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  Picutre Annie Camden twenty years ago.  {If you are into 7th Heaven than you would know that Catherine Hicks who played the orignal "Faith Colridge" on "Ryan's Hope" is currently Annie Camden on "7th Heaven"}. 
  This 'Faith Coleridge' page is dedicated to the Catherine Hicks.  I will be creating another 'Faith Coleridge' which will be just about the character.  But seeing how Catherine Hicks is one of my faviote actors and I love her on 7th Heaven I decided she should have her own "Faith Coleridge" page. 

Catherine Hicks Photos

As Dr. Faith Coleridge

Faith Invites Pat to a Medical Society Dance, He
Shows Off His Tuxedo in Ryan's (October 1976)

Faith and Patrick Then Dance (October 1976)

Then When Faith Gets Tired, Maeve Fills In

Despite Dee's Best Attempts, Faith and Pat Make
it to the Medical Society Dance (October 1976)

Faith Does an Impression of Delia's "Poor
Little Girl" Routine for Pat (November 1976)

Faith Cries on Bucky's Shoulder After Learning
That Pat Got Delia Pregnant (March 1977)

Faith Fights With Delia When She Returns
Pat's Engagement Ring (March 1977)

Jill, Faith, and Roger Argue About the
Intern Strike and Delia (September 1977)

Pat and Faith (St. Patrick's Day 1978)

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Catherine Hicks Photos
In the Press
(Provided By Wanda)

Soap Opera Digest, March 1977

At a Cast Party

Daytime TV Magazine, October 1977

With Catherine Hicks, Malcolm
Groome, and Hannibal Penney, Jr.

Who's Who in Daytime # 9, 1978

With Ana Alicia

Soap Opera Special, 1981

Catherine Hicks Photos
From the Ryan's Hope Fan Club
Provided By Connie

Source Unknown, Circa 1976

Three Faces of Faith: Nancy Barrett,
Faith Catlin, and Catherine Hicks

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