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The Treasure Hunt

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Treasure Hunt

I had to link "The Treasure Hunt" because it would not all fit on my webpage.

Here is an little tidbit to wet your appiete.

Meanwhile, another twosome was already in the footsteps of Sara, Felicity, Gus, and company. Teddy nudged closer to the entrance of the cave. He could hear the familiar faint voices of his classmates echoing through the cave walls with the wind. He jumped suddenly, when someone tugged on his shirt. He spun around with a heavy heartbeat and found that it was just Davy.

"What cha doin' Teddy?" Davy asked with large curious eyes.

"Davy Keith! You almost scared me to death!" Teddy replied. "I'm trying to find the treasure map."

"That's neato!" Davy said with excitement. "I want to find the treasure too, so I can buy lots of candy!"

"Kids..." Teddy said while rolling his eyes, "Davy Keith that is so childish. You don't learn anything about the world until you turn fifteen. Now wait out here." Teddy followed the dark cave walls and the tiny torch glow in the distance. He finally found the others. "I don't know why you had to follow me into the cave Davy," Teddy huffed as they approached the soft glow.

Cecily spun around in Felicity's arms when she heard voices. "Davy and Teddy, what are you doing here?"

Felicity's torch began to flicker and she noticed the boys' did too. "There's a draft...coming from down there! She stepped carefully behind the others, watching Cecily, and accepting Gus's hand. And there before them the cave opened into the ocean, and the wind rustled something in the corner. "Jett-is that a paper...a book?" she pointed to a pocket in the wall, and shivered in her wet shoes. She didn't want Gus to go look at it; she always wanted to keep Gus out of any danger!

Sara didn't wait for Jett's response. She boldly walked over to where Felicity was pointing and peered into the crevice. She reached her hand down into the hole and pulled out the fluttering piece of paper. Her hands trembled as she opened it. "It's a map!" she exclaimed, wide-eyed. "It's half of a map!" She rejoined the group, holding it up in the air triumphantly.

"That's wonderful!" Jett exclaimed as the map waved dimly from Sara's hand.

"Hey it's the map," Teddy said with excitement.

"Can I help you find the treasure?" Davy pleaded. "I don't care if it's guarded by some dumb ghost."

Their celebration was spoiled by another wailing. This one was much louder than before. Teddy turned to Sara and whispered, "Sara, if you need somebody to hold during these trying times, just let me know..."

Sara ignored Teddy. "Felicity! That's what I heard on the way over to the White Sands! Now, that couldn't have been any of us, could it?"

As usual, Sara's bravery made Felicity both proud of her and jealous of her at the same time; it was very frustrating. So Felicity was about to snatch the half-map out of Sara's hands for a closer look when Sara was right. What in thunderings was that awful noise?!! Felicity remembered to breathe--again! "Sara Stanley-don't be so melodramatic! It was just Teddy and probably more of his little gang of ruffians outside." Her stick was a short one, and as it began to burn close, she put it out in the sand. "Ignore the little trouble makers and let's look at that map. Is there a hole on it anywhere? A hole in a cave-wall?? Someone has broken one out over there," she pointed to a crudely knocked out hole. The other side looked pitch dark.Felicity was not going over there. She leaned over trying to see the map and took off her mitten to feel its texture, pushing Teddy aside in the process. "Teddy, go play outside. It's not safe for you in here!

"Go play?" Teddy replied to Felicity's remark, "listen your highness, I'm not the Teddy-boy you remember. I'm fifteen now, and a man..."

"Ha!" said Felicity sarcastically before leaving.

Suddenly another wailing echoed through the cold cave walls, bringing a chill to their bones. "It's the ghost!" Davy gasped while his eyes became petrified with fear. He turned to the cave entrance and without thinking, hollered "Heeelp!"

"No Davy!" Jett whispered, "these caves are notorious for..." Suddenly a loud rumbling was heard, and the entrance was blocked by rubble. "Collapsing..." Jett said quietly while his torch flickered...

"That's IT!!" Felicity coughed and stumbled over to Davy to strangle the little monster, but of course with Gus and the other 'gentlemen' there she decided to wag her finger at him and say ominously, "That was a very UNwise thing to do Davy Keith! Are you trying to get us all buried ALIVE??!!! "

She had more to say but daylight was shining through that old little carved out hole. Checking to see that Cecily was okay, Felicity snatched another torch and walked over. She wanted fresh air. She stuck her head through the hole. Strong, fresh salty-sea air pushed her face back and she screamed at what she saw; she couldn't help it. She turned, "There's a way out! It's a short drop to the water. The tide's low so we can wade out...if we hurry. But I don't know if we dare because...Sara-check that map--careful, don't burn it! Are there any messages on that horrid thing? Because there's a message carved into that wall!" she pointed through the hole. "It says' Scilly's Savages'...the other infamous pirate's Island on route to Britain from Lundy....getting closer to Britain...the empire...are we getting closer to something? Gus-let's get out of here. C'mere Cecily!" she pulled her.

Sara looked at the map and pouted. "There isn't enough light to read all of it, and even if there was, I don't think I could understand it. The writing is scrawled everywhere. Whomever it once belonged to had poor penmanship!" she said matter-of-factly. She paused, "Scilly's Savages'...I wonder if the other island mentioned is PEI? If that's the case, then there is sure to be more than just one treasure lost in these caves."

The Writers

Chelsea- Josie Pye, Gus Pike (chapters 1-8), Tova Kastinaken, and Hannah Hubble
Jan- Sara Stanley, Sally Potts, and Hetty King
Janell - Felicity King and Annabella Fitzgerald
Reese- Anne Shirley, Dora Keith, Rose Lane and Lucy Atwood
Shelly- Felix, Cecily, Alec and Janet King, Izzy Pettibone, Katrina Matthison, and Athena Dawson
Tim- Gus Pike (chapter 9-present), Edward Ray, Davy Keith, Jett McPhearson and Abner Jeffries

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