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The Match-Maker Contract

Avonlea is topsy tovey.

I had to link the story because it runs close to 100 pages total and my webpage won't fit it all on one page. So I thought it would be easier just to link it.

Avonlea Magic Lantern

To The Residents of the District of Avonlea:

The Provincial District judge has ruled that because of recent and excessive eloping attempts on PEI, the town of Avonlea is hereby immediately ordered to return to the Provincial Match Making laws. Judson Parker, who is filling in for the ill Governor, has provided a matchmaker to determine all future marriages, and if need be, make sure that the before said marriages are enforced. Below is a list of people who are scheduled to marry. If they are below the age of marriage, they shall be obligated to marry once they reach the appropriate age.

Weddings to be arranged within the next week

Clive Pettibone and Hetty King
Simon Tremayne and Muriel Stacey
Alexander Abraham and Peg Bowan
Ezekiel Crane and Sylvia Gray
Chef Pierre and Rachel Lynde

Weddings to be arranged immediately at the legal age of marriage

Gus Pike and Suzette La Pierre
Arthur Pettibone and Felicity King
Rupert Gillis and Sara Stanley
Teddy and Izzy Pettibone
Felix King and Adeline Hodgeson
Morgan Pettibone and Adrianna Stacey
Peter Craig and Hannah Hubble
Donny Lester and Tova Kastikainen
David Hawes and Annabella Fitzgerald
Cyrus Brisk and Cecily King
Lucky McCewen and Dora Keith
Davy Keith and Prissy Cuthridge
The Provincial Government wishes the best for these fine couples in the many years to come.


Judson Parker
The sitting Provincial Governor

The Writers

Chelsea- Josie Pye, Gus Pike (chapters 1-8), Tova Kastinaken, and Hannah Hubble
Jan- Sara Stanley, Sally Potts, and Hetty King
Janell - Felicity King and Annabella Fitzgerald
Reese- Anne Shirley, Dora Keith, Rose Lane and Lucy Atwood
Shelly- Felix, Cecily, Alec and Janet King, Izzy Pettibone, Katrina Matthison, and Athena Dawson
Tim- Gus Pike (chapter 9-present), Edward Ray, Davy Keith, Jett McPhearson and Abner Jeffries

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