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Quotes page Three

Yet more....

"She practically threw herself at him. Right there in public. It was the most outrageous display of bad manners." -Felicity King

"Yer ah part of me Felicity. I don't have no past. Meetin' you and yer family is when my life started." -Gus Pike

"It's like when ya smell the sea and ya hear the wind howling. The skies still clear, but ya know in yer bones ah storm's brewin." -Gus Pike

Sap Meter: 7 Felicity tells Gus "I've always been yours Gus

"I think she's skim milk trying to be cream." -Izzy Pettibone (on Velma Bugle)

"I would rather put my head in a noose than have some lady bid on me as if I was a prized pig in the county fair." -Simon Tremayne

"The only thing sillier than a girl making goo goo eyes at a young boy is some old bat making a fool out of herself for some old geezer." -Rachel Lynde

"It is unseemy to be wandering about in the dark with a young man of dubious background." -Louisa Banks

"You have a secret admirer? Someone with idle wits and poor eyesight." -Felicity King (to Felix)

"Yes we know that. You behave like a jackass every time you see her." -Pierre LaPierre (to Felix)

"Davey Keith, I swear by all providence that you will be the death of me yet!" -Rachel Lynde

"No doubt, there will be all manners of going-ons Davey Keith. You're sure to fit in just fine." -Hetty King

"Chewy." -Hetty King (remarking on the Keith's dinner)

"How hard can it be to make a little boy hate work?" -Olivia Dale

"Now my oldest Nat there... He's inherited my good looks." -Lionel Lester

"Felix, this is no time to be indulging in one of your hair brained schemes." -Felicity King

"That's what friends are for stupid." -Izzy Pettibone

"I didn't do it for the money stupid. I did it for you." -Izzy Pettibone

"It's not the work I like. It's the money." -Felix King
"I mean that we were horn swoggled, hoodwinked, bamboozled!" -Wiley Lester

"I hate boys." -Dora Keith

"Then you still want to marry us... I mean father?" -Izzy Pettibone (to Muriel)

"I told you Dora... The same old Mrs's. Lynde." -Davey Keith

"Why can't I do anything fun? Like Pierre and Mr. Tremayne?" -Felix King

"Hetty King, have you lost your..." -Simon Tremayne

"Well now, aren't we the brazen pair." -Maggie MacPhee

"The only thing I did today that was remotely medical was clean Gurney MacDonald's old rotten tooth." -Felicity King

"Colleen's life was in the hands of providence." -Janet King

"A life well lived is a life without regrets." -Eliza Ward

"There comes a point when the greatest obstacle to wellness is the fear of others." -Muriel Stacey

"The Maid of Calais apparently went down. All hands were lost. Gus was drowned." -Sally Potts

"Let her do it. It's the best medicine in the world." -Alec King

"Such dreams Felix. Where do they go?" -Felicity King

"From what Felix says, you are the snuggle-up queen of Avonlea." -Donny (to Izzy)

"It takes deeds Felix, not just words." -Izzy Pettibone

"It's pride that got you into this corner. You maybe have to lose some pride to get out of it." -Alec King

"Don't you speak to me you flossy flirt." -Hetty King (to Trissy)

"A mermaid... right here in Avonlea!" -Davey Keith

"Clive, the children are not military maneuvers." -Muriel Pettibone

"You're like an ocean breeze. Not that you smell like fish or anything." -Felix King (to Izzy)

"You're a very lucky man Clive. Twice in your life, you've married a woman much too good for you." -Lillian Hepworth

"A few days with Aunt Crabigail and we'll all be screaming for mercy." -Felix King

"If we are filthy rich father, promise me you'll hire Aunt Abigail a maid." -Cecily King

"Maybe you should take us to some friendly country like Borneo. Their only head hunters." -Rudy Blaine

"Felix, I'm your father, not your client." -Alec King

"Times like these make one realize the mixed blessings of going death." -Eliza Ward

"This whole week is going to be one long bachelor party." -Felix

"You know Cecily, sometimes I don't even think we're related." -Felix King (after Cecily tells him that she doesn't care about the money)

"Take it from me Hetty. When your heart skips a beat it's not love, it's indigestion." -Rachel Lynde

"I don't need to save money Miss King. I'm going to spend it. That's why I saved it in the first place." -Davey Keith

"I always smell trouble a foot when boys congregate in a horde like that." -Gurney MacDonald

"What is this? Common brawling in the public road. Heavens to molly, what have the Kings come to." -Hetty King

"Return to me... Promise?" -Stuart McRae

"I've travelled Felicity and I've seen things... The southern cross in the night sky... The fire of Saint Elmo dancing on the water... I've seen the sun rising on old Spanish ports... And I'll never see again. I'll never see your face again." -Gus Pike

"That's a proposal, I accept." -A perfectly conscious Gus Pike

"Aunt Hetty, you come out here this minute. I refuse to get married without you!" -Felicity King

"...So I'll ask you all now to raise your glasses and join me in a toast to the bride and the groom... To friends and loved ones, near and far; but where ever you wander, whatever glorious adventures lie ahead of you. You can rest easy knowing you have a place to come home to... The fairest spot on earth. Our Avonlea... To Avonlea." -Hetty's toast to end the series


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