argue About the
Intern Strike and Delia (September 1977)

Jill Tells Frank That Edmond Is
His Son After All (January 1978)

Jill, Edmond, Johnny, and Maeve
(St. Patrick's Day 1978)

Nancy Addison-Altman Photos
In the Press

Soap Center, January 2000

With Frank and Johnny in the
Finale (January 13, 1989)

From the Late 1980s Opening

Soap Center, September 2000

Jill and Frank (1978)

Jill and Frank (St. Patrick's Day 1980)

Jill in 1975

Jill had an abortion?

A Strung-Out Jill With Seneca (1979)

Seneca and Jillian

Seneca and Jillian

Soap Opera Weekly, June 27, 2000

With Daniel Hugh Kelly, Bernard Barrow, and
Helen Gallagher, Circa the Late 1970s

Soap Opera Digest, July 25, 2000

Jill with Roger

Jill with Seneca

People Magazine, July 16, 2001

Jill and Seneca Circa 1979

 Nancy Addison Photos
In the Press
(Provided By Sabrina)

Afternoon TV, May 1980

At Joe and Siobhan's Wedding,
With Frank and Faith

Daytimers, 1981

Johnny, Maeve, Seneca and Jillian circa 1975

Nancy Addison Altman Photos
In the Press
Provided By Connie

With Claudette Colbert in A Talent for Murder

CAPTION: CLAUDETTE COLBERT (right) stars as Anne Royce McClain, a best- selling mystery author with a multi-million dollar art collection and a notorious private life in "A TALENT FOR MURDER," the new suspense comedy by Jerome Chodorov and Norman Panama. Here she pins a gift (and perhaps a crime?) on her less than doting daughter-in-law, played by Nancy Addison Altman. "A TALENT FOR MURDER," directed by Paul Aaron and presented by Edwin S. Lowe, also stars JEAN-PIERRE AUMONT. Previews begin Tuesday, September 22, and opening night is Thursday, October 1, 6:30 p.m. at the Biltmore Theatre, 261 West 47th Street.

Source Unknown, 1983

Jill, Roger and Faith

Source Unknown, Circa 1986

Nancy Addison Altman Photos
From the Ryan's Hope Fan Club
Provided By Lorenzo

Circa the Mid/Late 1980s

Jill and Dakota (1985)

Jill and Frank (1986)

Jill and Dakota (1986)

Jill and Dakota (1986)

Frank, Jill, Lizzie and John (1986)

Johnny, Maeve, Jill and Frank (1986)

Jill and Dakota (1987)

Jill and Frank (1987)

Jill and Frank (1987)